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So, whatever the root causes or the nature of your addiction, we’ll help direct you on the road to recovery. Simply contact one of our team today.

Is it time to seek drug and alcohol treatment?

Acknowledging you have a problem is one of the biggest and most important steps towards recovery. We know that there’s a stigma still attached to addiction. You only have to look at the way magazines and newspapers seemingly revel in the misfortunes of celebrities who book in to rehab centres.

But it’s not just a feeling of shame that can stop people from seeking help. The gradual downward spiral of addiction can leave people confused and sometimes unaware of the severity of the problem until they hit rock bottom.

By this point your mind is likely so fixated on trying to get the next drink or chemical ‘hit’ that the problem actually seems like a solution. Against all logic it has become the most important thing in your life. Family, friends, relationships all take a backseat as the addiction takes hold.

You may be suffering a variety of physical and psychological symptoms. Depression is the most common. The high triggered by the substance exacerbates the feeling of depression when you’re not taking it. You may have mood swings and feel irritable around people for no rational reason.

Gradually, all those things that should matter: your health, your responsibilities to others, your work; don’t seem to matter at all. Every aspect of your life suffers as a result.

But addiction rarely happens in a vacuum. There are usually a variety of causes that take you on the route to addiction. For example, a traumatic event (such as the loss of a loved one, a bad childhood experience), financial problems, relationship breakdowns, negative social influences; can all play a part.

For this reason, there’s not one silver bullet or form of addiction treatment which is going to work for everyone. However, the fact that you understand you have a problem is a major achievement.

The next stage is to actually get help.

Remember, addiction sufferers come from all walks of life. So, if you’re feeling a lack of self-worth or shame; just consider all those other people in the same situation. If the circumstances are right, addiction can take hold of anyone.

If you want to find drug and alcohol rehab in Darlington which is best suited to your situation, simply get in touch with our team.


What are your choices for drug and alcohol rehab in Darlington?

There are a variety of services which offer drug and alcohol rehab in Darlington. The NHS itself offers free addiction treatment services, but the only downside is the length of the waiting list. There’s also a chance they may be limited in the range of services they can provide.

For that reason a lot of people turn to privately run addiction services. However, there are so many that it can be difficult to know which way to turn. Which one will work best for me? Will it offer one-to-one help? Will it include a detox clinic?

There are many questions you might like to ask. Ultimately, it comes down to what treatment program best suits your individual requirements. Your financial situation may also be a factor.

The most effective treatment services in Darlington offer one-to-one help from a team of clinical psychologists, doctors and nurses. Often you’ll get assigned a keyworker who will accompany you on your journey.

In many cases, a residential treatment centre is very effective. They can ensure that your every need is taken care of, allowing you to focus solely on your recovery. As well as clinical care, they ensure all the cooking and cleaning is taken care of.

Alternatively, one-to-one rehab appointments may be recommended. Regardless of your personal set of circumstances there will be an effective treatment programme offering drug and alcohol rehab in Darlington.


How professional rehab services can make a difference

Many people convince themselves that they can solve their addiction problems alone. They think that with a bit of willpower, they can make it through to the promised land of the addiction-free.

However, it’s not that simple. The reason that addiction is so powerful is that it alters the chemical balance of the brain. The powerful forces that would usually drive us towards the actions that keep us alive; are redirected towards the addictive substance instead. That’s why work, relationships and financial issues become a secondary consideration.

In other words, you’re battling with a highly powerful instinct and desire that trumps everything else.

Fortunately, there is a way of overcoming addiction, but it requires a professional intervention. There are specialist rehab centres in Darlington which offer a holistic approach to treatment. This means they utilise a variety of methods for treating both the physical symptoms of addiction and the underlying psychological causes. Such treatments include:


  • Detoxification: a gradual withdrawal process which negates the harmful side effects that can otherwise occur.
  • One-to-one counselling: with a qualified psychologist who will help address the root causes of your addiction.
  • Talking therapies: such as CBT which train you to recognise and control the thoughts and feelings that lead to substance abuse.
  • Group sessions: allowing you to join other addiction sufferers in a supportive environment.
  • Movement therapies: designed to get the blood pumping and trigger happy hormones in a healthy way.


Drug and alcohol rehab in Darlington 

Addiction may seem like an unbeatable foe, but it can be overcome. With the right assistance you can make the journey from dependence to independence regardless of your current set of circumstances.

Contact us today and we’ll help identify the local services that offer you the greatest chance of a successful long term recovery.