If you are here, then chances are that you have unfortunately come to the realisation that you have a problem with drug and/or alcohol abuse that you require help in overcoming.

For some people, this can be a source of embarrassment; however, accepting that you have a problem is an amazing first step towards recovery, and with the helping hand of Addiction Advocates drug and alcohol rehab in Havering we are confident that we can get your life back on track and out of the shadow of addiction.

Regardless of how long you have been dependent on drugs and/or alcohol, or how severe your addiction is, we can help you.

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction tears apart countless individual’s lives each year across the UK, and Addition Advocates’ drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres are committed to helping any and all individuals overcome their addiction by providing effective and cheap rehabilitation options.

Private residential rehab has long since been thought of as something exclusively frequented by the rich, but Addiction Advocates’ private alcohol and drug abuse rehab facilities are professional, effective, and affordable.

Whether you are looking for a rehabilitation facility for yourself, or for a friend or loved one close to you, then Addiction Advocates’ state-of-the-art services will help you to overcome your addictions for the long-term — as we want to make sure that you don’t just get sober, but stay sober.


How Do I Know That Rehab Is Necessary?

Alcohol or drug abuse can negatively impact all aspects of not just a person’s life, but entire families.

When you are suffering from a substance abuse disorder, everything else in your life will start to take a back seat in the pursuit of your next fix — be it relationships, employment prospects, financial worries, or just your health.

Addiction Advocates’ treatment programs will help you to overcome any addiction that you may be suffering from, including but not limited to the likes of alcoholism, cocaine addiction, cannabis addiction, heroin addiction, and gambling addiction.

If you’re sick of seeing the important things and people in your life slip from your grasp in place of your addiction, then now is the time to contact Addiction Advocates and start your road to recovery so that you can once more start to appreciate the important things in your life.


Why Is Residential Rehab The Right Choice For You?

Here at Addiction Advocates, our addiction treatment specialists will typically advise that people who are suffering from a substance abuse disorder or alcohol abuse disorder attend addiction treatment at a residential rehab.

The reason for this is because around nine out of ten people that recover with the help of a residential rehab make and enjoy a long-lasting recovery.

Not only do residential rehabilitation centres have an improved success rate in terms of recovery, but residential rehabilitation facilities also enable people to conquer their addictions by cultivating a safe environment to recover from the physical and psychological effects that addiction causes an individual to present with.

Addiction Advocates’ residential rehabilitation centres also offer a whole host of amenities to make sure that people in recovery are able to fully relax and focus during their recovery journey to a sober life.

Some of the amenities residential rehab offers include private bedrooms, private en-suite bathrooms, access to therapy rooms, luxurious lounge areas and spaces for socialising, on-site chefs to produce each of our residents three home-cooked meals daily.


Our Treatments Will Help You Along The Road To A Long-Term Recovery

The road to recovery can be a long and difficult journey to take, but it is one that _is_ doable, especially with the help of Addiction Advocates treatment programs, and it is one that you will be relishing the benefits of for the rest of your life.

At our drug and alcohol abuse treatment centres, we are aware that not every addict will be confronting the same challenges when it comes to overcoming their addiction.

Therefore, our staff will work tirelessly to make sure that you get a tailor-made treatment program for your specific recovery needs and requirements. This means that our facilities will employ a mixture of physical and psychological treatments.

For most people, their first port-of-call will be a course of treatment at our detox clinic.

Detoxification can be an unpleasant and dangerous experience, and when an individual is experiencing drug withdrawal or alcohol withdrawal they may present with moderate to severe symptoms.

In some instances, particularly with alcohol withdrawal, the side-effects of detox can even be life-threatening, therefore we cannot in good conscience advise that you try to overcome your addiction simply by going cold-turkey at home on your own.

At our detox clinic, you will be able to benefit from round-the-clock care from our medical staff who can help you to experience detoxification safely and with medical assistance to ensure that your symptoms are managed and that you are comfortable.

One the process of safely detoxing at our contemporary detox clinic, then your body and mind shall be ready to go through our other wide array of treatment services and therapy options. These will aid you in cultivating a long-term recovery.

Addiction Advocates’ treatments are specifically tailored to suit your needs best, and the treatments that we frequently use at our drug and/or alcohol treatment facilities include therapies including the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), relapse prevention, one-to-one therapy, group therapy, family drug support counselling, stress management, sleep management, meditation, nutritional therapy, and aftercare services.


Get Help Today With Addiction Advocates

You should not delay when getting the drug and alcohol help that you need, so contact Addiction Advocates today to get the ball rolling and start making headway towards a truly successful recovery.

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