Knowing exactly when to source professional addiction support can be difficult to gauge. This can be down to a number of different reasons, from living through denial and believing misconceptions, to the psychological blur caused by excessive drug and alcohol abuse.

Down to this, many individuals, unfortunately, enable their drug and alcohol consumption, resulting in chronic addiction. Others will struggle to see the value of rehab, down to stigmatisation or misconceptions. And others will rush into rehab, believing it is necessary, without completing research and selecting a suitable rehab programme.

Unfortunately, down to those actions, many will struggle to benefit from drug and alcohol rehabilitation at an immediate rate. At Addiction Advocates, we uphold the importance of timing when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

With this in mind, here are the signs to look out for when considering the necessity of rehab, along with a Q&A around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire.

By spending some time, familiarising yourself with the rehab process, you’ll fully gauge when to reach out for our support, along with the value of drug and alcohol rehab. Avoid experiencing the damage of delays by reaching out as and when necessary.


What are the signs that drug and alcohol rehab is necessary?

Are you unsure whether rehab is currently necessary? Are you in fact unsure of the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction? If so, please be reassured that this is normal. Yet, it is important that you soon do familiarise yourself with both.

Rehab is a beneficial process for those in need. That can be someone who’s suffering from minimal side effects, resembling substance abuse; it can be someone who’s suffering from a chronic drug and alcohol addiction; it can be for someone suffering from a dual diagnosis. Down to the variation of rehab, if you’re suffering from negativity, in association with drugs and alcohol, you can access professional support.

Yet, it’s important to understand when rehab is fully necessary. Drug and alcohol rehab is necessary if your health, both physical and psychological are slipping. Professional support should be prioritised if your life is taking a turn for the worst, down to the priority of drugs and alcohol. Considering addiction treatment should be your next step if you cannot reduce your drug and alcohol consumption.

Ultimately, drug and alcohol rehab can support any individual, at any given time. Yet, it truly benefits those who are displaying the signs of a physical and psychological drug and alcohol addiction.

If you’re still unsure whether visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire is necessary, reach out to our team at Addiction Advocates.


Can I source support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire?

If remaining in the local area of Worcestershire is favoured by yourself, yes, you can select a local drug and alcohol rehab clinic. Yet, to secure the ability to experience a distraction-free drug and alcohol programme, residential rehab should be selected.

At first glance, you may prefer the idea of residing from home with the ability to complete your day to day responsibilities, in conjunction with addiction treatment sessions.

While this is understandable, down to comfort and convenience, this level of independence can hinder drug and alcohol withdrawal capabilities. With this in mind, residential rehab will be the safest, most effective option when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire.

Addiction support will be available via rehab as soon as your admission is completed, available here at Addiction Advocates.


Should I stop drug and alcohol consumption before rehab?

It is recommended that you do avoid further drug and alcohol consumption, if possible. However, it is understandable that this can be challenging, especially if withdrawal symptoms begin to show themselves prior to your admission.

Realistically, opting for the cold turkey approach, alone, will be discouraged. While we do not promote further drug and alcohol abuse, we also encourage all clients to avoid the dangers of self-detoxification.

The best route will be to begin the plans for your rehab admission, with the aim to accept an efficient start date. Through this, avoiding excessive drug and alcohol consumption will benefit your initial rehabilitation experience.


How long will my rehab programme last?

By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire, through our services, you will complete a comprehensive rehab programme. On average, rehab programmes will last 28 days, where both detoxification and psychological repair will be aimed for. Through this, you will likely experience a drug and alcohol detox, relapse prevention, stress management, CBT and support groups.

Yet, as we cannot gauge your initial response to addiction treatment, and accurate timescale cannot be provided currently when considering drug and alcohol rehab. Post-assessment, greater accuracy will be available, with full awareness of the depth and length of addiction treatment you require.


Can I remain sober after rehab?

Sober living is a strong potential post-rehab. This is in fact the key goal of completing a drug and alcohol rehab programme. However, it is important to note that while rehab itself will direct long-term recovery rates, your actions post-rehab, will have the greatest impact.

For example, if you visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire and complete a comprehensive programme, you’ll likely reach the status of sobriety. Yet, if you return home and continue to follow routines, linked to pre-existing drug and alcohol triggers, there’s a strong likelihood that relapse risks will present themselves.

With this in mind, to remain sober, it is encouraged that you make positive lifestyle changes, such as your nutrition, self-care and exercise. It’s also recommended that you accept aftercare services and also make use of your relapse prevention plan.

All in all, you can lead a drug and alcohol-free future. However, you must maintain transparency and actively work to reduce drug and alcohol exposure.

If now is the right time for you to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Worcestershire, reach out to our team today. We can help you make all arrangements, offering an efficient rehab admission process, marking your journey towards sober living.