Legal substances such as alcohol, medical substances such as prescriptions, and illicit substances such as Class A drugs are all addictive, found to impact physical wellbeing and mental health whilst abused. Through repeat exposure, addiction risks are also high, down to how both drugs and alcohol affect and adapt the body and brain.

In order to reduce the risks of addiction or to treat existing symptoms, a wide range of therapeutic techniques and rehabilitation efforts will need to be worked through. Long-term planning, behavioural changes and relapse prevention are all also important commitments, to manage addiction and its relapsing nature.

Available through drug and alcohol rehab, result-driven addiction treatment and detoxification plans can be experienced, to help treat underlying problems. In place to diagnose, understand, treat, and manage addiction, personalised rehab programmes are available through our network at Addiction Advocates.

By finding and checking into a private drug and alcohol rehab in Lozells or in the West Midlands area, a guarantee of high-quality care can be expected. Reach out to our admissions team to visit one of our rehab facilities, with the chance to lead an alcohol and drug-free life. We’re here to help on 0800 012 6088.

How does rehab work?

Rehab is highly beneficial for people who are working through addiction recovery, offering a private, safe, and medically accredited recovery process. A wide range of tools are provided to motivate recovery, with the chance to get better from various types and levels of substance use disorders.

Drug and alcohol rehab provides a bespoke programme for each client, offering a foundation of core treatments, support, and direction. Observed and supported by teams of medical, therapeutic and addiction specialists, treatments and techniques are in place to promote withdrawal and rehabilitation.

Offering a range of steppingstones, rehab is a safe process to complete detox from drugs and alcohol. It’s also designed to support relapse prevention and improve mental health and wellbeing. Combining some evidence-based addiction treatment types, lifestyle tools, relapse prevention plans and aftercare services, rehab works by offering the chance to change.

Accessible through residential rehab, arrangements can be made to check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Lozells for a fully bespoke and accommodating experience. Over a 28-day timeline, a consistent and personal treatment plan can be worked through, helping to motivate initial recovery.

Each steppingstone of private rehab also helps to strengthen addiction recovery and the long-term goal of sobriety.

Addiction treatment is also available on the NHS offered as outpatient treatment. Regular visits can be arranged through outpatient care. Yet as an addiction can be a difficult condition to ignore, visits can be less impactful than a residential stay.

What happens during drug and alcohol rehab?

Idyllic environments are offered through CQC registered private rehab clinics. Environments are medically observed, comfortable, safe, and fully discrete, offering the best opportunity to recover. Rehab is also a basis for change, by inspiring sobriety and removing all traces of drugs and alcohol.

Via a local drug and alcohol rehab in Lozells you can look to experience a private inpatient rehab whilst working through core treatments and therapies. With individual needs in mind, a bespoke plan of action will be arranged and set for your admission.

Possible to complete over a 28-day timeline, daily treatment sessions will be held, observed, and supported through residential rehab. Offering exposure to individual, group, and holistic therapies, a comprehensive addiction recovery process can be experienced. Everything from symptoms and triggers to environments and personal histories will be considered to overcome addiction from all angles.

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol will also be necessary, working alongside therapy and rehabilitation services. With 24/7 support, drug and alcohol withdrawal can be worked through, whilst managing withdrawal symptoms and side effects.

Our rehab plans will also include relapse prevention planning sessions, mental health support, lifestyle management and aftercare to strengthen recovery. Helping to manage addiction, long-term plans are offered to strengthen the steppingstones of addiction recovery.

Addiction therapy & treatment options

A wide range of addiction therapy and treatment options are offered through private rehab, to treat addiction physically and mentally. To promote the most effective options, personal recommendations will be made on your arrival to rehab.

With an understanding of individual needs, the most effective treatments will be selected to motivate withdrawal and rehabilitation. Each treatment session will be medically observed and will include leading tools and recovery techniques.

Medical alcohol and drug detox

Residential rehab will begin with a medical drug and alcohol detox. Checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Lozells will offer the best opportunity of medical intervention. Detoxing will be possible whilst working through withdrawal symptoms and further health problems which may be fuelling consumption.

Detox plans are individually organised, yet averagely take 10 days to work. Detoxing, restoring, and stabilising from substance abuse is likely, along with preparing for addiction therapy sessions.

Therapy for addiction

Addiction therapy is designed to ease the emotional impacts of addiction. Therapy is a core treatment by providing the tools to stabilise mental health and to disengage any emotional reinforcements.

A wide range of therapy options are offered, with a focus on talking therapies, group therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. Individual habits and behaviours will direct the recommendation of therapy.  Common options include dialectical behavioural therapy, art therapy, group therapy, family therapy, one-to-one therapy, and psychotherapy.

Also incorporated into dual diagnosis treatment, therapy is highly effective whilst treating poor mental health. Sessions can be tailored to individual emotions and outlooks and can help people with pre-existing conditions or secondary symptoms.

Therapy is a tool which can be carried forward and can benefit the future. Sessions will be offered throughout addiction recovery to manage sobriety and the emotional changes that are likely.

How long is rehab?

Selecting outpatient rehab will understandably carry a longer timeline due to NHS demands. Waiting lists are the first port of call, followed by a 6-12-month treatment programme.

For a quicker process with an immediate admission, residential rehab is recommended, possible to complete over 28 days. Some clients will commit to a longer programme, yet the average process can be completed within a month, followed by aftercare.

We offer instant support at Addiction Advocates, followed by accommodating addiction treatment to meet your availability.

Cost of alcohol and drug rehab

The cost of rehab can differ depending on the degree of treatments that’s completed. Transparent quotes can be found on admission to make sure that private rehab is a viable option for you.

Private rehab programmes through a CQC treatment centre can range between £3,000 and £10,000. The costs of rehab will fluctuate across standards, quality, and the offering of services.

Being mindful of the cost and funding of private rehab is essential. To complete rehab, the process must be feasible. We are here to help you select the most viable option whilst increasing your awareness of rehab and its commitment.

Nearest CQC registered rehab in Lozells

We work alongside a reputable network of CQC registered rehab clinics here at Addiction Advocates. We’re here to help you select the most suitable, which on convenience is our Towcester based rehab facility, known as Asana Lodge.

For more information or to arrange your admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Lozells, reach out to our team. Alternatively, text HELP to 83222 for further guidance on rehab and the next steps.

Frequent Questions

1. Can family members source support through rehab?
Rehab is designed to support recovering addicts and their loved ones. It builds a strong support network and offers a community feel to help all parties manoeuvre through addiction recovery. Family support can be experienced through family therapy sessions, regular visits, educational sessions, and post-rehab guidance. An addiction is a distressing condition to witness, which is why support is included within rehab to ease the recovery process for all.
2. What is inpatient rehab?
Inpatient rehab is an opportunity to check into a private drug and alcohol rehab in Lozells for a progressive and intimate recovery experience. By checking in, you’ll have everything you’ll need to recover under one roof, whilst working through a 28-day programme. Residential rehab is a highly focused process which requires full commitment. It’s fast paced as it’s a continuous effort to break down unhealthy habits and develop some new healthy ways of living. Programmes will be followed by aftercare to make sure that recovery is continuing on a post-rehab basis.
3. Does rehab work?
Rehab isn’t a quick fix or a guarantee of sobriety. It’s instead a service which provides the tools, motivations, and guidance to recover and sustain sobriety. When approached with the right attitude and completed to its fullest, rehab does work. Rehab is a highly recommended step for addicts to experience, standing as the most reliable way to recover from addiction.