Whether you’re worried about your employees’ drug and alcohol habits, whether you’re witnessing a loved one suffer through addiction, or whether you’re personally struggling with a substance use disorder, it’s important to source the right referral into rehab.

Referral services provide a wealth of suitable support resources and advice, designed to either guide someone around you or to secure your own personal drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

A referral is the first stepping stone towards the addiction recovery process, by acting as a foundation to secure and motivate the acceptance of rehab.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we offer a number of referral services, to support individuals, to support networks, to support communities and to ultimately support the process of addiction recovery. No matter who you are, your history or how drugs and alcohol are affecting you, we are armed with guidance and the next best steps.

Reach out today if you’re looking at securing a drug and alcohol rehab in Rossendale to facilitate recovery. We can offer the initial insight into pre-rehab planning, the potential of interventive steps, and emotional support while referring to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.


Selecting the right referral here at Addiction Advocates

When considering rehab, many believe that a self-referral is the only route to admission. While acceptance and commitment of the individual who is struggling are required, if you are an onlooker, there are steps you can take to help motivate such acceptance.

This process will start with selecting the right referral, whether you’re hoping to assist your friend, family member or employee through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. Depending on your relationship, we are armed with useful guidance on how to approach the topic of addiction recovery, along with alternative interventive services.

Again, while we cannot force anyone into rehab, by making use of our specialist processes, you’ll be prepared to support where possible, increasing the chances of drug and alcohol withdrawal and recovery.

If you are personally struggling with drugs and alcohol, and you’re looking for support, a self-referral will suffice, where your needs will be prioritised. We will work with you to secure the right rehab clinic to recover from, to promote your comfort and to safeguard your impending rehab admission.

Doing whatever you can, whether it’s for someone you care about or for yourself is possible with the backing of Addiction Advocates.


Securing the right drug and alcohol rehab in Rossendale

Whether you personally contact us or have been referred to us by a loved one, alongside preparing you for rehab on physical and psychological scales, the next step will focus on your rehab experience.

Here’s where we will get to know the characteristics of your drug and alcohol addiction, including your side effects, your triggers, your reactions and your health history.

This information will help to form a benchmark, which can be assessed alongside our range of affiliated treatment centres, to secure suitability.

Following a thorough approach throughout the initial search process is worthwhile, as there is a multitude of rehab offerings now available, which can be overwhelming to face.

By knowing where you stand with drugs and alcohol, and the type of care and treatment you’ll need to diminish your position, you’ll be placed in a stronger situation to recover.

Experience accuracy and personalisation through your admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Rossendale.


The benefits of considering professional rehabilitation

If you’re visiting our website with some motivation to recover yet lack insight into rehab and how it can benefit you, increasing your awareness will be worthwhile. Not only will this step help boost your expectations, but it will also help to increase your motivation, and help you see rehab as an indefinite step.

Professional rehabilitation can offer value in significant forms. The standard of care that you can expect is exceptional, the environments of rehab are controlled and designed with comfort in mind, the efficiency of your admission and of your rehab programme truly evokes urgency, and the range of addiction treatment services you’ll have access to are priceless.

All of the above benefits combined together truly reflect the offering of professional rehabilitation. Yet one of the greatest benefits is that personalisation will be offered for every client, which cannot be fulfilled through generic rehab programmes.

Your needs will matter, your recovery goals will matter, and your comfort will matter. Such personalisation will be carried throughout your admission, throughout your treatment programme and throughout your aftercare services. 

To compliment personalisation, professional rehabilitation will also provide a sound structure for you to follow, which will be medically accepted. Here you can feel reassured that your wellbeing will be prioritised, that you’ll have a journey to move through, and that you’ll have a feasible plan in place.

Combined with our services, you can experience this degree of professionalism via a drug and alcohol rehab in Rossendale.


Your admission process into rehab

Whether rehab is for your personal benefit, or whether you’re here today to support a loved one, the admission process will be the same through our services. Acceptance will be required to activate an admission, which if you’re struggling with, we can help you through either interventive steps or increased steps of awareness.

Once acceptance has been experienced, here’s where the admission process can begin, with a telephone assessment. This confidential assessment will consider your personal needs, to define the necessary form of rehab which we will recommend.

From here, personal rehab recommendations will be made, surrounding the viability of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Rossendale. All arrangements will be paired with this step, along with setting up your admission date.

Up until your admission date, we will be available on a 24/7 basis to support you, up until your physical admission into rehab. This step will then mark the beginning of your residential rehab programme, standing as the commencement of addiction recovery.

Our services at Addiction Advocates can secure this process efficiently for you, while also safeguarding the right referral type and the right rehab clinic to facilitate such recovery efforts. Reach out to begin the rehab process with your referral.