Are you currently living in Yeovil or the surrounding areas? If the answer to that question is yes, then are you also seeking professional, residential drug and alcohol rehab in the Yeovil area?

If you have answered yes again then Addiction Advocates is here to offer you the helping hand that you are looking for and start getting you clean with immediate effect.

Addiction Advocates’ well-renowned drug and alcohol treatment centres will permit you the chance to undergo a course of structured and personally-tailored alcohol or drug therapy and detoxification while in a residential rehab clinic setting.

The array of treatments that you will go through during your stay at one of our modern, luxurious facilities will vary from individual/one-to-one and group therapies with a qualified therapist to holistic treatments.

When you first reach out to us for a free consultation, if you express a serious interest in turning your life around then our staff will perform a comprehensive mental and physical health check in order that we will be able to curate an individual, tailored treatment programme that is the best fit for you and your specific requirements.

We make sure that every single person who reaches out for the helping hand of us here at Addiction Advocates is treated and spoken to as an individual, a real person, as opposed to as a statistic — something which a lot of private treatment centres are guilty of doing.

Unlike other institutions which offer assistance to people suffering from substance abuse disorders or alcohol abuse disorders, Addiction Advocates do not require a GP referral and we do not put our clients through extensive waiting periods, rather focussing on getting anyone and every one the help they severely need as quickly as possible.

You can reach out to us today on 0800 012 6088, or text HELP to 83222, to begin a free, no-obligation initial assessment.


How Does The Rehab Process Actually Work?

A lot of people are aware of the idea of rehab in a broad sense; however, a lot of people do not actually understand how the process works, which can cause a lot of people suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction to feel a sense of trepidation when considering treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab.

However, we aim to make sure that the process is as straight-forward and stress-free for anyone who needs our help, and if you are unsure or worried about what attending rehab can entail then hopefully this page will help to quell any concerns.

At the moment that you first make contact with us and express a desire to get better at one of our facilities, our staff will begin making an initial pre-admission assessment.

This process involves us ascertaining your medical history, the current state of your addiction, as well as how serious you really are about overcoming your addiction.

(Alternatively, if you are calling us about a friend or loved one’s addiction, then we do work through family and friend referrals and can help you start a friend or family member on the road to recovery in a similar way.)

Once we have completed our initial assessment, then our team of addiction specialists can then use this information to work out what is the best blend of treatments for your specific addiction needs.

However, while we will work tirelessly to make sure that you have the best possible recovery while at one of our facilities, it is also important to know that you also get out of rehab what you put in.

To forge the best recovery, you will need to be committed to the act of recovery and really be prepared for the challenges of defeating an addiction by confronting unpleasant and difficult emotions buried deep within yourself — something which we will be with you every step of the way.


Detoxing Safely Is Key To Starting The Recovery Journey Properly

After you’ve completed the pre-initiation assessment and actually been welcomed into one of our luxurious drug and alcohol treatment centres, the first step will be for us to help you to detox.

Undoubtedly, detoxification will be a tough aspect of the treatment process; however, it’s necessary and unavoidable, as it is the process by which we flush the negative substances that drug and/or alcohol addiction pumps into your system.

Simply going cold-turkey is a seemingly appealing, yet very dangerous way to experience detox. The drug withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal side-effects can be deadly if not monitored and treated carefully.

By enduring this process while safely housed at one of our private rehab, you will benefit from around-the-clock monitoring and medical support from our highly-qualified staff.

In order to ensure that any withdrawal symptoms you present with are kept under control and minimise the danger to you and your body, our staff may also provide prescription medication wherever necessary in order to ease the treatment process.

Detoxification can last different amounts of time for person to person. On average, however, it can last from two days to as long as two weeks. The duration of a detox process may depend on how long you have been suffering from addiction and how many times you have relapsed in the past.


Our Subsequent Treatments…

A safe, medically-assisted detox treatment at our detox clinic provides the perfect baseline upon which we can build a true recovery.

The sort of treatments you experience after the stay at our detox clinic will be dependent on what personal obstacles you are currently battling with; however, these treatments may include the likes of one-to-one therapy, group sessions, art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dual-diagnosis treatment, stress management and sleep therapy classes, relapse prevention training, and much more.

Additionally, you will also be able to take advantage of our complimentary one-year aftercare program. This will be integral in ensuring that you can remain clean and sober throughout those crucial first 12 months after leaving out facility having completed your addiction treatment program.

Taking the first step towards recovery can be a daunting step indeed; but, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Call today on 0800 012 6088, or text HELP to 83222.