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Carrying chemical structures which class ecstasy/MDMA as a hallucinogenic drug, this synthetic substance is the cause for many physical and psychological addictions.

Due to its powerful effects of elevating mood and adapting outlooks, ecstasy/MDMA trigger the response of positive reinforcements, which reside in the brain, turning consumption into a proactive and positive step.

Yet, just like other hallucinogenic drugs, such substances can result in chronic psychological problems, mental health issues and longstanding impairments, all causes of extreme addiction.

As ecstasy/MDMA work to produce excessive levels of happy chemicals, they distort organic messaging across the central nervous system, making such highs longed for on physical and psychological standpoints.

While the drug itself isn’t found to trigger amounting fixations, down to the way that it’s cut and distributed, it turns into one of the most addictive illegal substances, requiring serious intervention when aiming for withdrawal.

If you’re abusing ecstasy/MDMA, fail to understand the dangers of its consumption, or feel that your life is consumed by its impactful yet depression inducing presence, it’s time to professionally withdraw.

Ecstasy/MDMA addiction treatment & rehab can be sourced through our services here at Addiction Advocates, here to situate you with the right help.

While ecstasy/MDMA is branded as a party drug, such positives will not carry through your life once an addiction develops. Avoid the damages that even short exposure can cause by committing to drug rehab.

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What is MDMA?

MDMA, also recognised as ecstasy is a synthetic substance that mostly motivates mental highs, the production of extreme happy chemicals and adapts perceptions. While it’s widely used across the party scene, for such attributes, it’s also abused by many, especially those who require an outlet to escape or enhance emotions.

Lasting between 3 and 6 hours, the psychoactive drug of ecstasy/MDMA, while recognised for its positive feelings, is also recognised for its negative consequences. It is one of the most addictive drugs, down to the artificial feelings that it induces, which can be hard to encounter elsewhere.

Bucket loads of happy chemicals, including serotonin and dopamine, are produced through consumption, down to the chemical structure of how the drug reacts with the brain.

Controlling emotional responses, altering outlooks, increasing pleasure, and providing hallucinogenic effects, it’s clear to see how craved for such feelings are.

However, through unrealistic exposure, an ecstasy/MDMA addiction can easily materialise, as such emotional responses will be longed-for, to combat withdrawal symptoms, along with common causations of addiction.

As it can be very dangerous, especially to the brain, professional support through ecstasy/MDMA addiction treatment & rehab services will be advocated.

Causes of ecstasy/MDMA addiction

As ecstasy/MDMA highly promotes the activation of positive reinforcements, minimal use, and exposure to the effects of the drug can naturally cause an addiction.

However, there are further uncontrollable causations that pose a risk of addiction development when paired with exposure to MDMA.

Genetics, which of course cannot be controlled, can increase the susceptibility of addiction, to any stimulus.

Some individuals can encounter weakened abilities to control their responses to ecstasy/MDMA exposure, churning the addiction cycle at a quicker rate.

Stress is also a key contributor towards the abuse of ecstasy/MDMA, as it offers relaxing, euphoric, and escape-like effects, which many individuals look for, away from stress.

While stress management techniques will work best, the use of MDMA comes across as an easier step, down to the instant relief that it induces.

Mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety also act as causation for ecstasy/MDMA addiction, as again, reaching highs through low symptoms will be aimed for.

The drug offers such distorted outlooks on reality, helps to reduce anxiety, and also elevates happy chemicals, which will naturally be accepted by someone with mental health issues.

Consuming ecstasy/MDMA through such vulnerabilities can amount to an addiction, down to how aggressive its addictive tendencies are.

Chasing Drug Addiction

Signs of ecstasy/MDMA addiction

Signs of ecstasy/MDMA addiction regularly surround behavioural changes, commitment changes, mental health changes and consumption changes. If you’re encountering any, in conjunction with excessive abuse of ecstasy/MDMA, treatment and rehab services will help you.

Signs of ecstasy/MDMA addiction include:

  • The need to consume MDMA to work through mental health issues
  • The development of mental health symptoms from its consumption
  • Requiring greater levels of the drug to experience its effects
  • Significant irritability, hyper-activeness, and increased energy
  • Ongoing consumption even after experiencing consequences of drug abuse
  • Hiding your consumption
  • Relying on MDMA every day/few days
  • Prioritising drug abuse over other commitments

Ecstasy/MDMA addiction treatment & rehab

In the majority of cases, self-withdrawal will not be recommended when considering the abuse of ecstasy/MDMA. This is down to the fact that secondary issues, such as dual diagnosis are commonly linked to addictions of strength, which is usually found within MDMA abuse.

It will therefore be encouraged that ecstasy/MDMA addiction treatment & rehab services are encountered by addicts to safely withdraw and recover. We can guide you towards such services, in tandem with dual diagnosis treatment to promote addiction recovery.

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Personal treatment recommendations

Through rehab, personal treatment recommendations will be made. This will ensure that safety and sustainability can be met, by treating individual causations, symptoms, and results.

Detoxification, stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy, exposure therapy, family therapy and wellbeing management are all commonly linked to drug addiction recovery, in tandem with steps of relapse prevention.

On your arrival into rehab, progressive addiction treatment services will be communicated, by assessing and considering your needs. This is the best way to treat a complex fixation, such as an ecstasy/MDMA addiction.

Benefits of the rehab setting

Rehab as a whole is highly beneficial, down to the setting and service that you can encounter. This is especially the case if you are struggling with your lifestyle, with influential environments, with mental health issues or with any other attachments.

By making use of ecstasy/MDMA addiction treatment & rehab services, you’ll transition over to a safe space, where you can overcome your battles with drug abuse, and work to instead manage your causation, rather than mask it with drugs.

At Addiction Advocates, we can direct you towards such services, within a private rehab setting, to work through addiction recovery.

Ongoing abuse of ecstasy/MDMA can be very dangerous, resulting in psychological vulnerabilities. Avoid such likelihoods by opting for natural ways of coping and producing happy chemicals, instead of the toxic form of drug abuse.

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