We can help you through our support and referral services by understanding your desires to recover, gauging your readiness to complete a rehab programme. We can understand your personal needs, budget and end recovery goals. We can also understand your mental health history, and whether this is influencing substance abuse in any way.

From here, through vast assessments, we can recommend the most effective drug and alcohol treatment centres within your local area to consider. Drug and alcohol treatment options will also be evaluated, ensuring that you will have access to the most proactive options.

If you’re ready to recover, if you’re in the mindset to overcome addiction, we can refer you to your selected drug and alcohol rehab in Belfast. Take action and begin the initial process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation with our support.


Am I ready for rehab?

Are you truly ready to recover? Are you willing to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction? If so, it sounds like you’re ready for the rehabilitation process. If you have any concerns, drawbacks or cannot commit to this intensity of rehab, now may not be the right time for you.

To complete a comprehensive rehab programme, and achieve life-changing results, you must be ready. Physical and psychological preparations must be made, envisioning yourself without drugs and alcohol should be the norm, having the resources to invest into rehab should be present.

Without this level of readiness, initial recovery can be achieved. Yet, you may struggle to reach your end recovery goals, you may find it hard to maintain long-term recovery. If you have a voice in your head, reducing your confidence in rehabilitating, you’re attempting to work through rehab alone, or find yourself considering the prospect of rehab for the sake of others, greater preparations are needed.

We can help you with some self-help tips, with the aim to warm to the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Belfast. Whether you’re ready to recover or not, we can guide you to experience the value of rehab. Reach out today to begin the process.


What can I expect from rehab?

A chance to recover sustainably is what you can expect from rehab. To reach this point, you will complete a schedule, a structured treatment programme, catered around your needs. You will work on your physical and psychological health, wellbeing and stability. You will start to find yourself again, you will start to enjoy life without drugs and alcohol, and you’ll prepare for post-rehab life.

Through rehab, through a time of change, you can turn your life around. You can overcome negative habits, by replacing them with healthy and positive lifestyle choices. You can also expect to learn about yourself, about addiction and about how you cope through situations.

All of these revelations and expectations of rehab will help you heal holistically from addiction. Combined together, you will have a real chance at maintaining long-term recovery.

These expectations can however only be turned into reality for those who invest themselves.  If you commit to the next few weeks and months, you will benefit from an initial visit to a drug and alcohol rehab in Belfast.


How can I find the best drug and alcohol rehab in Belfast?

Through our specialist services, we can help you find a drug and alcohol rehab in the Belfast area to recover from. This can be an overwhelming decision to make by yourself. There are now a number of different treatment options available.

With this in mind, we can help you select the most appropriate treatment centre and rehab programme, to match your budget, needs and expectations of rehab. This level of suitability is very important when looking to recover. We can prioritise your health, safety, comfort levels and ability to recover while referring you to a Belfast based treatment centre.


How long will my rehab programme last?

In short, your rehab programme will last as long as it needs to. Unfortunately, definite timescales cannot be provided without an assessment. Timescales can also deviate throughout your rehab programme, depending on your progression levels and response to addiction treatment.

However, 28-days is the common rehab timeframe, where both a detox programme and ongoing therapy sessions, post-rehab planning and relapse prevention sessions will take place.

By providing yourself with enough time, while following the mindset that each day is moving you closer to sobriety, you’ll soon progress through your rehab programme.


How soon can I start my rehab programme?

You can receive immediate support by reaching out for our help. Once your pre-admission assessment has been made, an efficient referral into rehab can be activated. From here, you’ll expect to arrange a convenient date to begin your rehab programme.

Although demand is high, our partnering rehab centres will aim to accommodate all clients, ensuring that minimal delays are experienced. This is one of the key benefits of private rehab which will be upheld for all clients.


Can I receive support after rehab?

Aftercare services are offered to all clients through their chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Belfast. This service is very important, ensuring that clients can transition from rehab life to their new sober reality.

If you start to struggle with your emotions or drug and alcohol exposure levels, support will be accessible. If you’re finding it hard to reduce cravings, your relapse prevention plan will be activated. If you simply require a dose of motivation, support groups will be available.

Rehab and post-rehab experiences will differ for all clients. Some may find it hard to transition post-rehab. While the majority will be armed with supportive tools, helping to ease this time.

If you’re fed up with living with an addiction, if you want to turn your life around, reach out to our team. You can experience the above value by investing yourself into a comprehensive rehab programme. Select your favoured drug and alcohol rehab in Belfast, with an attached efficient admission process. Through this service, you’ll soon be working through your own rehab programme.