If you live in St Helens and are wondering where you can get help for drug and alcohol rehab, we are here to help at Addiction Advocates.

Whether you’re worried about a loved one or unsure whether rehab will benefit you, our team can help.

Whatever your situation may be, here at Addiction Advocates, we can offer guidance, we can offer professional insights and referrals to rehab.

Here at Addiction Advocates, St Helens, we can refer you to rehab centres that provide thoughtful and personalised treatment options to help you on your journey to long-term recovery from addiction.

Are you looking for an inpatient rehab clinic near you with a welcoming and homely atmosphere? With a wide range of drug and alcohol treatment options at our rehab in St Helens, we work in partnership with you to provide crucial physical and psychological support during this challenging time in your life.

The first steps to addiction recovery can be frustrating, especially when you’re faced with long waiting times for free NHS outpatient services which are greatly overwhelming. Whilst this may be a suitable option for those with mild addictions, we see a much higher success rate with individuals admitted immediately into an inpatient rehab centre; our private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres can do this for you.

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What are the benefits of Addiction Advocates?

Perhaps you’ve tried other methods of addiction treatment that just haven’t worked for you. With a comprehensive treatment programme to suit your wants and needs, our team of medical professionals are on hand to get you on the right track to recovery from substance abuse.

Some of the main benefits of private rehab include:

  • Personalised treatment programmes
  • Medical assistance during the detox process
  • Comfortable facilities to recover in
  • Space away from triggering environments in St Helens
  • Nutritional meals cooked by an onsite chef
  • Addiction treatment and therapies
  • One year of free aftercare services
  • Support from peers and medical professionals

We understand the process of recovery involves helping both your physical and psychological health, therefore we offer an intensive treatment programme for both your body and mind at our partner rehab facilities.

To achieve long-term recovery from drugs or alcohol, we also provide you with the necessary tools to cope with daily life outside of our rehab centre in St Helens once you have completed your treatment programme.

Assisted Detox and Withdrawal Symptoms

What happens when you arrive at our drug and alcohol treatment centre in St Helens or nearby? Initially, we conduct a full assessment so that we can tailor a treatment programme which benefits you.

Usually, the first phase to overcoming addiction is to participate in our detox clinic. While this treatment can present withdrawal symptoms, the process is fully supervised by our team of medical professionals who can offer prescription medication if necessary.

This is just one of the great benefits of staying at our clinic as opposed to detoxing at home, as our specialist recovery team is always there to help you with anything you need.

Whilst staying at one of our leading treatment centres, you’re away from distractions and any negative influences which may tempt you into participating in drugs or alcohol. You’re less likely to experience a relapse whilst undergoing treatment at a centre that isn’t in your local area.

Most of all, completing an alcohol or drug detox is safest completed in inpatient rehab. To learn more about detoxification or what to expect, phone on 0800 012 6088.

What Can You Expect in a Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

Of course, we anticipate that you may have no idea what to expect during a stay at a drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre, that being said, here is what you can expect from a private addiction treatment centre referred by Addiction Advocates.

A Homely Environment

With a choice of private and en-suite rooms, we refer you to rehabs that take pride in offering you all the little home comforts you’ll need during your stay.

We can find you the exact drug rehab that you want and need, with the teams in said rehabs taking care of everything from your meals to your laundry, leaving you with the sole focus of achieving your long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Social Pastimes

It is important that you are comfortable, so our partnering rehabs have useful pastimes available to help relieve any stresses which come with rehabilitation.

Support Groups & Counselling

Surrounded by like-minded people, therapy and support groups are introduced to you from day one in drug and alcohol rehab.

This is because being involved in a detox clinic can present unpleasant, and you are likely going to suffer withdrawal symptoms and require a helping hand in residential rehab.

Medical Detox

It is so important to be in a recovery-focused environment since you should undergo drug or alcohol detox in the safe hands of medical professionals.

Why Seek Help from our Partner Rehabs in St. Helens?

By getting help from Addiction Advocates, we can refer you to alcohol treatment centres in St Helens that offer a range of holistic therapies.

You aren’t forced to go through this alone and you can instead take advantage of a comprehensive addiction treatment programme that focuses on recovery for the long run.

A drug and alcohol treatment centre is exactly what you need to get back on your feet and combat substance abuse head-on.

Sadly, factors like withdrawal symptoms and the urge to relapse into drug or alcohol addiction are heavy burdens so seeking help from residential rehab is the best way forward. This is why seeking professional treatment options is so beneficial to your recovery journey.

Which Therapies Are Available at Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres?

We understand that not one treatment option will suit everyone, therefore we provide a wide range of mental health treatment options and one-to-one sessions to increase the chance of success. Our treatment plan involves intensive therapies during your stay at our residential rehab.

We help you to identify the triggers linked to your desire to consume drugs or alcohol, which in turn helps you to overcome addiction and physical dependence on alcohol or drugs.

A critical part of the rehabilitation process is group therapy involving our inpatients at the treatment centre. This is regarded to be very useful as you have the opportunity to hear other people’s struggles which might not be too dissimilar to your own.

Another specialist treatment we can refer to you at Addiction Advocates is family therapy which can really help to heal the most important relationships with family members in your life.

One of the most common misconceptions of rehab is that it’s all about talking therapies. Cognitive behavioural therapy is commonly used as part of rehab treatments and is widely thought to be a leading therapy for addiction recovery.

We also offer holistic therapies such as aromatherapy and massage to help you leave our treatment centre feeling healthy and rejuvenated. In addition to your daily healthy meals, we also provide fitness sessions and so much more to help you on your journey to recovery.

Upon completing your treatment programme, which is typically 28 days, we can also refer you to free aftercare. This will help you through the first year after rehab which can be the most crucial time to remain focused on your recovery goals and mental health.

We also have a network of great local organisations which we’re happy to recommend such as Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous who offer fantastic support for those on their recovery journey.

For further information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab St Helens, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222.

What does Recovery Look Like in our Partner Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres?

If you choose a drug and alcohol rehab facility through Addiction Advocates, aside from the beneficial services mentioned above, there is a clear focus on not just going through an addiction recovery journey, but relapse prevention and mental health issues.

Due to the fact that the addiction specialists that will be looking after you are able to contribute to a dual diagnosis, and addiction treatments (medical and psychological), among other intensive treatments as a part of your inpatient programmes and outpatient programmes.

Our private rehab centres also offer one year of free aftercare services to help you maintain recovery in St Helens and enjoy the benefits that are provided by a support group. We also recommend that you seek local outpatient programmes in the St Helens area, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings which take place across Liverpool.

Relapse Prevention is a huge part of the success or failure of an alcohol and drug rehab programme, which is why our treatment plans factor this into treatment programmes for drug and alcohol addictions.

For further information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab St Helens, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222.