At Addiction Advocates, we can offer you that support from the offset to ease your initial rehab experience. Not only will this benefit your admission, but it will also uplift your entire rehab experience by starting off productively.

If so, it’s now time to rely on professional addiction support, helping to alleviate some of that strain, pressure and anxiety. Living with an addiction is a draining, rollercoaster-like feeling. This can also be similar when completing the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

Understandably, obstacles will be experienced, yet it’s also important that you encounter the good through addiction treatment, through drug and alcohol withdrawal, through rehabilitation.

From finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Kent which meets your needs to offering guidance with addiction treatment recommendations, we can help you take a firm step towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

So far, you may have kept your addiction to yourself for protective purposes, to hide from reality, or to enable further substance abuse. Well, now it’s time to lower your barriers and rely on those who can truly help you recover from addiction.


Relying on professional addiction support

At Addiction Advocates, we understand that this is easier said than done. We appreciate how difficult it can be to open up, to reach out and to acknowledge your problem with drugs and alcohol.

Yet, we also understand the necessity of doing so, of lowering your barriers, of sourcing professional guidance. By continuing to avoid any form of support, your drug and alcohol addiction will heighten. We’ve seen it for ourselves, how long-term drug and alcohol consumption can turn excessively, causing significant physical and psychological issues. We’ve also witnessed how a dual diagnosis can develop from enabling an addiction for the long-term.

Down to our experience, we urge you to place your trust in professionals, in services like ours to help you benefit from drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Reach out today to begin the process of securing your ideal rehab programme, whether in Kent or further afield.


Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Kent, suitable for your needs

If you are ready to lower your barriers, it is very important that you find a suitable rehab programme which caters to your personal needs. This is down to the fact that all clients will have different experiences with drugs and alcohol, will require different forms of care and addiction treatment, and will be at different stages of addiction.

Down to this, working with professionals is the ideal resolution by ensuring that you can source a fitting rehab programme, meeting your budget, your personal requirements, your necessary level and form of addiction treatment, and your location.

At Addiction Advocates, we can offer reassurance that the most suitable drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience will be pending for you. Through assessments, through getting to know you as a person, through gauging your addiction severity, we can narrow down all suitable recovery routes. We will work on the ideal delivery of rehab, on finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Kent measuring as suitable, and on addiction treatment recommendations.

Through our services, we only work with leading drug and alcohol treatment centres who provide the highest level of care as a standard. Provide yourself with this level of value through rehab by trusting the guidance of professionals.


Drug and alcohol treatment services

While we work with a wide range of rehab clinics, the majority will offer a personal rehab programme on your arrival. That programme will boast a mixture of drug and alcohol treatment services, ideal for your needs, physical and psychological health, and the makeup of your addiction.

Please keep in mind that below are some of the most commonly utilised addiction treatment options. While they are seen throughout many rehab programmes, your recommendations may deviate slightly to ensure that safe and sustainable drug and alcohol withdrawal and long-term recovery can be made.

Drug and alcohol detox
Most rehab experiences will start by completing a drug and alcohol detox programme. This is an imperative step to remove existing traces of drugs and alcohol, from the body, before progressing towards further addiction treatment.

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be extremely challenging and uncomfortable. This is exactly why you should only complete this process via a drug and alcohol rehab in Kent to preserve your physical and psychological health.

Cognitive behavioural therapy
Alongside physical withdrawal, psychological realignment is necessary when recovering from addiction. CBT is a highly utilised addiction treatment as it helps clients change their outlooks on drugs and alcohol.

For example, if drugs and alcohol have previously been viewed as a coping strategy, that view will soon adapt, helping clients see the reality of ongoing substance abuse.

Stress management
In the majority of cases, initial drug and alcohol consumption begins through stress. In order to reduce future drug and alcohol relapse risks, stress management is activated, offering healthy and positive ways to cope.

Individual, group and family therapy
While opening up about your addiction may feel challenging, it is mandatory when hoping to recover. A range of therapy sessions will be available to you via a drug and alcohol rehab clinic, helping you lower your barriers and heal psychologically.

Art therapy
For those who do struggle to open up, art therapy is a unique addiction treatment, where feelings can be showcased physically. This is a therapeutic addiction treatment which also benefits those with mental health issues.

Relapse prevention
Long-term recovery is a firm goal for most of our clients. To achieve this, relapse prevention must be embraced, helping to support your recovery journey back in Kent. Through professional support, you will be provided with reliable and proactive steps in the event of drug and alcohol cravings.

Dual diagnosis treatment
If mental health side effects have presented themselves for you, please feel reassured that support is available through rehab. Dual diagnosis treatment will be accessible through rehab, ensuring that holistic healing can be achieved.


Long-term recovery back in Kent

Understandably, this is a lot of information to take in. Yet, by doing so, by accepting professional support, by committing to a drug and alcohol rehab programme, you can work towards long-term recovery.

Start this process today by lowering your barrier and reaching out to our team. Your admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Kent can soon be arranged, starting your recovery journey, privately and confidentially.