Do you have a million questions regarding drug and alcohol rehabilitation? Is the idea of withdrawing from drugs and alcohol a strong potential for you, yet you’re finding it hard to look beyond your concerns?

Firstly, we must share that the process you are going through is very normal. It’s common for users to question their personal capabilities, the value of rehab, and their impending experience through rehab. Secondly, we must highlight your inclination to recover. This is a difficult point to reach for many individuals. As you’re now in the mindset to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, it’s time to act.

At Addiction Advocates, we can help you take action by initially working through your concerns, soon followed by sourcing the most suited rehab programme for you. We will work to recommend a reputable drug and alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds, we will highlight the most effective delivery of rehab, depending on your personal needs, and we will promote industry leading addiction treatments.

Through our services, we can make this challenging time easier for you, helping you start your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey as soon as possible. To get started, check out our most commonly asked questions below, or reach out to our team today.

Should I visit a drug and alcohol rehab?

If you are struggling to any degree with drugs and alcohol, rehab can be a productive process to complete. Depending on your association with drugs and alcohol, the form and delivery of rehab may vary. However, the value and recommendation of rehab will still be made.

If you are ready to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, with long-term intentions in mind, you should aim to visit rehab as soon as it’s realistic to. Although a large step to take, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds can provide you with a sustainable way out from your addiction. It in fact can act as a lifeline, helping you lead a future without the reliance of drugs and alcohol.

By taking this into consideration, if you do see the value in professional rehabilitation, yes you should take the next step and visit a drug and alcohol rehab centre.

Is it realistic to select a drug and alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds?

It can be very realistic to remain local to Bury St Edmunds. For some, this of course will not be a comfortable option. Those with chronic addictions or those who cannot commit to residential rehab will struggle down to drug and alcohol exposure.

However, for those with mild to moderate addictions, for those who will trust residential rehab, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds is a realistic and convenient option to consider.

Before investing, we do recommend that you complete a pre-admission assessment with our team. This will provide greater insight into your recovery potentials while remaining local.

How can you help me with the process?

At Addiction Advocates, we can help you with the entirety of your rehab admission. From your enquiry, we can first tackle your concerns and questions linked to drug and alcohol rehab. This is very important to ensure that you are prepared for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and what is expected of you. Soon after, we will complete your pre-admission assessment, gauging the exact form of rehab suitable for your needs. This will differentiate the value of outpatient and residential rehab when considering the makeup of your addiction.

Once we understand your budget, your recovery goals, your readiness to recover, and your physical and psychological health, we can work towards forming rehab recommendations. Here we will find the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds, along with activating your referral.

Although many individuals do select to complete this alone, through our services, you’ll have the reassurance that you are visiting a reputable, fit for purpose rehab clinic.

Should I withdraw from drugs and alcohol before rehab?

Ideally, avoiding future drug and alcohol consumption will be wise. However, it is recommended that you avoid a cold turkey approach when considering withdrawal. Independent withdrawals can be unsafe and ineffective. Through this process, your inclination to recover can reduce, your belief in your personal capabilities and the value of rehab can decline, and your likelihood of greater substance abuse can increase.

Your best course of action will be to complete our pre-admission process, set a convenient admission date, and start your withdrawal with professional and medical assistance. The detoxification process can be overwhelming, especially down to potential withdrawal symptoms. Users can experience both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, sometimes difficult to overcome.

Through drug and alcohol rehab, you’ll complete a comprehensive detox programme, helping you safely withdraw, helping you detoxify from harmful substances, helping you cope with sobriety.

How much treatment will I need?

A detox programme is inevitable when considering drug and alcohol rehab. Alongside this, a stream of psychological support is also very likely. However, it can be difficult to gauge the exact amount and form of addiction treatment that you will need without completing assessments.

Most clients will complete a 28-day rehab programme, including a full detox and a range of therapy sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational therapy. Running alongside your treatment programme, post-rehab plans will also begin, commonly in the form of relapse prevention.

With this in mind, we recommend that you keep aside this timeframe, and even longer to also focus on aftercare services. Again, your personal experience with drugs and alcohol, and your response to rehab will dictate the amount of aftercare you will need.

It is important to remember that rehab is a personal experience. Through this mindset, you will benefit significantly from a personalised, comfortable rehab programme, available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds.

Experience this level of personalisation by overcoming your concerns with our help. In no time, you’ll have access to a leading rehab programme, in your local area of Bury St Edmunds.