With the process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, expectedly comes a mixture of emotions. You may feel relieved that support is accessible and that you can work towards overcoming your drug and alcohol dependence.

However, at the same time, you may be feeling panicked, scared and doubtful of what’s to come, what rehab will mean and whether you can complete it.

If you’re feeling such emotions, please be reassured that this is normal. You’ve likely experienced the turbulence of a rollercoaster this far, caused by drugs and alcohol.

The rehabilitation process is initially similar to this, where you may feel both positive and negative. However, by committing to and completing the process of rehab, those emotions will soon turn positive, especially for the majority of the time.

If you’ve already completed rehab but still feel a degree of anxiety or panic, again this response is normal, after leaving a drug and alcohol rehab in Hinckley and returning to normality. Guidance will be available to you on an aftercare basis to manage your emotions and continue your journey towards long-term recovery.

As humans, we commonly place significant pressures on ourselves. Yet we must remember that we are exactly that, human, with emotions and vulnerabilities. It’s how we deal with such emotions that define our next steps, which you can control via drug and alcohol rehab.

Define your future by increasing your awareness of positive responses, while securing a drug and alcohol rehab in Hinckley through our services at Addiction Advocates.


I feel panicked when thinking about rehab

There could be a number of reasons as to why you feel panicked when considering drug and alcohol rehab. There’s a high chance that the majority of panic will be linked to the unknown of rehab, the experience that you’ll encounter and the results that you’ll achieve.

There could however be links to fear, to the concern of judgment, to the worry of low privacy levels, and to the long road that’s ahead through long-term recovery.

It is important to try and work out what you’re panicked by, which will ultimately be your trigger, defined as similar causation experienced through addiction. We can help you with this if you’re open to professional support, where we can help you overcome your anxieties, help you warm to rehab and help you prepare for rehab.


I feel scared about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hinckley

As we’ve mentioned above, many individuals do feel scared when the recommendation of localised recovery is made. With this in mind, once the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hinckley is mentioned, there’s a high chance that you’ll be entering the flight mode, where you hope to avoid such fear.

Again, we must consider the causation of such fear. Yet commonly, the risks of judgment, of the influence of familiarity and the exposure of drugs and alcohol usually influence such fear.

If a drug and alcohol rehab in Hinckley is recommended to you via our services, we want you to feel confident with your impending rehab journey, feel assured in our endorsements and feel capable of completing localised recovery.

If we do not believe that remaining in Hinckley will benefit you, we have a range of CQC rehab clinics accessible to referrals.


I feel concerned when considering withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms, experienced through drug and alcohol detoxification are one of the most concerning steps for recovering addicts. As such symptoms can be unpredictable and can vary in significance and range, it is understandable why.

However, by investing in a specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic, where medical programmes are structured, withdrawal symptoms can be managed and suppressed, reducing the need for concern. You will be safe via rehab, where your physical and psychological health will be preserved through a range of addiction treatment and wellbeing services.


I feel over my head when considering the commitment of rehab

To complete rehab will result in a significant commitment. Yet, when completed, it is a worthwhile commitment, standing as the only reliable route towards long-term recovery.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, it’s natural to doubt yourself, and it’s natural to see addiction recovery as an impossible goal. Through our services, we hope to prepare you for rehab and boost your confidence, while also transferring you to the hands of addiction specialists, capable of facilitating your journey.

You will need to make some sacrifices by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hinckley. Yet if you are longing to recover, those sacrifices will be for the short-term, to experience the long-term gain of sobriety.


I feel incapable of long-term recovery

Again, it’s natural to doubt yourself as rehab is a new experience, and as you’re currently feeling controlled by drugs and alcohol. However, it’s important that you do not let your insecurities dictate your future and reduce your chances at rehab.

Completing rehab is a realistic goal, as is long-term recovery if you’re willing to commit and put in the effort. If you’re open to change, if you’re accepting of aftercare, and if you’re active with your relapse prevention planning, you can be capable of changing your life.

You can in fact be capable of whatever you put your mind to, which we can assist with, by providing access to the most valuable and comprehensive rehab clinics.

You are allowed to feel emotional through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. In fact, it’s wise to connect to how you feel. However, it is important that you do not allow your negative thoughts or feelings to deter your investment in rehab.

Instead, we encourage you to turn those negatives on their head and use them as fuel to drive your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey. We at Addiction Advocates can help you with all arrangements, by securing the right drug and alcohol rehab in Hinckley, providing you with time to focus on your needs and feelings.

You deserve to experience a positive drug and alcohol rehab programme. Secure this by understanding and managing your emotions, while completing the rehabilitation process.