Are you finding yourself fighting a losing battle against drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction? Is your addiction starting to take a negative toll on all aspects of your life?

If so, then Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol treatment services may well be just the thing that you require to help cut you free from the binding ties of addiction.

Substance abuse and alcoholism will often impact a profoundly detrimental toll on every aspect of an individual’s life, be it a person’s relationships with friends and/or loved ones, their physiological and psychological wellbeing, their employment status, and their financial situation.

Over time, as a person becomes more and more enthralled to an addiction, the things that should be important to a person will slowly take a back seat to the pursuit of their next “fix.”

No matter how long you have been battling an addiction for or how severe your connection to your addiction may be, Addiction Advocates’ specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Worcester can offer you a way to overcome your addiction.

With the help of our rehabilitation centre and highly-trained addiction specialists, we will tailor an addiction treatment program that will best benefit you and your individual experiences.

Taking the step to accepting professional drug and alcohol treatment is a naturally big step for any individual, and so if any of the worries or concerns you have are not answered on this page, then you can call us any time on 0800 012 6088 for a free consultation.

Furthermore, you do not just need to call in reference to your concerns about your own addiction, but we can also work on family and friend referral programs.


Why Is It Important To Take Steps To Seriously Overcome Your Addiction

Generally speaking, the greater the amount of time which passes while you are under the thumb of your addiction, then there will be more destruction wrought upon your psychological and physical health.

In terms of looking for a rehab, the length of time that you have been suffering from a substance abuse disorder or alcohol abuse disorder should not be a source of worry.

The primary thing that should be of concern to you is taking the steps towards recovery one step at a time, recovery should be the only thing that you are focussing upon and committing yourself to.

For a lot of people suffering from drug addiction or alcohol addiction, it can be appealing to try and conquer your addiction on your own in your own home. However, truly successful and well-rounded recovery requires much more than simply going cold-turkey on your own.

Drug withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal symptoms alone can make the initial stages of recovery incredibly dangerous.

Also, even if you manage to get through the terrifyingly dangerous process of detox, then without professional therapies in order to help you overcome the root causes of your addiction then your recovery will not be long-lasting.

Furthermore, each time that you fall victim to relapse, the recovery process and detoxification process becomes more and more difficult and dangerous.

Therefore, it is of the paramount importance that you choose to overcome your drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction with the help of a professional body such as Addiction Advocates.

While staying at one of our treatment centres you will experience the best possible probability of attaining the best quality of recovery.

The environment within our speciality addiction treatment centres is specifically designed to allow you to completely focus on your recovery, without the temptations that may present themselves at your home or in your day-to-day life.


Detoxing Without Our Help Has The Potential To Be Incredibly Dangerous

Drug withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal has the potential to be an incredibly unpleasant experience for an individual suffering from addiction.

While experiencing detox, there is the possibility for a whole host of worrying and potentially life-threatening side-effects that an individual may present with.

Drug withdrawal and/or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and the severity of the symptoms,  varies massively from individual to individual.

The most important thing to take from this is that you should never take the process of detox lightly. Detox has tragically cost many people their lives in the past, so please do not risk being one of these people.

However, when going through detoxification at one of Addiction Advocates’ treatment facilities, you will be able to pass through this period at one of our detox clinics.

At our detox clinics, you will be able to have 24/7 care and monitoring from healthcare professionals and addiction treatment specialists.

Our dedicated staff will be able to carefully lower your intake of a substance over time, as we guide you through a medically-assisted drug or alcohol detox.

Removing the negative and detrimental substances from your body carefully over a longer period of time is the best possible way to start the road to recovery.


What Treatments Will You Benefit From At Our Treatment Centre

Our state-of-the-art detox clinic is not the only thing that you should be seeing as a positive off choosing Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol rehab centres, but you will also be able to reap the benefits of a selection of other modern addiction treatments.

In order to cater to every individual, we tailor our treatment programs based upon each person’s addiction history and medical history — both physical and psychological.

Dependent on your specific requirements you will be able to benefit from a unique blend of treatments including the likes of one-to-one/individual therapy, group therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, family drug support, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), art therapy, stress management, and exercise therapies.

Therefore, in order to start taking advantage of these amazing therapies and our luxurious facilities, call us today on 0800 012 6088, texting HELP To 83222, or contacting us through our website.