If your life has become controlled by a substance addiction, attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Herne Bay is highly recommended.

Securing Help For An Addiction in Herne Bay

NHS rehabs, community rehabs, support groups and private drug and alcohol rehabs all offer addiction treatment to individuals from all walks of life in Herne Bay.

However, an increasing number of people continue to postpone the treatment they desperately need.

In some cases, this may be a result of the stigmas that come hand-in-hand with addictions. In other instances, treatment is shelved due to a lack of understanding regarding the treatment that is available.

Although we understand that stigmas and a lack of information regarding treatment may leave you feeling apprehensive about attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Herne Bay, we would encourage you to consider that securing help for your addiction is in your best interest.

Not only will securing help and treatment enable you to overcome your addiction, but it will provide you with the opportunity to turn your life around.

To assist you as you look to secure treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, we have created a straightforward referral service. Our referral service simply requires you to contact us and complete a pre-admissions screening.

Upon doing so, we will locate a drug and alcohol rehab in Herne Bay that can provide you with the treatment you need to combat your addiction and mitigate the overall ramifications that substance abuse has.


Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Herne Bay

As touched on above, across Herne Bay, various treatment providers can essentially help you control and defeat your drug or alcohol addiction.

However, at Addiction Advocates, we typically refer individuals in need of treatment to private drug and alcohol rehabs in Herne Bay.

While attending a private rehab will probably not have crossed your mind, we would ask you to consider that there are many benefits associated with attending a private rehab.

Not only does private rehab provide industry-leading treatment programmes that are tailored to your recovery needs, but private rehab will ensure that you have the time and space you need to recuperate from the ramifications of your addiction.


Withdrawing From Substances In A Private Rehab

Although many individuals believe that they can withdraw from drugs or alcohol independently at home, doing so is not advised.

Withdrawing from substances alone can lead to many complications. It could also see you relapse as you struggle to cope with the withdrawal symptoms you may come to experience as harmful toxins administered during your addiction evacuate your body and brain.

However, when detoxification is administered at a drug and alcohol rehab in Herne Bay, withdrawing from substances is entirely safe. This is because treatment is available for withdrawal symptoms. Medical assistance is also available to ensure that you successfully complete a detoxification process.

Furthermore, withdrawing from substances in a private drug and alcohol rehab in Herne Bay will significantly reduce your risk of relapse.


Therapy Will Help You Understand Your Addiction

Although withdrawing from substances in a private rehab will essentially help you become less reliant on drugs and alcohol, therapy plays a vital role in your recovery.

As you undergo one-to-one and group therapy, you will have the ability to understand your addiction in greater detail. You will be encouraged to decipher what has caused your addiction to arise, and you will have the opportunity to conclude how you can mitigate your risk of relapse going forward.

For many individuals that attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Herne Bay, therapy is life-changing. In addition to helping you understand what has caused your addiction to come to light, you will have the space you need to reflect on your addiction and determine whether you need to make changes to your life at home.

The therapy you are offered during your time in rehab will depend on the psychological ramifications your addiction and substance abuse has had on your mental well-being. However, it is not uncommon for psychological therapy, talking therapy, well-being therapy and art therapy to be incorporated into treatment programmes.


Aftercare Support and Relapse Prevention

Contrary to popular belief, as you complete your time in a drug and alcohol rehab in Herne Bay, you will not be left to continue to recover from your addiction alone.

Understanding that aftercare support and relapse prevention is essential if an individual is to make a long-term recovery, all of the rehabs that we can refer you to will continue to support you post-rehab.

Aftercare support will see you attend regular group and one-to-one therapy sessions at the drug and alcohol rehab in Herne Bay that you attend for treatment. Even if you do not believe that you need to attend these sessions, you will be encouraged to do so. Sadly, failure to take advantage of aftercare support will put you at risk of encountering a relapse.

In addition to aftercare support, as your time in rehab comes to an end, recovery specialists will ensure that you have a suitable relapse prevention plan in place.

Your relapse prevention plan will outline the coping strategies created during your time in rehab. Furthermore, your relapse prevention plan will detail the support that you can take advantage of should you believe that you are at risk of relapsing.


Contact Addiction Advocates Today

At Addiction Advocates, we appreciate that seeking treatment for an addiction is often easier said than done.

Yet, with our help, we are confident that you will be able to embark on a treatment programme and turn your life around.

If you are ready to commit to a lifetime of sobriety and feel prepared to put your struggles with substances behind you once and for all, please contact us.

Our admissions team is on hand to take your call and ensure that you have the support and guidance you need at this time.