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Nova recovery is a specialist Private Hospital for mental health and addiction treatments in Scotland. Registered with Health Improvement Scotland (NHS Registered Body), we have a wide range of treatments available to help you with various mental health conditions and addictions such as Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, stress, anxiety and depression. During your stay at Nova Recovery, you can expect a friendly, warm and homely environment with access to around the clock care from highly skilled professionals in mental health and addiction recovery.

Nova Recovery is a private Hospital in Largs, North Ayshire specialising in the treatment of mental health and addiction.

Where can I find Nova Recovery
Address: 10-12 Scott St, , North Ayrshire, Scotland, KA30 9NU

Just some reasons to consider us...

  • Inspiring relaxing healing environment
  • State-of-the-art equipment and training
  • 1 year free aftercare once you leave
  • Health Improvement Scotland registered

Nova Recovery Reviews

Fantastic services. Staff are fab.

Emma O’Neill- Previous Client from Nova Recovery

Nova has literally SAVED my life. The staff are insanely friendly and helpful. I learned so much about addiction and about myself, thats gave me the tools to handle my problems on the outside world. They made me believe in my self and taught me how to put my self FIRST. I have battled cocaine addiction for over 6 years, and i wish i found this place sooner. I felt a family member and loved by all in Nova lodge. I HIGHLY recommend Nova for anyone who struggles with addiction. You will NOT be disappointed The settings around this place is perfect for recovery, with a beach, hills, and things to make you find clarity. I highly recommend this miracle place. Thank you

Bryn Cragg- Previous Client from Nova Recovery

Nova recovery saved my life. I came in here very, very unwell and they have done everything to make sure I had a comfortable stay, they attended to all my needs and there was no issue at all with any staff – they were so welcoming! The food is great too, BIG LOVE.

Oliver Ewer- Previous Client from Nova Recovery

I stayed at Nova for 28 days and the experience was fantastic. After staying in 2 other institutions this was by far worth the money and they helped me come off cocaine and weed. Aswell as stopping me pacing. Staff are fantastic, foods incredible and the building inside is really modern and furnished well. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you Nova!

Maya Haworth- Previous Client from Nova Recovery

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It has been well documented that Scotland has an issue with substance abuse, with the average Scottish adult drinking a third more than the NHS guidelines of 14 units a week. As a result of this fact, Nova Recovery finds it particularly important to have a variety of treatments and therapies available to their patients. All treatment plans are personalised so every patient will experience the proper care for them.  

Nova Recovery specialises in dual-diagnosis, so every element of your addiction and mental health issue can be treated effectively. During your treatment, patients will have access to relapse prevention planning and one year of free aftercare to maintain sobriety to achieve long-term recovery. 

Every element of the private hospital is overseen by Clinical Nurse Practitioners and Registered Mental Health Nurses and is closely monitored by Health Improvement Scotland, an NHS Registered Body. 

Treating a multitude of mental health issues

As well as rehabilitation for substances such as alcohol, cocaine, cannabis and prescription drugs, Nova Recovery offer treatments for a whole host of mental health issues that you may be struggling from. The anxiety-based issues that they treat include Agoraphobia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Health Anxiety, Perinatal Anxiety, Panic disorder, separation anxiety, social anxiety disorder and social phobia treatment. They also offer treatments for PTSD, Stress, OCD and depression listed below:#


  • Acute Stress
  • Episodic Acute Stress
  • Chronic Stress
  • Psychosocial Stress


  • Delayed-Onset PTSD
  • Birth Trauma Treatment
  • Trauma
  • Comorbid PTSD

Depression Treatment

  • Clinical Depression Treatment
  • Depressive Episode
  • Prenatal/postnatal depression
  • Reactive Depression
  • Recurrent Depressive Disorder
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

Where can I find Nova Recovery?

Nova Recovery

Frequently Asked About This Centre

How is Health Improvement Scotland Different From The CQC?
The CQC works with the government to maintain, regulate and inspect social care facilities. And HIS is a government department that also maintains, regulates and inspects social care facilities in Scotland. But as they work closely with the NHS, they have the authority to grant Nova Recovery Private hospital status.
What treatments and therapies are available at Nova Recovery
There is a variety of treatments and therapies available. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one particular type of therapy Nova Recovery advocates.

CBT is a mindfulness-based treatment and is widely recognised to help those suffering from mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress and alcohol, drug, and behavioural addictions.

Other individual therapies are also available, along with group therapies, relaxation therapies and relapse prevention planning.
What Are The Facilities Like At Nova Recovery?
Although Nova Recovery is a Private Hospital is does not feel like a hospital. Located on the beautiful coast of Scotland, patients have access to country walks overlooking the beach.

The entire building has a homely feel with a laundry service for all towels and bedlinen and on-site laundry for all personal washing. The majority of the building has disabled access, and you will be asked about accessibility needs before you arrive, and all needs will be accommodated.

All food is freshly prepared and locally sourced, with all dietary requirements discussed before arrival.
How Do I Start My Recovery With Nova Recovery?
There are several ways to begin your recovery with Nova Recovery. You can either contact us, and we will start the admission process, contact us through our website, call us on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222.

Alternatively, you can contact them directly through their website or calling them on 01475 303998.