You’ll know all to well just how debilitating and exhausting living with an addiction can be.

It impacts almost every aspect of your life in a negative way, completely turning your life upside down.

Perhaps the most noticeable impact is the change in your physical and psychological and well-being, this will then have a knock-on effect by damaging your relationships with family and friends, causing a bad atmosphere in work, and devastating your finances.

Take back control and put an end to this awful condition once and for all. Call us today on 0800 012 6088, text HELP to 83222 or email us at to start your journey to long-term recovery.

Here in the UK, we must do more to openly discuss the issues of drug and alcohol addiction and to remove the stigma which still surrounds it. This stigma is what causes people to feel embarrassed about opening up and seeking help, when in actual fact, admitting that you need professional help is one of the most courageous things you can do.

Here at our rehab in Exmouth, we’ll reward your bravery with our dedication and motivation in helping you achieve your long-term recovery from addiction.


How do you know when you’re ready for Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Once you’ve made the difficult decision to open up and ask for help, you can start the process of moving on from your addiction and creating a future which you can look forward to. Whether you’ve been suffering from the effects of drug or alcohol addiction for some time now or your addiction is fairly new, it doesn’t matter; we can still help you to overcome it once and for all.

If you’re still unsure whether or not you need to visit a rehabilitation centre or maybe you’re concerned about a friend or family member needing support, there are some common signs to look for which indicate that you need urgent addiction treatment.

  • Are you always craving alcohol or drugs?
  • Are you always thinking about your next ‘fix’?
  • Are you consuming alcohol or drugs at inappropriate times or regularly during the day?
  • Have you noticed an increase in your consumption to get the desired effect/high?
  • Has your addiction caused any strains in your relationships with family or friends?
  • Have you ever missed out on an important event due to your addiction?
  • Do you suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you’re not using the substance?
  • Do you feel as though you’ve lost control over your alcohol or drug abuse?
  • Are you hiding your addiction from your loved ones?
  • Do you suffer from physical or psychological health problems as a result of your addiction?

If any of the above questions resonate with you, we urge you to seek out professional support immediately. Other symptoms of a drug or alcohol addiction could include dizziness, nausea, skin sores, irregular weight loss or gain, redness of the face, the sweats, depression, anxiety, or insomnia.

Don’t live with these horrible effects any longer. Invest in your future and take the time now to remove alcohol or drugs from your life for good.


What is our Rehab in Exmouth like?

For some reason, many people have misconceptions about what joining a rehabilitation centre is really like. Some believe that drug and alcohol rehab only cater for the rich and famous, whilst others are worried that it’s a cold, clinical environment which is more like a hospital.

Our rehabilitation centre couldn’t be further from these misconceptions. We work hard to maintain a calm and welcoming atmosphere at our rehab in Exmouth. We want all of our clients to feel comfortable and motivated when undergoing their drug and alcohol treatment.

We’re very proud to offer such luxurious accommodation at our rehab in Exmouth, it’s certainly more like a hotel then a hospital. Our clients will benefit from their own private room with all their housekeeping and laundry needs taken care of by our dedicated team.

We always ensure that you receive daily nutritious meals to aid your recovery from addiction. The focus and care we put into each of our client’s rehabilitation is what makes us stand out from the rest, and what makes our success rate so great.


How do you join our Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Once you’ve taken that brave step in acknowledging that you need professional support, a member of our admissions team will take you through the various drug and alcohol services we have on offer.

We’ll then ask you to attend a pre-screening assessment where we can get to know each other better and understand the severity of your addiction in more detail. This process allows us to design the most effective drug and alcohol treatment programme for you.

On arrival at our rehabilitation centre, one of our recovery workers will take you through your induction process to ensure you’re settled in before visiting our detox clinic. This drug or alcohol detox is the best way to cleanse your body of the harmful toxins put there as a result of substance abuse.

You may experience withdrawals symptoms as your consumption of alcohol or drugs is gradually reduced. When managed correctly, a drug or alcohol detox is a highly effective way to remove your dependency on drugs or alcohol, however, when managed incorrectly, you’d be putting yourself at great risk of causing some serious damage.


What is our Drug and Alcohol Aftercare like?

Aftercare is just as crucial as your residential drug and alcohol rehab treatment. This is why we offer all of our clients a free aftercare programme for the first 12 months after leaving our rehab in Exmouth. This an integral aspect of your recovery journey, as our dedicated aftercare team will help you to maintain your motivation to achieve your long-term recovery.

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