Do you live in the Oldham area? Are you looking for an Oldham based drug and alcohol rehab centre who can help you or a loved one to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction?

Addiction Advocates are here to help guide you through this often-overwhelming process. Addicts often suffer from a wide range of problems, such as financial issues, poor health, careers stalling or ending and often unpleasant breakdown of relationships.

If you are keen to get your life restarted, Addiction Advocates will help you to clear your own path. We offer world-class addiction treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.

We appreciate making that first call is difficult and many clients talk of embarrassment or shame at the idea of asking for help but that shouldn’t be the case – many of our staff are recovering addicts and will be sympathetic to your situation. They have the experience to guide you accurately and impartially.


Choosing the correct rehab

Whilst it is not impossible to beat an addiction at home by yourself, the success levels of this are very low. It is also unsafe given the severity of withdrawal symptoms that occur when you try and force yourself to stay off drugs or alcohol. The vast majority of people who suffer with an addiction require professional assistance.

By committing to 28-day residential rehab with Addiction Advocates, you are far more likely to get and stay sober and have a long-term recovery. We pride ourselves in treating you as an individual. The more we know about you, the more we can understand you, your addiction and what has caused you to develop an addiction in the first instance.

This is a complete contrast to the outpatient treatment that is offered by the NHS. The root cause of your addiction is often not treated correctly in this kind of treatment where you are in and out of a clinic. We will perform a comprehensive physical and psychological assessment of you which will ensure any underlying mental health conditions are accurately treated.

Our treatment programmes provide a detox and therapy, and both of these treatments are complimented by more holistic approaches.


Your time in our rehab clinic

Rehab is not an easy process, you are going to find it tough, but we will be on hand to make your experience as easy as possible. When we perform your thorough assessment, we’ll look at any diagnoses you already have, your history of substance abuse and note any attempts you’ve already had at recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

You’ll also need to undergo a period of detox. This will be the hardest part of your treatment as we remove the harmful toxins that an addiction causes from your body. As your access to drugs or alcohol is tapered away your body will react with a series of withdrawal symptoms.

Some of these are unpleasant, others can be dangerous which is why trying this by yourself and without support is not recommended. We can issue prescription medication to alleviate any discomfort you might experience, along with providing 24-hour care.

One of the biggest advantages of a residential rehab is that you’re able to stay away from bad influences. People or places are often a reason you start to take drink or drugs to excess. With a 28-day commitment to us, you will be in our treatment centre and kept away from anyone who would cause you to relapse.

A detox can last anything from three or four days to two weeks, and the length is entirely determined by the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction.


Your rehab in Oldham

When you have completed your period of detox, you will be able to begin your intensive therapy. This will be both on an individual and group basis. Your individual therapy will allow you to understand the root cause of your illness.

Why have you become addicted to drugs or alcohol? Why are you not in control of your consumption? There are many different reasons for this, but a dual diagnosis of a mental health condition alongside a drug or alcohol addiction is not uncommon. We will treat any mental health issues we may diagnose.

Many people are initially hostile to the concept of group therapy, but it is a rewarding and helpful experience. You can share your experience with other people, and learn from theirs, whilst discussing coping strategies and techniques. You can also build a group of friends to keep in touch with after you leave our care.

Your stay with us will see your body have an opportunity to heal as well as your mind. You’ll be able to eat well and take advantage of our holistic treatments. You’ll be able to take regular exercise and yoga, as well as massages. A stay in residential rehab is a real opportunity to change your lifestyle for the better.



Before you leave our care, we’ll draw up a secondary plan with you. The first year after you complete your rehab is critical. Statistically, this is the time period where most relapses occur. You will be provided with all the support you need from Addiction Advocates in this time, though you need to take responsibility for your own recovery.

Please don’t delay and call us today on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222. Every day is important when it comes to treating an addiction and the sooner you ask for our help, the sooner we can help you make a positive change. We will not judge you for your problems, and there’s no waiting list for our services, meaning that we can get started without delay.