Are you hoping to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction? Are you, however, unsure whether this will be feasible on a local scale, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Telford?

Naturally, concerns do present themselves when localised recovery is mentioned. Many clients question their ability to concentrate on the task at hand, of drug and alcohol rehabilitation while remaining close to home.

In some situations, this of course will not be recommended. Yet, by selecting residential rehab, and by working with rehab referral specialists, you can recover from addiction, practically on your doorstep.

If you do have reservations around visiting a Telford based rehabilitation clinic, please be reassured that this is a natural feeling. At Addiction Advocates, we can help you overcome those reservations by providing clear insight into your potential.

Post-assessment, if we do believe that distance will benefit you, this will be highlighted throughout our rehab recommendations.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a rehab clinic and programme which offers the exact type and level of care, of structure, of addiction treatment and of additional treatment services that you require to recover.

Whether that’s in Telford or not, we can help you experience a comfortable and personable rehab journey from the offset.


The benefits of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Telford

If you are open to localised recovery, there are great benefits you can experience via a drug and alcohol rehab in Telford. We must also note that your best interests, your physical and psychological health, and your ability to recover all drive our rehab recommendations.

With this in mind, if looking beyond Telford will benefit you best, we will communicate this.

If selecting a local rehab clinic is doable for you, you can firstly benefit from comfort. Although you’ll be sent away from your home comforts, an element of familiarity will be present, helping you adapt quickly to drug and alcohol rehab.

Secondly, you will have the ability to warm to your selected rehab clinic, in time for aftercare services. Many clients who select rehab clinics, set away from home, will have to start the familiarity process from the offset, post-rehab.

They will have to learn new approaches and build trust from the bottom up, with addiction counsellors. You will already feel comfortable within your existing rehab setting, helping to increase your susceptibility of aftercare.

Lastly, by selecting a local rehab clinic, you can benefit from a family driven rehab programme. If your family has suffered through your addiction, if they lack understanding, or if they will be supporting you, post-rehab, selecting a Telford based rehab clinic will provide convenience.

You’ll have the ability to participate in family drug support services, promoted as an addiction treatment option.

Understandably, if you will not accept residential rehab or suffer immensely with psychological triggers, looking further afield for drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be encouraged; which we can also support you with.

Yet, if you’re happy with residential rehab and will benefit from familiarity, remaining in Telford can be a feasible option.


Using our services at Addiction Advocates

Whether remaining in Telford is your favoured choice, or not, we can support you at Addiction Advocates. The first step will be to understand your expectations of rehab, including your end recovery goals and your idea of rehab.

We will also assess your readiness and suitability to complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation, by considering your physical and psychological health, and your addiction makeup.

Assessments are very important when selecting a rehab clinic as they provide insight into your needs as an individual. We can use your needs to drive rehab recommendations, ensuring that you are visiting the most fitting rehab clinic and completing the most suitable addiction treatment options.

The next step will include a personal referral, into your selected drug and alcohol rehab in Telford, providing an efficient start date to commence your long-term recovery journey. This is the exact point you will begin to experience the value of drug and alcohol rehab.


Experience the value of rehab

The greatest valuable asset of drug and alcohol rehab is the scope of addiction treatment options, available. Our affiliated rehab clinics only work with leading and safe drug and alcohol treatment services.

Therefore, no matter which rehab clinic you select through our service, you will be met with proactive recovery steps.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation will usually begin through a detoxification phase. The majority of clients, experiencing signs of addiction will need to withdraw physically from drugs and alcohol. This will be medically observed, where remaining traces will be removed from the body.

Post-detox, therapeutic addiction treatment options will begin. They will be recommended on a personal basis, all depending on your mental health and your psychological side effects. Many clients will experience the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, art therapy and support groups, helping to adapt views on drugs and alcohol.

Alongside addiction treatment, relapse prevention is also a valuable asset of rehab. While completing a rehab programme will offer results, those results must continue on a return home to Telford.

Through relapse prevention, you can feel secure and confident in your independent ability to avoid drug and alcohol exposure. In the event that you do, you will have a back-up plan, helping to avoid drug and alcohol relapse risks.

Both addiction treatment and relapse prevention are the key driving forces, the sought-after assets of rehab. You cannot experience this service anywhere else, offering sustainability. Whether that’s through a drug and alcohol rehab in Telford, or a rehab clinic set away from home, you can access those assets if you commit to the process.

If you still have reservations around your environment when withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, reach out to our team. We are equipped with further offerings to help you feel comfortable while experiencing the life-changing journey of rehab.

The aim is for you to feel comfortable and content while working on yourself. Experience this in the best form via our services, linked to professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation.