Addiction Advocates provides effective drug and alcohol treatment services for individuals living in Tendring, and with the help of our residential rehabilitation centre, you will have the best possible chance of attaining a long-term recovery from your substance abuse or alcohol abuse disorder.

From the moment that you step through the door into one of our drug and alcohol treatment centres, you will receive state-of-the-art physical and psychological treatments and therapies in order to make sure that you overcome your addiction in the best and safest possible way.

Your journey will take you through the initial process of medically-assisted detox through to a variety of psychological treatments which will get to the heart of your addiction and form the basis of a relapse prevention plan going forward.

Addiction Advocates’ rehab in Tendrig is populated with world-class medical practitioners including professional care workers, psychiatric nurses, psychological therapists, and highly-trained psychiatrists.

With our tirelessly working teams of staff helping you along your journey, our residential rehab treatment plan is amongst the best possible courses of action in order to help you realise a life of sobriety.

The fact that you are reading this strongly suggests that you have already taken the all-important first step on the road to recovery, that of acceptance.

However, the next step, actually reaching out and accepting the outstretched hand that we are offering you, is just as important.

Alternatively, you may be here as you are seeking help with a loved one’s addiction. Our family and friend referral programme can help you to plan and execute an intervention properly, and also we can help ensure that they have a treatment plan lined up for once the intervention has been held.


How A Course Of Addiction Treatment Begins At Our Residential Rehab

In advance of you actually arriving at our private rehab’s doorway, you will go through a short pre-admission interview which will be conducted over the phone.

During this consultation, a professional counsellor will take you through a short series of questions — all the information that you provide us with will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

This short consultation will assess the severity of your current addiction as well as provide us with any medical background (both physical health and mental health) information that may be necessary for us to know when treating you.

Once you have completed this consultation, you will be provided with an admission date and time. We always make sure that we find our clients a space in one of our facilities as soon as possible after the initial contact has been made, this is due to the fact that long waiting periods before treatment is started can often lead to relapse.

When you first arrive at our door, you will be given a short amount of time to settle into your room before another medical assessment will be performed by our on-site doctors.

One of the most common things that our clients are experiencing when they arrive at our facility is the early stages of withdrawal so it is important to keep an eye on your health during this stage.

Fortunately, with the help of our detox clinic, we will be able to make sure that you pass through alcohol withdrawal and/or substance abuse withdrawal in the safest way possible.

We often administer a medically assisted detox programme which means that we can manage any side effects that you present within a timely manner — however, this will depend on the nature of your addiction.

For example, people who are suffering from alcohol withdrawal have commonly prescribed a drug that is known as (chlordiazepoxide) to ease their withdrawal.

The medication that we prescribe will help to minimise symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, seizures, and diarrhoea which can be experienced when going through a detoxification.

You will also receive nutritious home-cooked meals as well as necessary vitamin supplements including the likes of vitamin B, glutamine and melatonin.


Our Professional Staff Understand What Obstacles You Are Facing

We only seek to employ knowledgeable and experienced addiction treatment specialists at our facilities. In addition to our plethora of addiction specialists to be on hand 24/7, we also employ a rotating panel of in-house therapists and psychotherapists.

The various therapists that you will have on hand to help you through your recovery specialise in a wide variety of therapies, including the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), psychotherapy, nutritional and neurobiological therapy, one-to-one relapse prevention planning, group therapy, dual-diagnosis therapy, and family drug support counselling.

This blend of treatments ensures that you will be able to find which treatment is most effective for you while enjoying a whole host of industry-leading addiction recovery strategies.


Holistic Therapies Will Help Boost Your General Wellbeing While Recovering

Addiction is an illness that affects all parts of the body and mind, and so it is important to treat your body as well as your brain while you are recovering.

Holistic therapies which help restore your body after a long period of psychological analysis can help you to relax, de-stress, and physical recovery from the long-lasting effects of your addiction.

These holistic therapies will also find ways to provide you with a wide array of coping strategies for dealing with anxiety and depression when you are back in your everyday environment, post-rehab.

These coping strategies will allow you to find more positive outlets for negative emotions, making you less likely to resort to substance misuse. Some of the holistic therapies we provide include art workshops, massage therapy, guided meditation, Reiki, stress management coaching, confrontation coaching, music therapy, and plenty of exercise around our grounds.


Reach Out To Addiction Advocates For Your Free Consultation Today!

When you contact Addiction Advocates your first consultation is free, so there is no obligation in reaching out and asking more about the process of recovery at our rehab in Tendring.

We hope that you will entrust your recovery to our capable hands, so if you’re serious about recovery call us on 0800 012 6088.