Substance abuse and alcohol abuse are serious problems affecting people throughout the UK; and, sadly, Devon is by no means an exception to this fact.

Excessive drinking and prolific drug use can breed a portion of dependence upon these substances within an individual — and, in turn, that perpetuates a vicious cycle of addiction that is near impossible to break free from without professional and effective help, such as that which is offered at Addiction Advocates.

Drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction can wreak a heavy toll upon an individual, as well as the family, friends, and society which surround the individual.

When you are in the throes of a cycle of addiction, you may also begin to feel as though you are completely isolated from the rest of humanity, cut off from anyone who may be able to help you.

However, we want you to understand that you are far from alone right now, at Addiction Advocates we are committed to helping anyone who needs our aid regardless of your background or current situation.

Whether you have been struggling with drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction for a long time now or whether you are only recently coming to terms with the fact that you may have developed a drug or alcohol addiction, you should not delay in reaching out to us and starting getting the help you deserve.

Let Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol treatment rehab in Devon help you.


Never Underestimate The Impact Of Drug And/Or Alcohol Addiction

Drug addiction and alcoholism take an immeasurable toll on the human body and mind, causing terrible damage to your general health, your everyday life, and the relationships that you cherish.

Each year across the United Kingdom, countless people die from alcohol poisoning or drug overdose, and an even greater number of people suffer life-restricting and debilitating health conditions that spawn from their alcoholism or repeated drug use.

The physiological impact that addiction brings about can vary massively from person to person and depending upon the substance to which a person is addicted. However, most commonly, the side effects of addiction include such ailments as:

  • Liver disease
  • Various forms of cancer
  • Problems with the teeth and gums
  • An increased vulnerability to various infections
  • Heart diseases
  • HIV and other blood-borne diseases (such as Hepatitis C) due to sharing needles
  • Brain damage


In addition to this host of afflictions, substance abuse disorders and alcohol abuse disorders are often linked to a large array of psychological health complications.

The relationship between addiction and mental health has always been a complex one, however.

This is due tot he fact that they can feed off one another, but there is no doubt int he fact that people with substance abuse issues or alcoholism typically exhibit a much higher rate of psychological health problems such as depression, anxiety and paranoia.

The physical and psychological effect that addiction has on an individual is not all that addiction impacts, it can also be incredibly detrimental for the people around an addict.

Addiction can often cause a person to develop deceptive and self-destructive behavioural tendencies which will likely put a massive strain upon relationships, both at home and in the workplace.

Finally, addiction takes a serious toll on the society around you. Addiction and the desperation is can breed in a person, can lead to violence, crime, antisocial behaviour, and bring about huge costs to the NHS each year.

Even if you are of the belief that recreational drug use is a ‘victimless’ crime and only affects you, you may also be indirectly providing money to support such activities as child exploitation, the sexual exploitation of minors, human trafficking, and modern-day slavery.


How Rehab Will Be Able To Help You

When you reach out to us and express a desire to take advantage of the professional residential rehab services we offer, the staff here at Addiction Advocates will conduct a brief pre-admission interview.

During this interview, our staff will ascertain more about your current commitment to recovery, your current relationship with drug addiction or alcohol addiction, your budget, and your history of physical and mental health.

All of this information will help our team of addiction specialists to work out the perfect recovery plan and residential rehab for you.

Once you have arrived with us, you will then be able to experience drug or alcohol detox in the safety and comfort of our detox clinic. Our detox clinic takes the fear and worries out of the withdrawal period.

We understand that withdrawal can be very unsettling for addicts; however, the trained staff at our detox clinic will make sure that any withdrawal symptoms are managed and monitored with a course of medically-assisted detoxification.

Withdrawal side-effects should never be underestimated, so please consider detoxing with the help of our detox clinic instead of trying to go “cold turkey” at home, which can be an incredibly dangerous process without the medical assistance such as that which we offer.


Our Treatments Will Help You Forge A Long-Term Recovery

Thanks to the information gathered in our pre-admission interview, our addiction treatment specialist will be able to work out a unique treatment plan for your recovery, which takes into account your personal demons and obstacles.

This unique treatment plan will help to ensure you enjoy a long-lasting recovery — as we want to make sure that you remain clean, not just get clean.

Our various treatments which may be woven together to form your unique treatment plan include the likes of NAD+ therapy, one-to-one therapy, (CBT) cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention, art therapy, dual-diagnosis therapy, stress management, art therapy, and the use of a one-year complimentary aftercare program.

So, if you are ready to start taking recovery seriously and get professional, affordable help that will assist you in leading a successful and sober life, then call Addiction Advocates on 0800 012 6088 or Text HELP To 83222.