Here at Addiction Advocates, we have vast experience in addiction recovery and have access to over 170 rehab clinics nationwide. We cover the entire spectrum of addiction, from drug and alcohol to behavioural addictions.

Find the right Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Nottingham

We are here to make finding the right rehab simple, quick and stress-free. First of all, we take into account your personal requirements such as your budget and preferences for a residential or outpatient setting.

You can look to receive treatment in Nottingham as an outpatient or an inpatient.


Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Nottingham

Outpatient treatment is where you attend regular appointments at a clinic, either weekly or monthly, depending on your individual requirements.

Your GP in Nottingham can help set this up for you or there are local community centres such as Change Grow Live.

Addiction treatment programmes delivered as an outpatient are generally free and accessed through community councils or NHS services.

They are generally recommended for people with mild addictions. If you feel like a drinking or drug habit is getting out of hand, but are still at work or running a family, outpatient services may be a good option for you.

The addiction treatments provided are less intensive compared to private rehab and you are free to go about your daily business.

The Cons of Outpatient Treatment

But the treatment options may be limited compared to a dedicated inpatient rehabilitation facility.

Some issues people face when accessing an outpatient treatment programme include:

  • It can be difficult to stay motivated when attending treatment on an outpatient basis.
  • You could still have access to drugs or alcohol if living in the same environment as before treatment started.
  • Treatment may take longer than a residential program and you may not receive round the clock support.
  • You need to ensure you have support at home from family and friends.
  • Treatment may not be immediate

One of the biggest issues with outpatient treatment is that many addicts suffer from mental health issues. These need to be treated alongside your addiction through a personalised treatment plan.

Outpatient care can sometimes lack the mental health support required to see you through both withdrawal and rehabilitation.

Inpatient Treatment in Nottingham

If you’d like to explore residential rehab in Nottingham, Addiction Advocates can help find the best clinic for your individual needs.

Residential treatment is where you enrol into a drug or alcohol rehab centre for a period of time.

During this period, you’ll receive around-the-clock care from experienced professionals and receive intensive therapy.

Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

The advantages of residential rehabilitation are that it allows patients to focus on their recovery without any distractions or temptations from the outside world.

On a residential programme, you will be fully catered for in your own private room and will have access to the following:

  • 24/7 medical support
  • A wide range of therapy options
  • Group activities
  • Full Confidential Treatment
  • Support from fellow residents
  • Peaceful Surroundings
  • Healthy Food Cooked by Chef

You can receive addiction treatment straight away with immediate admission into a private rehabilitation centre.

As part of our admissions process you will recieve a full health check and be placed on a tailored addiction programme.

We will uncover any mental health disorders and administer dual diagnosis treatment, looking to mend you physically and mentally.

Our closest rehab top Nottingham is Asana Lodge just a few miles away. Removing yourself from your environment and into a dedicated drug and alcohol addiction centre will give you the best chance of making a long term recovery.

Our team are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about rehabilitation clinics in Nottingham or elsewhere. We’ll also provide


Will local treatment serve me well?

Through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, there are commonly two different treatment routes; outpatient and inpatient rehab.

We would recommend a local recovery using community services, aa meeting and narcotics anonymous if you have an addiction of a mild form.

Getting professional help is imperative before it grows and takes over your life.

Completing and alcohol detox or a drug detox can be very challenging, causing disruptions and delays in recovery.

As a result of this, local treatment can be both prolonged with multiple relapses along the path.

Moving out of your area to a dedicated alcohol and drug rehab is a better way to recover from an addiction. Here you be under the guidance of medical professionals through detox and you will receive treatments based on your specific needs,


Can I detox from home?

We do not recommend lone attempts at detoxification. Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be very challenging while carrying some physical and psychological health risks.

As the body and brain currently rely on a build-up of addictive substances, reducing that build-up can result in unbearable withdrawal symptoms.

If uncontrolled, those withdrawal symptoms can aggravate, leading to health problems and further substance abuse.

With this in mind, withdrawing from drugs and alcohol should always be observed and controlled by a medical professional. For the safest and most effective detox programme, recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Nottingham will be recommended.


Will I be cured after a detox?

In short, a cure for an addiction sadly doesn’t exist. In addition, a standalone detox unfortunately will not influence long-term recovery.

For those who live with minimal side effects, known as substance abuse, a detox programme can influence prolonged withdrawal. However, for clients who experience the physical and psychological impacts of drug and alcohol consumption, known as an addiction, greater treatment will be required.

To treat addiction, vast psychological support, in the form of therapy will be required. This is down to the fact that the predominance of causations or triggers is linked to pre-existing mental health issues, distressing episodes or mental abuse.

To ensure that triggers can be worked through, where future exposure will avoid cravings or further substance abuse, mental realignment is required.

Here is where you’ll have the chance to recover, for the long-term. However, those efforts must, unfortunately, be maintained post-rehab, becoming your norm.


Am I likely to remain sober after rehab?

A time of rehabilitation, via a reputable rehab clinic can result in sobriety. It is highly likely that withdrawal will be completed successfully from drugs and alcohol. It’s also probable that outlooks on future substance abuse will be changed, along with tackling underlying causations.

Additionally, it’s very likely that post-rehab plans will be embraced, including coping strategies and relapse prevention planning. This combined effort can help you recover from a drug and alcohol addiction.

However, to remain sober on the completion of your rehab programme, you must maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle, follow your relapse prevention plan, complete ongoing aftercare services, and continue to be honest with yourself and those around you.

If you can continue to follow the recommended lifestyle choices and habits, you’ll be in a strong position to remain sober. If you do however struggle, aftercare services are available through your selected treatment centre, helping you keep focused and set on sober living.

Through the above answers, we hope to provide greater expectations of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Nottingham. If you do however have any other questions or would like to begin the process, we invite you to contact our team.

By combining your desire to recover, with professional support, you’ll increase your chances of a positive and worthwhile rehab experience. We can help you find the most fitting rehab programme to complete, known to secure your future probabilities of sobriety. Reach out today to begin your life without drugs and alcohol.


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