At Addiction Advocates, we offer both support and referral services, helping our clients find and experience the most fitting drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. Through our services, we commonly receive frequently asked questions and concerns, all linked to the unfamiliar experience of rehab.

While we understand that personal questions will be likely around drug and alcohol rehab, we also appreciate how overwhelming and draining this initial search can be. With this in mind, below, we’ve shared an FAQ around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex, through our services.

We hope that this will help to increase your awareness and acceptance of rehab, with the aim to welcome an admission, as soon as you’re ready to do so. To reach this point, reaching out to our team, with the aim to acknowledge your addiction and feel prepared for rehab on physical and psychological levels.


How difficult is detoxification?

Detoxification, in most cases, will be tough. This is especially for those who have abused high, consistent quantities of drugs and alcohol, over a long span of time.

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol is challenging as through substance abuse and addiction, tolerances will form. Those tolerances will dictate the level of substance which is required to fulfil cravings. Through this cycle, high traces of drugs and alcohol will be identified within the internal system.

Detoxing is the process of removing those traces, reducing tolerances and ultimately suppressing cravings. Through this process, physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms are very common, making detoxification challenges.

Yet, while it is a difficult addiction treatment, it is a necessary and worthwhile experience to remove the physical link to drugs and alcohol. Through a drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex, you’ll have the most comfortable and safe experience of detoxification, combining with alternative addiction treatments.


How safe will I be through a drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex?

You will be extremely safe through our affiliated rehab clinics. All are reputable, all follow medical guidelines, and all specialise in addiction and mental health recovery.

One of the greatest ways that safety can be secured is through the personal approach of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This is through offering personalised rehab programmes which work around personal requirements from rehab. Those requirements will include factors such as budget, necessary addiction treatment options, physical and psychological health, and readiness to recover.

Through assessing those requirements, the most fitting and safest drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex can be selected through our services. This will offer reassurance that you are visiting the best rehab facility, possible. Yet, you’ll also be provided with a rehab programme which boasts a safe yet progressive mix of addiction treatment options.

From stress management, art therapy, and a drug and alcohol detox, to cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups and relapse prevention, you can expect a suitable mix to promote withdrawal and realignment.

Rehab is the safest route to drug and alcohol withdrawal and long-term recovery. This will significantly outweigh outpatient rehab, independent detox attempts and ongoing substance abuse.


Drug and alcohol addiction treatments we offer

When you arrive at our drug and alcohol rehab, we will help you through addiction treatments which are proven to boost the chance of long term recovery.

Some of the therapies we offer includes:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Holistic therapies such as art therapy and yoga
  • Daily walks
  • Group therapy
  • Aftercare
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Individual one-to-one therapy

We have numerous medical professionals on hand to guide you through the rehabilitation process, including doctors, psychiatrists and medical recovery workers.

If you would like to learn more about our rehab programmes in Sussex or the surrounding area, get in touch today by phone on 0800 012 6088.


Do you offer family and friend referral services?

Yes, we do support family members through this challenging process by activating family and friend referral services. We appreciate how difficult it can be to witness someone you care about, deteriorate down to addiction. Through this, we can offer guidance on how to increase the acceptance of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

In some cases, family intervention can also be facilitated with greater involvement from our Addiction Advocates team. With this in mind, you can support your friend or family member through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, whether immediately or into the near future.

Please also feel reassured that family drug support services are available through our associated rehab clinics. Here you can also recover from the life-changing experience of addiction.


Will I need dual-diagnosis treatment?

Dual-diagnosis treatment is encouraged for those who suffer from addiction and mental health issues. Unfortunately, a large proportion of clients do experience mental health side effects, such as depression and paranoia.

Mental health issues highly correlate with addiction down to the significant adaptations caused in the brain by drug and alcohol abuse. Those adaptations will result in weaknesses, which over time, can materialise into risks of a dual diagnosis.

With this in mind, if you are suffering psychologically through addiction, dual-diagnosis treatment will be offered to strengthen your recovery capabilities.


Can I recover for the long-term?

Long-term recovery can be aimed for when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex. Many of our clients have realistically reached this status.

It is however important to note that long-term recovery is worked towards post-rehab. While sobriety can be reached through drug and alcohol rehab, the true test of this will be made on a return to life back in Sussex. This will be down to new exposure and outlooks on substance abuse, along with old triggers.

To ease your return home, aftercare services will be available, relapse prevention will be promoted, and you’ll also be provided with lifestyle tips to follow. By doing so, you can take a positive step, each day, to fulfilling long-term recovery.

Understandably, you may feel disheartened when considering initial recovery rates via rehab. Yet, drug and alcohol rehab is a fundamental step if you are aiming for a life without substance abuse, and the physical and psychological side effects it carries.

Through our services, we can help you experience the initial necessity of rehab, by securing a safe and personal programme via a reputable rehab clinic. Have reassurance that your health and wellbeing can be protected while you work to disassociate yourself from drugs and alcohol. Do so via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex from our associated centres.

If you have any personal questions around drug and alcohol rehab, reach out today. We are here to support you from your initial enquiry, helping you experience the care you deserve.