For a lot of people who are faced with a serious substance abuse disorder or alcohol abuse disorder, the notion of getting professional help from a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre can be, quite daunting.

However, here at Addiction Advocates we want you to know that there is no cause for this trepidation, as our effective and affordable drug and alcohol rehab in Workington is here to help you overcome your addiction safely, professionally, and for the long-term.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we’re rehabilitation referral professionals, and we completely understand the importance of attending rehab to a person’s recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction.

In addition to this, we’re also aware that a recovery-driven atmosphere where a person can truly detach from their daily life and dedicate themselves 24/7 to their recovery is of paramount importance on the road to recovery.

From the moment that you reach out to us and start the application process, through attending every treatment and therapy at our drug and alcohol treatment centre, right to the moment that you get back home after completing your treatment with us, Addiction Advocates’ dedicated staff will be with you to help you every step of the way.

Furthermore, with our complimentary one-year aftercare service, we will also be there with you when you need us after you have returned home as well.

As mentioned previously, it is only natural to feel slightly anxious about the notion of rehab as a whole. However, this page is here to showcase why choosing to overcome your addiction with Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol abuse centre is the best possible decision you could make.

If achieving a long-term and successful recovery from addiction is your goal, then you need to look no further than our state-of-the-art drug and alcohol services.

Alternatively, if you’re here as you are concerned about the drug habits or alcohol consumption of someone you are close to, then call us on 0800 012 6088 in order to get more information about our family and friend referral options.

We’re here to help anyone and everyone we can conquer their demons, and we understand the importance of family drug support to this process.


Take Yourself Temporarily Away From Negative Influences At Our Rehab In Workington

A lot of addicts can find themselves trapped in a destructive cycle of addiction which is propagated by triggers, stressors, and negative influences present in their home life or day-to-day existence.

Therefore, removing yourself from any potentially detrimental external influences and attending a private residential rehab will enable you to more fully focus on recovery as well as break from the addictive cycle that you have found yourself a the mercy of.

Although, while external factors within your home environment can contribute to the continuation of an addictive disorder, there is another element of our treatment at Addiction Advocates’ addiction treatment centres that makes choosing us to manage your recovery such a successful option.

The addiction treatments and therapies that we implement at our facilities are specifically designed to uncover the root cause of you having developed your substance abuse or alcoholism in the first place.

By uncovering this root cause, and helping you through therapies designed to combat its lingering effects, you will be better able to forge a long-lasting recovery.

Furthermore, another thing that you will be able to benefit from with Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol treatment centres, is a personally tailored treatment plan curated by our highly-qualified addiction specialists.


Our Addiction Treatment Is Structured Around You

One thing that we pride ourselves in taking seriously is the fact that addition effects each and every person differently. When someone is battling with an addiction, they are facing their own personal demons.

Therefore, we want to make sure that you can benefit from a treatment plan which reflects this and takes into account your personal situation, needs, and obstacles faced on the road to a full recovery.

The way that we set this personally tailored treatment plan in motion is quite simple. When you initially contact our helpline staff and start setting in motion your recovery plan at one of Addiction Advocates’ specialist drug and alcohol rehab centres our dedicated helpline team will program a brief pre-admission interview.

The pre-admission interview will provide the backbone for structuring your treatment plan around. The interview will involve a series of questions that will help our staff to ascertain your medical history, your current relationship with your addiction and medical condition — both physical and psychological, as well as any accessibility requirements we may need to be aware of.

Once we have this information, our medical team of addiction specialists will use this to work out which combination of treatments will help you to reap the best rewards. This means, that when you arrive at our facility, you will be ready to start a treatment plan like no other!


Our Detox Clinic And Specialist Addiction Treatments Will Help You Stay Sober For The Long-Term

One of the most common things that people will be experiencing, or about to experience, when they arrive at our facilities for addiction treatment is detoxification. With this in mind, you will likely start your recovery plan with a stay at our detox clinic, which will help ensure that you pass through drug or alcohol detox safely.

Alcohol withdrawal and substance withdrawal can be a deadly thing for someone to experience, so the help of our detox clinic in passing through detoxification is strongly recommended.

Once our detox clinic has helped you with the first stage of your physiological addiction treatment you will be able to start experiencing your unique blend of physical and psychological therapies and treatments.

This will include the likes of art therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), stress management coaching, dual-diagnosis therapy, relapse prevention, and many more state-of-the-art therapies that we have on offer at our centres.

Due to the fact that you will receive a personalised treatment plan, it is impossible to say what you will experience, but all of our therapies and treatments are administered by highly-trained and qualified teams of addiction specialists.

Our teams of staff are ready and waiting to help you forge a long-term recovery from your addiction, all you need to do is call us on 0800 012 6088 or Text HELP To 83222.