If you’re based in Islington, unsure whether drug and alcohol rehab is right for you, at Addiction Advocates, we are here to offer our professional guidance.

Over the years, many misconceptions have developed around rehab. In tandem with this, stigmatisation has built up around reaching out for support. Down to both of these factors, more and more people are overlooking the lifeline of drug and alcohol rehab. When in fact, this step will be their only way out from addiction.

Down to this, we hope to increase awareness of rehab and its benefits, ensuring that our clients have the opportunity to experience addiction recovery. Unfortunately, many individuals will continue to suffer through the turmoil of addiction. Yet, by visiting our website, you’ll have this moment to see the value of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Islington, through our services.

Whether you’re set on rehab after considering the below, or require further information, reach out today. We are purely here to support you through the tests of addiction, ensuring that you have full capabilities to change your life around through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Who is drug and alcohol rehab designed for?

Drug and alcohol rehab is designed for those who are struggling through negative and toxic associations. Whether that’s someone who experiences symptoms of substance abuse, where physical side effects stand out, or someone who suffers from addiction, in tandem with mental health issues, there is a depth of rehab available.

Rehab is in place to offer hope, to offer true opportunities to overcome embedded habits, linked to drug and alcohol abuse. No matter how severe that habit may be, no matter the causation, no matter the background of a user, rehab is here as a lifeline.

Many individuals believe that rehab is pointless, where lone detoxification can work just as good. Others believe that hitting rock bottom must be the case to access professional addiction treatment. Both misconceptions are incorrect, tarnishing the value of rehab and the opportunities many have to recover.

Rehab is the only process which will promote safe, sustainable and successful drug and alcohol withdrawal. A half-hearted rehab programme will not achieve this, nor will be going cold turkey from home. Yet, via a suitable, reputable drug and alcohol rehab in Islington, physical and psychological changes, weaknesses and behaviours can be reverted.

If you’re ready to commit to rehab, drug and alcohol rehab is designed for you.


Addiction treatment via rehab

One of the key benefits of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation is the access clients will have to leading addiction treatment options. Yet our affiliated rehab clinics do not stop there. They merge those leading addiction treatment options into personal rehab programmes, measuring as safe and productive.

Common drug and alcohol treatment services, utilised to treat addiction include:

  • Drug and alcohol detoxification: Here’s where physical withdrawal is aimed for, helping to remove existing traces from the body. This is mandatory to prepare the body for sober living.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: Working on psychological recovery, CBT is utilised to work through underlying causations and triggers. Outlooks on substance abuse will be adapted, along with using drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy.
  • Stress management: Stress is one of the key contributing factors known to fuel addiction. In order to reduce relapse risks, stress management will be offered, helping clients invest their energy into positive coping strategies.
  • Art therapy: Some clients will struggle to open up about their addiction. Art therapy is a holistic addiction treatment, ensuring that a non-discriminatory approach is available to therapy.
  • Therapy sessions: Talking is one of the greatest healers. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Islington, clients will have their own counsellor to experience individual, family and group therapy sessions.
  • Relapse prevention: The aim, via rehab, is to reach sobriety. Yet, the overarching aim is to sustain sobriety. This is possible by activating a string relapse prevention plan.
  • Support groups: Accountability through rehab and back in Islington will be present by experiencing support groups. This alongside mutual support can help to increase motivation to remain sober.
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment: For those suffering from mental health issues, a standalone treatment programme will be available to improve recovery rates.

While the exact mix, shared above may not be recommended to you, you will have a strong combination of physical and psychological addiction treatments, in place to promote withdrawal, repair and long-term recovery.


Selecting the right drug and alcohol rehab in Islington

You can experience the above addiction treatments by selecting the right drug and alcohol rehab in Islington. We can help you with this process by understanding your needs via rehab, soon turning into recommendations.

Assessments will gauge your needs, from the type of addiction treatment you require to the optimal delivery of rehab. This personal information will then be used to highlight the most fitting rehab programme and rehabilitation centre, helping you experience the value of rehab. In tandem, residential or outpatient addiction treatment will be recommended, ensuring you are safe and able to recover within your environments.

Through our services, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re experiencing the right rehab programme for you.


Average recovery expectations

Recovery rates can significantly fluctuate, all depending on the person, on acceptance of addiction treatment, on selected rehab clinics, and on life after rehab.

The average individual, who commits to drug and alcohol rehab and post-rehab life can achieve initial recovery, soon advancing towards long-term recovery. However, to reach this status, they will have experienced a fitting rehab programme, advance through all recommendations, and made vast lifestyle changes post-rehab.

If you’re happy to commit to this level, you can change your life through visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Islington; highly recommended here at Addiction Advocates. Without investing this level of commitment, there are high risks of ongoing substance abuse, either immediately or in the near future.

Curb all possibilities by experiencing the true purpose of drug and alcohol rehab. We can help you experience this through our group of affiliated rehab clinics and personal rehab referrals.