Addictions are something that can have a massive impact on your life. It’s important to consider the long term cost of abusing alcohol and drugs. Not only are addictions expensive in terms of the money expenditure, they can often damage a lot of areas of your life. This can include damage to your career, your relationships, and your physical and mental health.

Addictions can also affect your loved ones as well as affecting you. This is especially true if you have young people in your family who won’t necessarily understand what is going on or why you are behaving in the way that you are. This is why it is very important to seek treatment for your addiction as soon as you notice that an addiction is present. This can help you prevent the problem from becoming much worse.

If you want to find out more about rehab or addiction treatments, get in touch with us today. We are here to help and will happily answer any questions you may have. We will also provide you with free, confidential advice whenever needed. So don’t delay, get in touch with us today. It might just be the most important phone call you ever make.

What Is a Residential Rehab Centre?

Many addicts in the Harpenden area opt for attending a residential rehab treatment centre. This is a place where you are constantly surrounded and supported by medical professionals, counsellors, therapists, and fellow clients.

When you are in a residential rehab setting, you can’t escape the intense focus that you have on your recovery and getting sober. Everything you do in your treatment programme will be focussed on encouraging you leave your old lifestyle of addiction in the past. This makes it much easier for you to recover than if you were to try to recover at home.

For many addicts, inpatient rehab marks the beginning of a fresh start in life. You may enter the alcohol and drug rehab centre feeling confused, concerned, and misguided. However, you will leave the rehab centre with the skills and knowledge needed to remain sober in the long term.

Residential drug and alcohol rehab won’t simply cure you of your addiction to alcohol and drugs. There is no magic cure for addictions. However, you will learn how to handle your addiction beneficially, how to remain sober in the long term, and how to avoid relapsing. You will also improve your physical and mental health by detoxing from the substance that you were once addicted to during a drug or alcohol detox.

Rehab centres offer a range of different treatments. With this in mind, it’s important to consider which treatments you think will work best for you. We can help you with this as we can discuss your circumstances with you and determine the best course of action. All rehab treatment plans are bespoke and designed to suit your specific needs, giving you the best possible chances of remaining sober for life.

Can Anyone Become An Addict?

There are some factors that can increase a person likelihood of becoming an addict. These include the following:

  • Genetics
  • Your mental health
  • Grief
  • A family history of addiction
  • Certain health conditions

However, there is no particular type of person that will become an addict. Addictions can happen to anyone at any time.

Addiction is a disease that does not fit into a particular category of people. With this in mind, you will find that people from all walks of life may be addicted to alcohol and drugs.

The Impact of Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Addictions can have a huge impact on your life. They can affect your life in so many ways and can also affect the lives of your loved ones. You may experience problems with your health, your career, your relationships, and you may come into trouble with the law. Addictions are very costly, so you may also experience financial difficulties along the way.

Addictions can affect your loved ones in many ways too. You may find that your relationships start to break down and you may lose some people in favour of the addiction. Rehab can help you with rebuilding these broken relationships so that you can move forward with a system of support during your ongoing recovery.

Addictions are extremely harmful for your physical and mental health. The longer you stay in your addiction, the worse these problems will become. Thankfully, rehab can help you to improve your physical and mental health in many ways so that you can go on to live the happy and healthy lifestyle that you deserve.

What Happens If I don’t Want Professional Help?

Addiction recovery is a choice that only you can make. However, if you are struggling with realising the benefits of recovery, it’s important to remember that through avoiding recovery, you are pursuing the addiction. If you choose to continue with your addiction without getting the professional help that you need, the addiction will only get worse and worse over time.

The longer you neglect your addiction problems, the more difficult it will be for you to recover. Addictions are a progressive disease that only get worse over time, so it’s important to seek help as soon as possible as you will only continue to harm yourself more and more over time.

Recovery isn’t always easy. However, there are so many hopeful and positive success stories that prove how good addiction recovery really can be. We are not here to force you into recovery. The choice of recovery needs to be something that you choose for yourself. Recovery requires commitment and motivation and you will be unlikely to be able to succeed in your recovery if you are not fully committed to it.

If you do feel like you might be ready for rehab or if you are considering your treatment options, give us a call today on 0800 012 6088. We will never force you into treatment. However, it might be good to have a chat with us so that you can see the benefits of going to rehab.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin my path to recovery?
Quite simply, you begin your path to recovery by actually picking up the phone and making contact with us. Once you contact us and express an interest in recovering, then our staff can get you set up with the perfect treatment plan in a rehabilitation centre which is best suited for you. However, if you don’t reach out to us then we cannot start helping you.
What Are The Benefits Of Residential Rehab?
Residential rehab boasts one of the most successful recovery rates for addicts in the United Kingdom. This is because residential rehab allows you to break from your daily routine and reassess your life from a neutral location. Being able to look back upon your daily life from an outside perspective with a professional therapist will mean you can identify which aspects of your life need changing much easier. Furthermore, at a residential rehab you will not have access to drugs or alcohol which means that your chances of relapsing are slim to none.
What happens after Rehab?
Rehab aims to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to move forward into a more positive life free of drugs and alcohol. The journey can still be challenging, however, and cravings and after-effects can remain. A good aftercare plan can help keep you on the right path forward by providing help and support when you need it.