Recovering from an addiction will involve a rehabilitation process. The process will include a range of treatments, therapies, tools, and recovery steps, helping to diminish attachments to drugs and alcohol.

The rehab process can be experienced through two fundamental options. Recognised as NHS services and private rehab plans, both offer access to a range of detox options, therapy sessions and professional support with varied results.

Whilst NHS services are free and come across as an easy option; private rehab plans are specifically designed around individual needs. Helping to treat each client as an individual, suitable and practical steps can be found throughout the rehabilitation process. Unfortunately, free treatment services cannot guarantee the same level of service, making it harder to recover from complex symptoms and triggers.

Here to offer advice, recommendations, and a helping hand through the admissions process, we at Addiction Advocates can help you experience the highest level of quality through private rehab. With a network of addiction specialist treatment centres, we can find a drug and alcohol rehab in Coppetts which caters to your budget, availability and needs.

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Addiction treatment options in Coppetts

You can access private drug and alcohol rehab in Coppetts to visit for weekly sessions or reside in. Both options provide immediate access to treatment, offer addiction specialist services and personalised programmes. Once admission is completed, programmes will be indefinite, following a consistent schedule. Treatment will need to be paid for to access private rehab, now accommodating to many budgets.

In the event of an addiction diagnosis, no matter how mild or intense, at Addiction Advocates, we recommend private rehab. Due to both the recovery experiences and expected rates through quality care and treatment, we work alongside a network of private facilities.


How to select a rehab clinic?

If you are open to selecting a private rehab in Coppetts, we can help you with your selection. With a wealth of suitable treatment centres within our network, we can find the most local and the most fitting for your needs.

We will need to assess your circumstances, needs and addiction type to progress your admissions process. Over the telephone, we will complete a confidential assessment, gauging:

  • Location
  • Expected recovery results
  • Wellbeing and whether you have any additional health concerns/symptoms
  • Budget
  • Availability
  • Favoured treatment programme
  • Addiction makeup and its severity

We can progress your admission with further information, helping you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Coppetts, equipped to help you through addiction recovery. Our centres are of CQC standards, intimate, professionally led, specialists in addiction recovery, and respectful and flexible, which you should consider through your search.


Detoxification options

A drug detox or alcohol detox will be one of the most recommended treatments through rehab. To withdraw the body from drugs and alcohol, a safe elimination can take place.

Detoxification is usually offered initially, at the beginning of the rehabilitation process, to remove all influences caused by consumption. Cravings can be diminished, withdrawal symptoms can be worked through, and urges can be suppressed before further treatment.

By selecting a professional and private drug and alcohol rehab clinic, a medically assisted detox will be offered to ensure that the withdrawal is safe and comfortable.


Therapy and mental health treatments

Addiction rehab will also promote rehabilitation services. Treatment services will focus on healing the mind, improving mental health, and promoting healthy coping for the future.

Therapy options include group therapy, one-to-one therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, cognitive behavioural therapy, and family therapy.

Treatments will also focus on preventing future relapse or urges through stress management, lifestyle management and relapse prevention planning.


How long is aftercare?

Aftercare services follow on from addiction rehab, ending the inpatient process. They last 12 months and are included within the costs of private rehab.

Weekly therapy and support groups are offered, helping clients adjust to sober norms. Aftercare sessions are also helpful whilst working through any challenges, reducing the risks of relapse.

By selecting private rehab, aftercare services can soon be experienced, helping to strengthen your foundations for long-term recovery. Reach out to advance through private rehab, to find and commit to a drug and alcohol rehab in Coppetts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare for a stay in alcohol rehab?
Checking into an alcohol rehab is known as residential rehab. Understandably this is a big step that will benefit from some planning. You’ll firstly need to make sure that you can dedicate yourself for the next 28 days. You’ll need to pause your routine, hand over responsibilities, and focus on rehab. Having the funds to pay for private rehab will also be wise.

Next up, you’ll need to become aware of what’s ahead, pack suitably for rehab, and work through an admissions process. Our support at Addiction Advocates can help you prepare by offering dos and don’ts and complete insight into residential rehab.
What makes a good drug and alcohol treatment centre?
A good drug and alcohol treatment centre will be reputable, private, and registered under the CQC. It will be recognised for its values, high success rates and all-round experience.

You’ll want to select a rehab clinic that offers a range of programmes, treatment services, and techniques to form personalised treatment plans. Personalised services can be reassuring to accommodate personal needs and circumstances.

We can help you find a suitable and reputable clinic in Coppetts through our network.
What is addiction treatment therapy?
Addiction treatment therapy focuses on the emotional and mental struggles of addiction. It helps clients understand their triggers and responses whilst offering positive outlooks, coping strategies and habits.

Therapies include cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, one-to-one sessions, and family therapy. The most suitable forms will be recommended to you on admission into rehab.