From uncovering the addictions that a drug and alcohol rehab in Sutton can treat to determining the treatment available via a drug and alcohol rehab, we have provided a wealth of information for you to review here.

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Addictions Treated At A Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Sutton

Across Sutton, there are many drug and alcohol rehabs readily available to provide you with the treatment that you need to break free from the vicious cycle of addiction.

Whether you have developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol or have found yourself addicted to drugs, such as cannabis, cocaine or heroin, we are certain that we can locate a suitable rehab for you.

In addition to providing rehabilitation treatment for various substance addictions, many of the drug and alcohol rehabs in Sutton will also have the resources necessary to offer support and treatment for mental health disorders.

If you find yourself simultaneously battling depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder, we can refer you to a specialist rehab that will provide you with dual diagnosis treatment.


Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

When treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is sought, the first stage of any rehabilitation programme is detoxification.  Drug and alcohol detoxifications essentially help an individual withdraw from the substance that they have become addicted to.

While many people think that they can withdraw from a substance alone, this is not advised.  When withdrawing from substances, it is best to do so in a secure location, such as a drug and alcohol rehab in Sutton.

This is because, during detoxification, withdrawal symptoms will likely be encountered.  Sadly, when an individual withdraws alone, the symptoms experienced can be so severe that they relapse and continue to consume substances.

However, when carried out by medical professionals at a drug and alcohol rehab in Sutton, detoxification is entirely safe.  When detoxification is administered in rehab, you will have around the clock care and support.  You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of medical treatment if needed.

Although detoxification is somewhat challenging and unpleasant, this stage of treatment must be completed.  Not only will detoxification enable your body to physically start recovering from the ramifications of addiction, but it will also ensure that you are psychologically ready to commence rehabilitation.


Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Having completed a drug and alcohol detoxification programme, you will progress onto drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  Similarly to detoxification, rehabilitation is carried out at a drug and alcohol rehab in Sutton by a team of professionals.

During rehabilitation, you will encounter different treatments.  Typically, these treatments include psychological therapy and well-being therapy.  Psychological therapy will encourage you to openly discuss your addiction and how it has impacted your life, while well-being therapy will provide you with an additional outlet to express your addiction.

During rehabilitation, therapy is usually conducted in both one-to-one and group settings.  This means that in addition to having private sessions with a psychologist, you will be required to participate in group therapy meetings.

Although the thought of group therapy might seem daunting, it has proved time and time again to be highly beneficial.  Not only will group therapy provide you with the chance to listen to how other people have navigated drug and alcohol addictions, but it will offer you the opportunity to seek support from your peers.

As you complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you will come to understand the factors that have caused your addiction to arise.  You will also uncover the triggers that may cause you to encounter a relapse.  In doing so, you will work with a recovery team to develop coping strategies that will mitigate your risk of relapse in the future.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Across the world, a large percentage of people suffering from drug or alcohol addictions will also find themselves victim to a mental health disorder.  Sadly, mental health disorders are among the most common underlying factors that cause an individual to turn to substances.

In the instance that you are struggling with an addiction and mental health disorder, you will need to secure dual diagnosis treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Sutton.

Unlike drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation, dual diagnosis will see you undergo treatment for your addiction and mental health disorder.

If you believe that you require dual diagnosis treatment, please inform us of this when you contact us to discuss the support we can provide you with.  In doing so, we will be able to guarantee that we refer you to an appropriate rehab.


Aftercare Support

In addition to providing treatment throughout your time in a drug and alcohol rehab in Sutton, many of the rehabs that we can refer you to will offer aftercare support.

While you may not believe that you require aftercare support, we highly recommend that you take advantage of it.

Sadly, individuals that do not receive appropriate aftercare support are at greater risk of relapsing within the first year of their recovery.


Contact Addiction Advocates Today To Discuss Your Needs

If you are struggling with an addiction and have come to realise that seeking treatment is the only way to move forward with your life, please contact us today.

When you contact our admissions team, they will listen to you as you discuss your addiction, and they will be able to offer insight into the treatments available at a drug and alcohol rehab in Sutton.  Our team will also be able to answer any questions you have regarding life in rehab.

Should you find yourself ready to attend a rehab, our team can locate a suitable centre and refer you for immediate treatment on your behalf.  Not only will this enable you to take the time you need to come to terms with your addiction, but it will give you time to discuss your addiction with your family.