Are you based in Wales, struggling to face your relationship with drugs and alcohol? Are you concerned that your side effects may resemble a drug and alcohol addiction, yet continue to consume addictive substances? Are you trying to hide your behavioural addiction from others? 

Denial is a highly associated emotion when considering addiction. Many users cannot accept their new reality. Others will struggle to face what they’ve put their family members through. Many individuals will downplay their side effects from drugs and alcohol. While others will have a blurred grasp on reality, down to mental health changes.  

Although denial is a coping mechanism, helping to ease the experience of addiction, it is dangerous. Downplaying side effects, pushing away professional support, dealing with addiction independently, and attempting to justify substance abuse can all lead to severe damages, later down the line.  

Any form of delay, the failure of acknowledgement will make rehabilitating harder, along with increasing the risk of a dual diagnosis. To reduce this risk, we urge you to work on overcoming denial, with the aim to source addiction treatment.  

Through our support and referral services here at Addiction Advocates, we can help you find a drug or alcohol rehab treatment centre in Wales, offering the level and approach to care personally required by yourself. Admitting an addiction can be very challenging. Yet, living with a drug and alcohol addiction can be life-threatening. Now is the time to reduce those threats.  

Overcoming denial

As touched on above, you may currently be living through denial. You may struggle to appreciate the severity of your habits or behaviours. Although known to ease your current experience with addiction, ongoing denial will reduce your quality of life for the long-term. You’ll likely find it hard to break the progressive cycle of addiction.  

With this in mind, it is imperative that you slowly work on accepting your relationship with drugs and alcohol. It is encouraged that you consider your potential causations and triggers, influencing initial substance abuse. It’s time to look around your environment and your circle of friends, pinpointing how alcohol and drugs fit in.  

Once you begin to see your reality clearer, you will find it easier to acknowledge your drug and alcohol addiction, while opening up to loved ones or addiction specialists. Here you will overcome denial, take action and consider the prospect of rehab.  

By continuing as you are, by devaluing rehab, your physical and psychological health will deteriorate, along with aggravating further substance abuse. Stop the discomfort of addiction now, by overcoming denial.  

Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Wales

Once you’re in a place where you’ll appreciate recovery probabilities, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Wales will be recommended. Through our services, we can help you find the most suitable treatment centre to recover from, while also selecting between outpatient and residential rehab.  

Selecting the most suitable rehab programme is vital when looking to recover from addiction. There are different depths of addiction treatment and rehab clinics out there, across Wales. Some will promote outpatient care, focusing on substance abuse recovery. Others will advocate residential treatment, encouraged for individuals experiencing addiction. Understanding your relationship with drugs and alcohol, and how they impact physical and psychological changes is a must. From here, the correct level of care will be highlighted through rehab.  

We can help you make these decisions by offering a pre-admission assessment. Your drug and alcohol addiction will be measured, following personal recommendations for rehab and addiction treatment.  

Have you previously attempted to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction? This in fact could be the exact reason why you’re living in denial, disassociating yourself with your reality and the capabilities of recovery. It is however important to note that previous recovery attempts do not reflect your chances of recovering now. Independent detox efforts will not offer recovery results, no matter how mild your addictive tendencies may be.  

With this in mind, here’s exactly why you should now consider professional support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Wales. Your chances to recover will advance by tenfold by opting for a specialist approach to addiction recovery.  

Health and safety

Via a professional route to addiction recovery, your recovery success will be prioritised. Yet, your health and safety will drive all recovery decisions. Recovering alone can be dangerous and damaging. Through medically assisted detox programmes and additional therapeutic treatments, you’ll have the reassurance that your physical and psychological health is prioritised.  

Leading addiction treatments

By opting for a drug and alcohol rehab in Wales, you’ll have access to leading addiction treatments. A mixture of treatment options is required to motivate deeply ingrained addiction recovery. From a drug and alcohol detox programme, influencing withdrawal symptoms, to cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy and motivational therapy, you’ll experience methods that influence holistic healing.  

Around the clock care

Through residential rehab, you will work closely with addiction specialists. They will guide you throughout rehab, offer support and ensure that you’re on the right road to recovery.  

Recovery designed environments

The environment you recover from can affect your recovery rates. Through our partnering drug and alcohol rehab in Wales, you’ll reside in a positive and recovery designed environment. You’ll experience comfortable and personalised rehab encounters. 

Personalised rehab programmes 

As an addiction impacts all individuals differently, personalised rehab programmes are invaluable. You’ll have access to your own, including a combination of the most effective treatment options available.  

Higher success rates

Through professional support via rehab, your success rates will significantly increase. Rehab is the only treatment option available, offering reliable chances to recover. By investing yourself in a drug and alcohol rehab programme, you will have a better grasp on a future without substance abuse.  

Mental health support

A large proportion of clients living with an addiction will suffer from an extent of mental health issues. Mental health support will be available, again increasing your recovery likelihoods. All combined, reduced chances of relapse will be present.  

Aftercare services

To help your transition post-rehab aftercare services are available in Wales. Support groups and the activation of your own relapse prevention plan will be motivated.  

Through this comprehensive approach to rehab, you will have everything you need to recover. Professional approaches to addiction recovery will help you overcome denial, while tackling your drug and alcohol dependence for the long-term.  

Reach out to our team here at Addiction Advocates for help finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Wales. Through assessments, we will find the most suitable rehab programme for you.