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There are a wide range of substance use disorders with great awareness. Yet, other drug addictions, those of reduced commonality encounter less understanding. See how to access universal help here at Addiction Advocates. Enquire Now
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Drug addictions are one of the most common yet dangerous fixations to be encountered. Some are however more prevalent than others, presenting greater awareness of their cause, signs, and risks. Some of those include addictions to alcohol, cocaine, and anti-depressant.

However, there are other drug addictions that impact the lives of many, which are yet to experience such awareness, making them harder to diagnose and treat.

Are you misusing prescription drugs? Are you relying on a drug that is rarely promoted, yet offers positive effects for yourself? Are you battling through common drug addiction side effects, yet lack direction on how to recover?

As there are a wealth of drug addiction types, down to the mass majority of substances that carry addictive traits, it can feel very overwhelming when encountering experiences of those who are classed as ‘other’ drug addictions.

Those of which are niche, are unaware to many and are perceived as low risk, reflecting specific prescription drug addictions for example.

Knowing where to turn to in the event of drug addiction signs and symptoms is very important, no matter how uncommon your addiction may be or how unfamiliar the drug’s makeup may be.

A degree of addiction treatment and support will be available to you, through drug rehab, to overcome your physical and psychological addiction.

At Addiction Advocates, we’re here to shine the light on other drug addictions, to help increase awareness of the type of support you can access, no matter how alone you may feel.

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Risks of developing a drug addiction

Any degree of drug addiction can be very dangerous and damaging. Drugs themselves are highly toxic, known to cause artificial changes to both the body and brain, which in some cases, can be irreversible.

Commonly, through consumption, the positives of those drugs will be focused on. It’s understandable why withdrawal symptoms or consequences will not motivate initial use.

However, once an addiction does develop, by chasing the highs and experiencing the positive reinforcement that consumption offers, those negatives do then motivate ongoing use, to reach for the positives.

Yet, under the surface, those risks will be present, aggravating addiction susceptibilities, increasing the chance of mental health issues, placing users in the position of dual diagnosis, and causing many health worries.

Initially, drug abuse may feel worth it. Yet long-term drug addictions will not be worth the hassle. This is understood when considering common types of addiction, yet unfortunately, other drug addictions, such as prescription drug fixations are downplayed.

Risks of developing a drug addiction

Signs of drug addictions

While every drug addiction will be unique, therefore carrying specific signs and symptoms, there are common signs to look out for, no matter the drug you are abusing.

  • Changes in behaviour, of the negative sort, are linked to excessive drug abuse
  • Mental health changes, experiencing signs of depression, anxiety, and obsession
  • Physical health problems, from hangover-like symptoms to the concerns of physical conditions
  • Prioritising drug abuse and associated exposure over everyday responsibilities, routine, and connections
  • Withdrawing from hobbies, relationships, and usually desired events/activities
  • Experiencing financial struggles, to fund addiction
  • In the case of prescription drug addiction, finishing prescriptions in advance while attempting to secure more
  • Isolating behaviour
  • Irritability, withdrawal symptoms in between consumption and emotional turmoil

While many individuals will wonder how long drug addictions can be encountered, prior to developing such signs, all experiences will be different. This will also be the case when considering the exact encounters of signs, from their contents to their effect.

Yet ultimately, common substance use disorders, including other drug addictions will develop with clarity of such signs, rapidly and strongly if enabled.

Common drug addiction diagnoses

There are a wide plethora of drug addiction diagnoses that are encountered every single day here in the UK.

The most common surround prescription medications such as painkillers and anti-depressants, legal substances such as alcohol, and illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis, and amphetamines.

All are dangerous in their own ways, resulting in fluctuating side effects and consequences. However, the common consensus is that a diagnosis will result in negativity, suffering and in aggravated behaviours without considering addiction support.

Common drug addiction diagnoses

Other drug addictions and their risks

Alongside addictions that carry greater awareness, there are some other drug addictions that are less common.

Down to this, many individuals either overlook the signs of addiction, disbelieve the probability of addiction, or feel lost when considering recovery steps.

An addiction can in fact develop around any drug which displays addictive tendencies. From legal highs to drugs used for medical purposes, and to illegal substances, all can be addictive if abused, if consistently consumed and if a positive reinforcer is attached.

For example, if you’re abusing a drug that helps you emotionally cope, that will be the reinforcer, of offering stability and management. Again, if you’re using a drug for greater levels of confidence, that will be the driving force that can easily amount to an addiction.

It is very important to be aware of this, as the drug itself may seem harmless, yet paired with the emotional connection it offers, can increase the risk of other drug addictions.

Treating specific drug addictions

As addiction recovery can be complex, especially if you’re encountering an addiction that is less common, treatment will always be personalised. Through our services here at

Addiction Advocates, we work with an association of treatment centres, specialising in drug addiction recovery.

Down to the personal and ever-changing nature of drug addictions, you can therefore expect to complete treatments that are appropriate for your addiction type.

Your side effects, your triggers, your reinforcers, and your experiences will be taken into account, to encounter the most effective form of addiction treatment.

While you can expect to complete detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, relapse prevention planning and further talking therapies, a unique mix will be encouraged to truly benefit your recovery.

With this in mind, if you are encountering a fixation that is seen as other drug addictions, help is still available, even if awareness is low across the masses.

Specialists will be here for you, to increase your personal awareness, to help you work through treatment, and to help you understand how to manage drug addiction exposure for the future.

Contact our team if you’re feeling alone, worried, or ready to embark on drug addiction recovery.

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