With the help of Addiction Advocates, you can make sure that you are not one of these people. We want to make sure that everyone across the UK has access to the very best quality of addiction treatment. 


Drug addiction and alcohol addiction takes a heavy and damaging toll on all areas of an individual’s life. Not only does substance abuse and/or alcoholism have a ruinous effect on your physical and mental health, but it can also jeopardise all of your relationships with friends and loved ones, it can destroy employment prospects, and it can make your financial position very precarious.

When you are under the thumb of addiction, absolutely everything takes a back seat in comparison to the process of seeking out that next hit or alcoholic drink.

However, with the help of Addiction Advocates’ you can learn how to once more start putting the things that are important first in your life, and enjoy a long-term recovery and an all-round better quality of life.

The fact that you are reading this would suggest that you have already accepted that you may need professional help with overcoming your drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction — and that is a great step forward on the avenue to recovery.

However, actually reaching out to us and setting the gears in motion on attending a professional residential rehab, such as the ones offered by Addiction Advocates, is arguably the most important step you will take on your journey.

What Can Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Lichfield Do For You?

When you have made the decision to start looking into taking advantage of professional private rehab services it can be quite common for people to become quite concerned about how long they have been an addict will influence their treatment.

However, regardless of whether you have only recently begun to notice your addiction getting out of control or if you have been struggling with this demon for years now, we can help you.

The main thing that matters is that you are reaching out for help, and we are ready to help you to achieve your recovery dreams.

A lot of addicts can find themselves thinking that the best way to overcome substance abuse or alcohol abuse can be to do it alone in their homes by just going cold turkey.

However, this method can throw up a lot of problems, and the side-effects of alcohol withdrawal or drug withdrawal have cost many individuals their life.

Going cold turkey without medical supervision can not only cause a lot of physical and mental symptoms to present but this will throw up a lot of other problems as well.

Due to the difficulty of unsupervised detox, you are also more likely to relapse. And, with each time you relapse, the withdrawal side-effects you present with when you detox can be even more intense, thus meaning that recovery is even less likely.

Additionally, trying to recover at home means that you will not be able to address the underlying cause of your addiction, which is the cornerstone of a long-term recovery and something which our addiction specialists at Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol treatment services pride ourselves in treating.

When you choose a residential rehab, such as the Addiction Advocates’ rehab in Lichfield, you will be able to take advantage of our detox clinic, our personalised treatment plans, and the atmosphere that we cultivate in our treatment centres.

Recovering in a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre also means that you can take yourself out of your daily environment.

This means that any stressors and/or negative influences that exist in your day-to-day life will not be present as you focus solely on the process of recovering and overcoming your drug and/or alcohol addiction.

At our state-of-the-art facilities you will also be able to enjoy daily home cooked meals, a private en-suite room, housekeeping services provided, and access to entertainment suites.

Our Detox Clinic And Addiction Treatments Will Get Your Clean And Keep You Clean

When you arrive at one of our facilities, you will likely be experiencing, or about to experience, alcohol withdrawal and/or drug withdrawal.

Therefore, you will probably start your time at one of our facilities in our detox clinic. Our detox clinic staff will ensure that you receive 24/7 medical attention and supervision in order to make the process of withdrawal as safe as we can for you.

Our medically trained addiction specialists will be able to help flush the negative toxins out of your system slowly, carefully, and without danger — and this will provide the perfect baseline for the rest of your recovery.

When your detoxification is complete, we will then begin the process of administering a series of varied treatments which will combat the physical and psychological elements of your addiction.

By employing a personalised series of treatments which help cleanse your body as well as digging deep into your psyche and rooting out the underlying cause of you having developed your substance abuse disorder or alcohol abuse disorder.

By employing therapies such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) as well as one-to-one and group therapies with a trained therapist, we will help you to address these deep-seated issues and retrain the way in which your brain develop addictive tendencies.

Furthermore, by training you in relapse prevention as well as employing wellness therapies such as stress management classes, art therapy, family drug support, and aftercare services, we want to make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared to return to your home environment and not give into temptation.

Therefore, if you are ready to start taking your quality of life seriously and get the help that you need in overcoming your dependency on drugs and/or alcohol, then call our dedicated staff today on 0800 012 6088.