Drug and alcohol addiction are growing issues for many people around the UK.

It can seem overwhelming as health issues and the effects of addiction begin to show in all aspects of life, but with the right support and the proper determination, it’s likely you will succeed in overcoming your addiction.

Addiction Advocates will tailor your treatment and recovery at our rehab in Small Heath and support you as you progress with your recovery journey.

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What happens when I go to a Private Rehab Clinic?

Private rehab is proven to be the most effective way of successfully beating addiction for most people. At Addiction Advocates, our number one priority is finding the right programme for you, so the first step is the admissions process.

This is a crucial stage that allows us to assess the severity of your addiction, as well as your physical and mental health condition. We can then determine what is the right treatment centre for your personal needs.

At our rehab centre in Small Heath, the first stage is likely to be drug or alcohol detox. This is the process of the substances leaving the body, and, while it can be very unpleasant, the skilled and professional staff at the centre will be on hand to support you.

Residential rehab usually lasts for a period of twenty-eight days, and in that time, a drug rehab treatment programme will be used to help you understand and overcome your addiction. Each programme is tailor-made for the needs of the individual, and an effective aftercare programme to ensure the tools for long term success will also be developed during your time there.


What are the main signs and Symptoms of Addiction?

Addiction is defined as the inability to control behaviour to the point that it becomes harmful. Most people will consider themselves to have an addiction when they lose the ability to stop using a substance and the negative effects become apparent in their life.

The signs and symptoms of addiction vary depending on the type and severity and are different for each individual, however, there are some signs that are seen in a number of addictions:

  • Insomnia or a change to a normal sleeping pattern
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Mood swings
  • Memory problems
  • Paranoia
  • Hopelessness and lethargy
  • Withdrawing from socialising and responsibility

If these signs aren’t present that doesn’t mean a person doesn’t have an addiction, and if you’re struggling with substance misuse, don’t wait for these to present themselves before seeking help. The earlier treatment is taken, the less impact your life will suffer as a result of addiction.


Types of Addictions and Treatment

As the issue of addiction grows around the world, so too does the range of addiction treatments available. At our rehab centre in Small Heath we can help you successfully overcome the following addictions:

Addiction treatments at our centres look at the physical aspects of addiction as well as the underlying causes that led to substance abuse in the first place. This can involve physical treatment services and cognitive behavioural therapy, alternative therapies, support groups, group therapy, individual therapy, and motivational therapy.

Mental health is often inseparable from addiction, and just like addiction, issues with mental health can have severe detrimental effects on the lives of those suffering. Our residential rehab centre in Small Heath can also offer treatment for anxiety and depression. Get in touch with Addiction Advocates to see how we can help.


How can I get help?

Whether you’re seeking help for yourself or someone you’re concerned about, getting help has never been more straightforward. From your first contact, we’ll help you identify the best course of action through an initial assessment and find the right treatment so you can start on the road to recovery.

Seeking help for someone else through a family or friend referral can seem intimidating. You may be concerned that you may make matters worse, or possibly break the trust in the person you’re concerned for, but seeking help is the right thing to do and our team can help to support you. We can also offer advice on family interventions and alcohol interventions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare for a stay in rehab for alcohol?
Alcohol rehab is an effective way to overcome alcohol addiction. The best way to prepare for a stay in rehab is to approach treatment with an open and engaged frame of mind because without the desire to recover, it’s unlikely treatment will be successful.
What makes a good drug and alcohol treatment centre?
A good alcohol and drug rehab centre combine friendly, professional staff, effective treatment options, and a comfortable and pleasant environment. Our rehab centre in Small Heath includes all these things to give you the best possible rehabilitation experience.
what is addiction treatment therapy?
Addiction treatment therapy is the combination of treatments used in rehabilitation facilities to help someone overcome their addiction. For substance abuse issues this most commonly begins with the detoxification process that removes a substance from the body, before using combinations of physical and psychological therapies to tackle the root cause of addiction.