Whether the effects of drugs and alcohol are distorting your outlook, or whether you’re that immersed into their consumption that you cannot differentiate the effects of such consumption, it’s easy to see why you may lack awareness of your relationship and its severity with drugs and alcohol. 

Although understandable for your current position, in order to recover, increasing your awareness will be key, to gauge how to serve your addiction may be, and subsequently how much treatment you may require.

Alongside understanding the severity of your drug and alcohol problems, getting to the bottom of your causation is essential, as for many, drugs and alcohol have a role to play, which must be reverted.

For most of our clients here at Addiction Advocates, a toxic relationship with drugs and alcohol is usually present, in conjunction with a poor relationship with oneself.

Known to contribute to the problem, it’s therefore important to not only work on detaching from drugs and alcohol, but also on self-care.

Here’s where our services and recommendations come into play, highlight the functions of rehab and how it can improve your relationships. Visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Caerphilly with our backing to change your outlooks on negative, habitual stimuli.


What’s my relationship with drugs and alcohol?

On average, mild relationships with drugs and alcohol can be experienced. The majority of connections represent recreational and social consumption.

However, once such exposure is consistent, where consumption becomes regular and necessary, such a relationship can begin to aggravate.

If you’re consistently consuming drugs and alcohol, there’s a chance that such a relationship has turned toxic, where their presence is impacting your quality of life. We cannot guarantee that addiction will be present, without assessing your consumption rates and motives.

However, consistent and obsessive consumption will usually define the relationship of an addiction, which can be chronic to break.

It’s also important to consider the role that drugs and alcohol play, as such factors can contribute to your relationships. For example, if drugs and alcohol help you emotionally, your relationship with them is likely to boost your mental health and self-confidence, showcasing positives.

Yet under the surface of addiction, those desirable assets will be damaging your mental health, causing life-changing consequences, and reducing your self-awareness.

Knowing your position, relationship and attachment to drugs and alcohol are therefore essential, to unpick at such connection, with the aim of rehabilitation. We can help you understand more at Addiction Advocates through our assessment process.


Can I change that relationship via a drug and alcohol rehab in Caerphilly?

Yes, completing a rehab programme will promote the steps to change your relationship with drugs and alcohol. Your physical attachment to them can be reduced and suppressed through detoxification and withdrawal efforts.

Your psychological attachment can be worked through and managed by completing a range of therapeutic addiction treatment services and relapse prevention techniques.

However, an even greater perk of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Caerphilly through our services is that alongside treatment, you’ll have the scope to work on self-development, which can improve your relationship with yourself, your lifestyle and your mental health.

To strongly change your relationship with drugs and alcohol, you will need to maintain such change on a post-rehab level back in Caerphilly.

However, this is a realistic outlook for many recovering addicts, especially for those who fully immerse themselves in the entirety of rehab.


How can I develop a healthier relationship with myself?

As touched on above, throughout rehab, you’ll have the opportunity to experience dual diagnosis treatment, wellbeing sessions and lifestyle recommendations.

All will focus on your self-care, on your mindset and on your routine, to develop a reality which not only promotes a greater relationship with yourself but a weaker reliance on drugs and alcohol.

Through rehab, there’s a chance to reach a position where your lifestyle can outweigh the value of drugs and alcohol, deterring future exposure and consumption.

Such a relationship can strengthen your long-term recovery results for back in Caerphilly, to turn sober living into a lifestyle, rather than a chore.


What type of treatment will benefit me?

The value of treatment services will differ depending on your needs. For example, cognitive behavioural therapy may stand as a high-value treatment for you if you suffer emotionally from your addiction. With this in mind, treatment recommendations will be made accurately on a post-assessment basis.

While this is customary through our affiliated rehab clinics, you will experience highly beneficial treatment services which focus on comprehensive recovery.

Detoxification, therapy, stress management, relapse prevention, art therapy and exposure therapy are all beneficial when considering lifestyle management, mindfulness, self-care and addiction recovery.


How can I prolong a sober lifestyle?

On your return to Caerphilly, it’s normal if you’re looking to prolong sobriety for as long as possible. This defines long-term recovery, which will drive your investment in and commitment to rehab.

While guarantees cannot be made, as every client is different, prolonging a sober lifestyle can be achieved by leading a lifestyle that deters drug and alcohol exposure.

By maintaining a clean house, managing your triggers, prioritising self-care, being honest with your feelings, and keeping a routine that promotes positivity and health, such a lifestyle should become routine.

It’s understandable that the thought of even more work, on a post-rehab basis is disheartening. However, rehab isn’t a quick fix, where you’ll need to take your new skills and coping strategies and put them into practice.

To support you through such efforts, aftercare and relapse prevention will be in place to strengthen your mindset and accountability levels.

Aftercare will also be accessible via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Caerphilly, making it easier to maintain as a part of your schedule.

Knowing where you stand with drugs and alcohol is very important to reach this point. You must understand your triggers, the severity of your attachments, and how your lifestyle is fuelling such a relationship.

From here, you’ll be equipped to develop, grow, recover and manage a lifestyle that reduces the connectivity of drugs and alcohol. Work towards this point by contacting our team at Addiction Advocates for personal, confidential advice.