Are you unsure of where to start, or if you even need to attend rehab?

At Addiction Advocates, we can support you in securing treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction.

We can also offer you a wealth of guidance to ensure that you are prepared to commence treatment when the time is right for you to.

The Importance Of Securing Treatment For A Drug or Alcohol Addiction

If you are searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames, it is highly likely that you have come to realise that you have developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

While you will understand this and appreciate that you will require treatment to overcome your struggles, you may not yet think that securing treatment is essential.

This could be because you do not believe that your addiction is severe enough to obtain treatment.  It may also be because you think that you can put a stop to your addiction without securing treatment.  Sadly, this is not true nor advisable.

If you are yet to understand the importance of securing treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames, we have outlined just a few of the reasons that treatment is essential when an addiction is present below.

While many benefits come hand in hand with securing treatment for an addiction, the most significant advantage is that obtaining treatment for an addiction can essentially save your life.

Although you may not often consider that your addiction will eventually cause you to experience several long-term, and often incurable, ramifications, it is vital that you do so.

Sadly, addictions can cause individuals to suffer from illnesses such as cancer, mental health disorders and organ failure.

However, should you secure treatment in the early stages of your addiction, the long-term ramifications of addictions can be minimised.

Furthermore, securing treatment for a drug and alcohol addiction can essentially salvage your relationships with others.

Although unintentional, as your addiction takes its toll on your physical and psychological health, it is not uncommon for you to push your loved ones and friends away, and reject their support.

Determining Whether You Are Ready To Seek Treatment From A Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Kingston Upon Thames

Determining whether you are ready to seek treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames is something that only you can do.

Although your loved ones may have approached you and encouraged you to attend a drug and alcohol rehab, if you are to complete a rehab programme successfully, you need to be ready to overcome your addiction once and for all.

If you are attempting to determine whether you are ready to seek treatment, it may be worth asking yourself the following questions.

  • Am I ready to stop consuming drugs or alcohol?
  • Do I want to live a life free from the shackles of my addiction?
  • Do I want to turn my life around and secure a substance-free future?
  • Am I determined to overcome my battles and maintain a long-term recovery?
  • Do I want to attend rehab?
  • Do I want to stop consuming drugs or alcohol?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are ready to seek treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames.

Sadly, if you answered no to any of the above questions, you may not yet be ready to attend a drug and alcohol rehab.

Although you are not yet ready to attend rehab, we would still encourage you to contact us.

At Addiction Advocates, we can provide you with the support and guidance that will help you visualise a life free from drugs and alcohol.

We can talk to you about the benefits of attending rehab, the treatment that is readily available to you, and recommend addiction groups in Kingston Upon Thames.

Life During Rehab

As you come to realise that attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames is in your best interest, it is entirely normal for you to turn your thoughts to life during rehab.

Although many perceive life in rehab to be somewhat bleak, we can confirm that this is not true.

In fact, the residential rehabs that we refer individuals to provide a home away from home, state of the art facilities and spacious areas for those in recovery to relax, recuperate and reflect on their addiction.

As you embark on your journey to a substance free future, your time in rehab will see you undergo various types of treatment, all of which will contribute to your long-term recovery.

It should be noted that as you undergo treatment, you will be unable to leave your chosen facility. However, you will still be able to make contact with, and see your loved ones.

Life After Rehab

Upon completing your rehabilitation treatment, you will once again be able to return to your everyday life.

Although the thought of life after rehab may fill you with fear, especially if you are concerned that triggers will once again surround you, your chosen rehab will ensure that you have appropriate aftercare support and a relapse prevention plan in place.

Take The First Step In Overcoming Your Addiction Today

If you are ready to overcome your addiction and secure a drug or alcohol-free future, it is time for you to take the first step in overcoming your addiction.

By picking up the phone and calling us, we can ensure that you are equipped with all of the advice, guidance, and knowledge you need to embark on your personal road to recovery.

We will answer any questions that you have, listen to your recovery needs and locate a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames for you.

When you are happy to commence treatment, we will ensure that you are provided with a suitable admission date.