Are you unsure what a drug and alcohol rehab admission entails? The word admission is thrown around a lot, ultimately defining your welcome into rehab. Yet, there are significant steps which must be completed before you begin your personal rehab programme.

At Addiction Advocates, we encourage our clients to understand the steps of a rehab admission. It is very important to realise the processes you must advance through, in order to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Northamptonshire. In tandem, it’s necessary to appreciate the importance of each step, helping to justify its depth and length.

While an admission may feel long-winded, it is in fact mandatory, helping you experience a shorter, more effective rehab encounter. Luckily, our processes are efficient, helping you soon begin your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey. However please be reassured that we are thorough and follow specialist processes while arranging your rehab admission.

Experience an easier rehab admission, a worthwhile rehab admission, a positive rehab admission, marking the beginning of your long-term recovery journey, with our support.


Experience an Efficient Admission into a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Northamptonshire

To familiarise yourself with your impending admission into rehab, below are the steps you will need to progress through, in order to begin. Please keep this in mind while considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as your admission is very important, directing the start of your experience at rehab.

  • Initial enquiry and acknowledgement

The first step of admission will fall on your responsibility to reach out. This can be completed through a self-referral, or even a family referral service. On your enquiry, it’s also important that you learn to acknowledge your problem with drugs or alcohol. Understanding why you are reaching out, along with setting your intentions to rehabilitate is vital, helping to experience an easier transition into drug and alcohol rehab.

  • Pre-admission assessment

Next up, we will complete a pre-admission assessment. The aim of this assessment is to ensure that you are ready and fit for rehab. We will assess factors such as your physical and psychological health, along with your current relationship with drugs and alcohol.

Through this step, we will be equipped to understand your needs via a drug and alcohol rehab in Northamptonshire, guiding our recommendations,

  • Finding a drug and alcohol rehab

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements via rehab, we can begin our search and selection process. Working with you, we can narrow down drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Northamptonshire, of which carry suitability.

  • Arranging your admission date

Post-selection, once you’re happy with the approach and environment offered through drug and alcohol rehab, we can push ahead, arranging your admission date. This will be mutually convenient, with the aim to avoid any delays.

Delays will be avoided in order to act on your readiness. Yet, please keep in mind that timeframes will vary depending on the rehab clinic you select.

  • Medical assessment

Once your admission date arrives, you will need to complete one final medical assessment. This will assess your readiness and ability to partake in rehab. This is a mandatory step to ensure that you can experience drug and alcohol rehabilitation, safely and effectively.

  • Addiction treatment recommendations

Your medical assessment will also have another purpose. It will act as data to form your own rehab programme, boasting a range of addiction treatment options. Here a range of physical and psychological addiction treatment options will be recommended on a personal basis.

Some commonly recommended treatment services include CBT, a drug and alcohol detox, art therapy, relapse prevention and stress management. The key aim is to promote physical and psychological drug and alcohol withdrawal and realignment. This will be your goal throughout the commencement and continuity of addiction treatment sessions.


The value of professional rehab referrals

Reasonably, you may feel like the above process is lengthy. However, it is in fact thorough, ensuring that you experience the drug and alcohol rehabilitation encounter you deserve. Please be reassured that you’ll progress quickly, soon reaching your rehab admission date, experiencing the true benefits of a professional rehab referral.

The greatest valuable asset of using our services is that you will feel at ease and reassured that you’ll be completing the most suited rehab programme for your needs. Completing this step alone can be overwhelming. Yet through our medical assessments, we can secure suitable drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

In addition, you’ll have knowledge that you are visiting a reputable rehab clinic. At Addiction Advocates, we work with a range of affiliated rehab clinics. All are reputable, all are medically driven, all are specialists in addiction recovery. Through this, you’ll have confidence in your impending rehab experience, along with trusting addiction treatment recommendations.

Lastly, you will be supported throughout your rehab admission process. For those who complete this process alone, it can be overwhelming. Its length can feel even longer, with significant decisions to make over visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Northamptonshire. Through our services, your experience will be eased, ensuring that support is available as and when required.

By running through the above steps, we hope that your awareness and expectations around your drug and alcohol rehab admission have increased. The aim is for you to feel comfortable while you benefit from the life-changing experience of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This can be experienced through our services, offering a personal admission.

Begin the process today by reaching out to our compassionate, caring team. Please ensure that you have the intentions to commit to rehab, along with an understanding of your impending rehabilitation steps. Readiness is also recommended on physical and psychological levels, helping to advance your admission process.

By reaching this point of readiness, we will soon have a drug and alcohol rehab in Northamptonshire, in mind, ready to set your admission date. If you are however struggling to acknowledge your drug and alcohol addiction, we can assist you, helping you overcome denial and fears linked to rehab.