Here at Addiction Advocates, we appreciate how overwhelming this time can be. Selecting from vast numbers of drug and alcohol treatment centres can be engulfing, sometimes reducing the value of recovery. Likewise, going through the motions of addiction and the first stages of recovery can be tough, especially when dealt with alone.


Through our specialist support and referral services, we are here to guide you through this demanding time. We can help you narrow down your local recovery plans by finding a drug and alcohol rehab in London that offers suitability. We can even understand your addiction greater, by recommending the most effective and safest treatment options.

Neither an addiction nor the recovery process should be dealt with alone. We can offer as much support as you require to progress through the initial recovery phase, entering your chosen rehab centre for a time of withdrawal, transformation and rehabilitation.

See our below overview of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in London or reach out to our compassionate team today.


How will rehab help me?

Rehab can help you in many different ways. However, the overarching aim of rehab is to help you withdraw from drugs and alcohol, learn to cope without them, and pave the way for long-term recovery.

By investing yourself into a high-quality treatment programme, via a suitable drug and alcohol rehab centre, you will have a real opportunity to experience the benefits of rehab. Through a recovery driven approach, your withdrawal will also have a direct effect on your physical and psychological health, your quality of life and your attitude; all improving.

Although cliché, completing a rehab programme can help you turn your life around, it can save you. From the moment you start your treatment programme, you will benefit from a progressive journey, helping you return to normality without drugs and alcohol.

It’s also important to note that rehab will help you by providing the tools, coping strategies and resources to sustain sober living. Rehab is the only recovery programme which can offer realistic opportunities to adapt your relationship with drugs and alcohol, for the better. Through this achievement, the entirety of your life will change.


Can I recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in London?

Yes, recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in London is possible. We partner with a number of different drug and alcohol treatment centres, all welcoming London locals. However, in order to future-proof your recovery abilities, inpatient care and addiction treatment will likely be recommended.

To recover locally, it is also important that you find the right treatment centre to reside from. As mentioned above, there are excessive amounts of rehab clinics in the city, all following varying approaches to rehabilitation. Selecting the correct approach for your personal needs will advance your recovery likelihood.

Through our help, we can assist with your selection by understanding your needs, experiences and connections to drugs and alcohol. Through this assessment, we can then recommend the most suited drug and alcohol rehab in London, along with proposing proactive addiction treatment options.


What is the difference between outpatient and inpatient care?

To achieve drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it is important that you select the right option between outpatient and inpatient rehab. Both recovery programmes can in fact promote withdrawal. Likewise, both can result in high success rates. However, it all depends on our client’s individual experience with drugs, alcohol and addictive behaviours.

Outpatient rehab is where addiction treatment and care will be provided via the drug and alcohol rehab centre itself, yet clients will return home in between sessions. Ideal for those with limited side effects or a strong support network, outpatient rehab is a contender.

However, in order to recover in London, it is likely that inpatient rehab will be recommended in this situation. Here is where clients will reside from their selected treatment centre, calling it home for their complete rehab programme. Although this can sound daunting, it is highly beneficial, especially if you’re hoping to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in London itself.


What treatments can I expect to complete at rehab?

Through rehab there are a wide range of drug and alcohol treatment options to complete. However, to ensure that the form and strength of your addiction can be worked through, treated and diminished, a unique combination will be recommended.

You can expect to complete a drug and alcohol detox, indefinitely. Withdrawing physically from drugs and alcohol is very important. You will also complete a depth of therapy, helping to uncover triggers, while working to reduce those triggers through exposure therapy.

Although specific addiction treatment options will vary, a mix of physical and psychological methods will be required to treat an addiction. This is very important to ensure that relapse risks can be minimised.


How will I sustain sobriety after rehab?

Completing a rehab programme can instil confidence in long-term recovery efforts. However, many clients will question their ability once a return home is recommended. This is understandable, as the transition to normality can be daunting.

To support you through this transition, with the aim to sustain sobriety, you will be provided with a schedule of aftercare services. Through your selected drug and alcohol treatment service, you will complete regular support groups and AA meetings. Your accountability will develop, your positive ways of coping will strengthen, your relapse prevention plan will evolve and your desire to recover will maintain.

Through ongoing care and an active attempt by yourself to maintain sobriety, you will have a realistic opportunity to sustain long-term recovery. If you do however experience any cravings, triggers or minimal relapse symptoms, professional guidance will continue, immediately accessible to you.

To understand whether visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in London and experiencing this valuable service is right for you, reach out to our team. We will recommend the most suited recovery programme within your local area, along with providing reliable referrals. Start the process by reaching out today with questions, concerns and the prospect of beginning your rehabilitation journey.