Are you located in the Redditch area and concerned about your struggles with addiction? Are you ready to start taking steps along the road to recovery and a healthier life, healthier relationships, and a more promising future?

Addiction Advocates’ state-of-the-art drug and alcohol rehab centres are specially set up to provide people suffering from drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction to overcome their substance abuse disorder in a comfortable, supportive, and effective environment.

Also, our drug and alcohol services are not just designed in a way to get you sober, but to keep you sober and enjoying a long-term recovery from your addiction.


How Will Rehab Be Able To Benefit You?

Overcoming drug addiction or alcohol addiction is no easy feat, and that is why it is crucial that you consider getting help from healthcare professionals when beginning your recovery from addiction.

The fact that you have found your way to this page suggests that you have already accepted that you may have a problem and need help, this is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in any way and is a fantastic first step towards putting your addiction behind you.

The next step is to actually accept professional help such as that which is available at our rehab in Redditch.

By choosing to overcome addiction in a private rehab, you will not only have the support of trained therapists and other addicts in support group sessions, but you will also be able to benefit from specialist medical support which will keep you healthy as your body becomes used to sobriety.

A lot of people think that they will be able to overcome their addiction simply by doing so at home, either with the support of family and friends or on their own; however, not only are your chances of having a long-lasting successful recovery massively increased by attending rehab, but overcoming your addiction at home on your own can cause a lot of health problems — primarily due to the side effects of detoxification.


Overcoming Addiction Without Medical Professionals Can Be Dangerous…

Alcohol and/or drug detoxification is not only an incredibly worrying notion for certain addicts, but it may additionally cause complications which can endanger the health, and in turn life, of an addict should detoxification be experienced in lieu of professional medical aid — aid such as that which is offered at Addiction Advocates’ rehab in Redditch.

Our specially developed detox treatments have been successfully tried and tested for many years, and are monitored by extremely well-trained medical professionals. Regardless of what substance abuse disorder you are battling, we are equipped to administer the aid, both medical and otherwise, that is necessary for you to safely and comfortably detox.

Seeing as how going cold turkey from alcohol, and certain drugs, may cause symptoms to develop including the likes of heightened blood pressure, serious stomach upset, paranoia, hallucinations, delirium tremens and other severe symptoms, extreme caution is necessary when it comes to trying to detox at home by going cold turkey.

Once you have safely flushed all negative substances from your body, you will be better primed to overcome your addiction. At our rehabilitation centres, we believe in a combination of treatment approaches which help to heal both your body and mind.

Addiction can change the way you think and the way your mind works as well as taking a toll on your physical health, so our rehabs’ variety of treatment courses — all of which you will be able to benefit from — will help you overcome your addiction both physically and psychologically.


What Types Of Specific Treatments Do We Offer?

As you look into the options when it comes to drug and alcohol treatments across the UK, you will notice that there are a wide array of treatment approaches that clinics will take to treating addiction.

However, our residential settings enjoy the benefit of allowing you to be able to completely focus on your recovery and your recovery alone.

While you stay with us in one of our luxurious private, our staff will be able to take care of all of your housekeeping as well as providing you with nutritious home-cooked meals throughout the day — enabling you to focus on your recovery and nothing else.

Treatment courses have the potential to vary slightly, but our core treatment courses include the likes of:

Detox Clinic — As mentioned previously, your stay will typically begin by attending our detox clinic.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) — CBT has become an established and effective therapy for those battling addiction. It will teach you ways that you can redirect negative and addictive thoughts in order to help you make better choices in life.

Individual Therapy — One-to-one therapy with one of our professional therapists will allow you to travel deep into the root cause of your addiction and help us to better find ways to combat addictive thoughts.

Group Therapy — Group therapy has long since been considered an effective way to help people struggling with addiction. Finding a support group can be crucial not only during your time at rehab, but afterwards as well.

Art Therapy — Finding ways to express yourself can also work with your one-to-one therapy in order to help explore your feelings at the root cause of your addiction.

Meditation & Stress Management — Stress can be a major cause in developing addiction and triggering addictive thoughts. Learning meditative techniques to deal with stressful or anxious situations can help you to avoid falling back into a cycle of addiction once you have left the rehab.


Don’t Delay Getting Healthy — Call Today

Addicts always find reasons to put off getting better, but don’t let today be another day that you put off getting better. It will not necessarily be an easy journey, but it will be one that you are more glad than anything that you took.

We also work on friend and family referrals should you be concerned about a loved one who is struggling with addiction.

You can call today on 0800 012 6088, Text HELP To 83222, or contact us through our website.