Drug and alcohol addiction can affect many areas, some which are more remote than others. Cherwell is not removed from this issue and our team at Addiction Advocates want to help those looking for addiction treatment.

If you are struggling to keep your substance misuse under control, repeatedly trying and failing to quit or even watching your life spiral out of control, drug and alcohol rehab in Cherwell could be your best chance of getting things back on track.

How Rehab in Cherwell could help

Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol can have a profound effect on your brain and body. Drug use can have different short-term effects, depending on the substance involved.

Many of these effects are pleasurable of course, but there is always a price to pay. As well as negative short-term impacts such as comedowns and hangovers and the potential harm from overdose, reckless behaviour and longer-term physical and psychological damage, substance use can also lead to addiction.

Over time the use of drugs or alcohol affects different parts of the brain, including those that have to do with processing rewards and impulse control.

According to the NHS, addiction is characterised as – not having control over doing, taking, or using something to the point it could be harmful to you.

Add the fact that coming off the substance will result in unpleasant, distressing and sometimes dangerous withdrawal symptoms and you can start to understand why it is so difficult to beat addiction with willpower alone.

Luckily, like other diseases, addiction can be treated. Rehab centres in Cherwell and elsewhere use evidence-based treatments that have been shown time and time again to achieve the best outcomes.

They do not offer a magic ‘cure’. You will still have to work hard to overcome your addiction but with the right treatments, supervision and guidance it is possible to break the vicious cycle and start a healthier, more positive life.

What to expect from Rehab

Drug and alcohol rehab centres are not all the same. Some may have different facilities and treatment programmes and some may offer a greater focus on areas such as mental health and behavioural problems such as sex and gambling addiction.

Most rehab UK centres will also offer tailored treatment programmes designed around you as an individual.

All that said, there are some common elements you might expect to encounter or experience at a drug or alcohol rehab. Some treatment centres will offer outpatient programmes, but residential rehabilitation involves checking in and staying within the grounds of the rehab centre.

This will help take you away from the usual stresses and triggers that may be associated with your drinking or drug use. It will also give you the time and space you need to really focus on your recovery with a structured treatment programme, all delivered by experienced professionals in a pleasant, tranquil and secure environment.

Following a thorough assessment and enrolment process, that will help the rehab centre to draw up your personalised treatment programme, the first major step will be detox or detoxification. This is where you metabolise the drugs and alcohol already in your system, essentially sobering up or getting clean.

As already mentioned, this will generally be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms, which can be severe. Undergoing detox under medical supervision and with support on hand when you need it in a secure detox clinic is both safer and far more likely to be effective than trying to go ‘cold turkey’ on your own. The temptation to make the cravings and withdrawal symptoms stop by returning to drink or drugs can be too much without the right support.

Detox is a crucial step but it is far from the end of the journey. You also need to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to avoid relapsing and going back to drink and drugs when you have left the rehab clinic.

This is generally done through a combination of therapies and other treatments designed to allow you to explore the root causes behind your substance misuse and addiction, and to change the way you think and behave in regard to drugs and alcohol. A good aftercare programme can also provide you with vital support when you need it.

Do you need Addiction Treatment?

Residential rehab is not the right choice for everyone with a drug or alcohol problem but it has been shown to be the most effective way of treating serious addiction problems. Your drinking or drug use might be obviously out of control, but addiction can also sneak up on you.

If you struggle to go a day without drinking or using drugs, avoid situations where you do not have access to these substances or feel ill-effects when you do not use them, you might have an addiction problem that needs addressing.

It’s never too late – or too early – to seek help if you think you do have a problem and a Cherwell rehab centre could be the solution.

How to find the right Rehab near me

If you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Cherwell or elsewhere in Oxfordshire, you might not know where to start. Our team can help by providing advice in a completely confidential manner.

Sometimes you might want to go to the nearest location but it’s more important to find the right treatment centre for you, which may be further afield. Some people also prefer to attend a rehab out of their own immediate area for reasons of anonymity when entering and leaving.

We can help you to find the best rehab for your own individual circumstances and requirements. Leaving an addiction untreated can cause it to get even worse and could lead to damage to your physical and mental health, relationships, work, finances and every other aspect of your life. So don’t delay, call today and find out how we can help.





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