Feeling fearful, feeling anxious, feeling worried and feeling low are all normal responses to both substance abuse and rehabilitation.

Negatives are associated with drug and alcohol abuse down to the consequences that such habit can have. Low and concerning feelings are likely encountered on the approach to rehab, down to its unfamiliar processes.

With this in mind, if you’re questioning your emotions, please be reassured that you’re naturally responding to challenging situations, associated with addiction.

We at Addiction Advocates are however here to ease this time for you, to help you digest and understand your emotions, and also to work beyond your emotions, to overcome your problems.

Throughout our services, we can assist you with your outlooks and steppingstones towards rehab. We can also secure such an invaluable recovery process through one of our affiliated rehab clinics.

Through combined offerings, you can turn your low, unnerving feelings into prosperous, hopeful and motivating outlooks, to beat your addiction.

See some of the most commonly experienced concerns below, on approaching rehab. They may resonate with you personally.

No matter your worries or crises, we’re here to move you one step forward to encountering care and treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ewell.

Aim to approach rehab with a different outlook, to benefit from its offering.


Why does rehab feel like such a scary process?

Rehab is viewed as a scary process as it is unfamiliar. Unless you’ve experienced rehab first-hand, you will not have a true representation of its offering.

You may have heard the experiences of others, you may have read up on rehab, and you may be aware of some misconceptions. Yet, to truly understand rehab, you’ll need to experience it.

Many individuals also see rehab as a fearful process as it’s ultimately promoting change. Change can be scary to deal with as it’s uncontrollable.

Drugs and alcohol, which may currently fill your life will start to dwindle away, which will push you outside of what’s comfortable.

While it’s understandable to see rehab as the unknown, there’s nothing to be afraid of, boasting 24/7 support, offering positive opportunities of change, and if selected with suitability in mind, will provide the drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey you personally require.


Why am I worried about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ewell?

Local rehab opportunities do sometimes cause worries for clients. You may feel concerned about selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ewell down to its proximity.

You may associate such closeness with your current life, meaning that there will be an overlap.

If you are genuinely worried about the location itself, we can help you look further afield from our affiliation of rehab clinics.

Yet if the fear is actually surrounding rehab as a process, we can help you warm to the idea of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ewell.

It’s also important to remember that through our offering, we promote residential rehab, meaning that you will be distanced from your current reality and influences, even within such proximity.


Is it normal to feel so low?

Addiction is a testing condition to live with. It influences many negative consequences which can be difficult to manoeuvre around.

Drugs and alcohol themselves are also stimulants, which impact the central nervous system, meaning that lows are linked to their characteristics.

It’s therefore normal to feel low through such tests. It’s also likely that you may feel low in the fact that you require the support of others and of rehab. This can sometimes cause depression and low self-esteem.

We however encourage you to see beyond such lows, as with rehab, everything will get better. By visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ewell, you’ll be provided with the tools, dual diagnosis treatment and a dedicated team of counsellors to help you understand and process your feelings.

Rehab will help you stabilise your outlooks and feelings, with the potential to feel happier and healthier on a post-rehab basis.


How can I curb anxieties around opening up?

So far, you may have worked through your drug and alcohol addiction alone. Your feelings and experiences may have remained internally. With this in mind, it’s justifiable to feel anxious about opening up.

However, it is important that you can push such anxieties to one side, and also work through them in conjunction with addiction recovery, as opening you will be necessary.

You’ll need to share your experiences in order to learn from them and grow from them. You’ll also need to communicate how you feel in order to observe your progression and also understand your different outlooks on drug and alcohol abuse.

Opening up will help you and will feel like a weight has been lifted. By doing so, you’ll have a set of personal coping strategies to follow, to alleviate such anxieties.

To curb such feelings, you should remember that our rehab affiliates are compassionate, are experienced and act with confidentiality in mind.


What will post-rehab life be like?

It’s normal to think about your life after rehab before you complete your programme. There are many unknowns ahead that can cause anxiety.

You’ll also want to do everything possible to maintain the recovery results, that you achieve via rehab.

We can help increase your confidence, in your ability to complete rehab and experience its benefits. Your active programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ewell will also help to boost your self-esteem and your ability to recover independently.

Please remember that you will have support to guide you through life after rehab, you’ll have a relapse prevention plan to make use of, you’ll encounter aftercare services, you’ll build accountability through support groups, and lifestyle management will direct your choices.

We encourage you to harness such passion and turn it into fuel to complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Rehab is a new, unapproachable process at first glance. Yet, once you experience it for yourself, with quality support, you’ll soon see why it’s a sought-after process.

Experience such benefits with our support at Addiction Advocates, to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Ewell of high standards.