Private rehab is one of the most sought-after services through addiction recovery. Whilst on paper it may come across as expensive or unattainable, services are now fully flexible, catering to budgets, personal needs, and circumstances.

Offering professional and medical care, evidence-based treatment services, private treatment facilities, free aftercare, and private rehab programmes are designed to motivate sobriety.

Available to experience through inpatient and outpatient treatment plans, our team at Addiction Advocates can help you arrange high-quality care through private rehab.

Contact us to find a private drug and alcohol rehab in Larkhill fully attainable and possible to deliver your expectations. Working alongside a network of rehab clinics, different drug and alcohol addictions can be treated here.

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What to expect of private rehab?

Although private rehab is a professional and clinical service, it’s also a compassionate, warm, and comfortable process to work through. It’s designed to improve quality of life by removing drugs, alcohol, and exposure on physical and psychological levels.

Offering one-to-one care, complete exclusivity through an intimate facility, and a wide range of resources to make use of. Although it is private, it’s an inclusive offering, meaning that it can help people from all walks of life. Programmes, services, and approaches are all accommodating, designed to treat various addiction types and severities.

Private rehab is expected to help clients through various recovery steps. Not only does it provide the platform to treat addiction, but it also offers the tools and support to maintain a sober life.

Due to its high-quality, specialist input and reliability, private rehab is a strong recommendation at Addiction Advocates. We can access a drug and alcohol rehab in Larkhill of a private nature through our network.


Private treatment plans

Treatment plans are adaptable through private rehab. The contents and length of your treatment plan will depend on your response to treatment, the severity of your addiction, and your availability and budget. Plans will be available to begin post-admission, offering immediate treatment.

Two structures help to form private treatment plans. The first is outpatient treatment; you can visit a rehab clinic for pre-arranged sessions. Treatment services can be completed from rehab, followed by outpatient support and guidance. Boasting the benefits of flexibility and sustainability, a rehab programme can be completed in several months, usually taking around six months to benefit from.

The second option is inpatient treatment, also known as residential rehab, which is a more significant commitment. You’ll check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Larkhill to complete addiction treatment, and a 28-day structure will be arranged to provide consistent access to treatments and therapies. By residing in a rehab centre, you’ll have the benefits of 24/7 support, peer support and ideal recovery settings.

Treatment across both options are effective and can help you unlearn the habit of drug and alcohol abuse. Yet results will be experienced at different paces, essential to remember through your decision.

We can help you narrow down your favoured treatment option on your admission into rehab. It’s essential to prioritise your needs and the feasibility of rehab through this step.


Range of addiction treatment options

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Larkhill, you will have access to leading, evidence-based treatment services through our network. Some treatment options will be necessary, proven to treat addiction, and others will be recommended individually to form a holistic treatment plan.

Necessary treatment options include a drug and alcohol detox, withdrawing the body from consumption, therapy sessions to work through addictive behaviours and responses, and relapse prevention planning to reduce future consumption risks.

Alongside necessary services, stress management, mental health treatment, mindfulness, sleep management and self-help sessions will be recommended.


What to expect after rehab?

Life after rehab will be the true test linked to rehabilitation. You can expect to feel a mixture of emotions as you embark on a sober journey.

You should expect some obstacles, setbacks, and cravings, as you are only human. It would help if you also looked towards some intense days, positive and sober encounters, and milestones.

To help the positives outweigh the negatives, you’ll have access to ongoing support in the form of aftercare. Aftercare services will be offered to ease the tests of recovery. You’ll benefit from peer support through support groups, professional help through therapy and a structure of check-ins to rely on.

By attending aftercare, leading a balanced lifestyle, and working on your relapse prevention plans, you can expect to pass the tests.

Private rehab is highly effective, here to help you beat your addiction. Reach out here at Addiction Advocates to arrange your rehabilitation journey. With options in place, you can select to visit or reside in a drug and alcohol rehab in Larkhill, offering high, professional standards.

Contact our team for more information on what to expect as you approach private rehab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring anything with me to rehab?
To make sure that your rehab stay is comfortable, it is encouraged that you pack some personal items. Hygiene products, prescriptions, comfortable clothing, and personable items from home will be recommended. Anything that will trigger your habits will be discouraged, such as drugs or alcohol.

Full guidance will be provided to help you prepare for residential rehab.
What happens during the admissions process?
Admission is an important process that helps to plan your rehab programme. You’ll complete a number of assessments whilst having the chance to share your needs/ask any questions. The process will combine your personal information and circumstances to form and arrange your drug and alcohol rehab admission.
How long does rehab last?
Rehab can last between 28 days and a number of months. It depends on your selected rehab clinic and programme, along with your personal needs. If you have limited availability, inpatient rehab will be encouraged. If you’re looking for flexibility, outpatient rehab will be advised.

The length and contents of your rehab programme will be influenced by your addiction type, selection and needs.