At Addiction Advocates, we commonly receive enquiries from our clients surrounding denial. Many understand that addiction support is required to an extent. Yet, denial and the justification of ongoing drug and alcohol consumption continues to take over.

This can be extremely frustrating, especially if an understanding of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and its necessity is present. However, please be reassured that there are ways to overcome denial, linked to substance abuse and addiction.

Through our services, we can help you with your pre-rehab preparations. Readiness to recover on physical and psychological levels will be secured, along with the ability to power through, beyond the strength of denial.

Alongside this, we can help you benefit from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kidderminster, assisting you to see the need to disable the justification of substance abuse.

This may be a lot to take in. So, to help your pre-rehab process, here are some commonly asked questions around denial, around the importance of readiness, and around the support we can offer through your initial drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience.

If you have any further questions around drug and alcohol rehab, reach out today.


How can I overcome denial?

Denial is one of the most commonly encountered emotions while struggling with addiction. In most cases, it is used as a comfort blanket, as a coping strategy to avoid the reality of drug and alcohol abuse.

While it is understandable to see why addicts may attempt to escape from their reality, it is very dangerous to downplay the impacts of drug and alcohol consumption. Worse off, it is hazardous to justify ongoing drug and alcohol abuse.

With this in mind, it is very important that denial, as an emotion, is diminished prior to addiction recovery. Otherwise, it will continue to control psychological connections to drugs and alcohol, making rehabilitation very difficult.

To overcome denial, it is important that you begin to ground yourself and understand your actions. This is easier said than done, yet through self-reflection and through opening up to loved ones or professionals, you will soon see the reality of substance abuse.

If you’re struggling to see this yourself, yet are offered addiction support opportunities from loved ones, you should grab hold of those opportunities. In most cases, an intervention may be required. You should embrace this form of support, helping you break down denial and see the necessity of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kidderminster.

If you’re really struggling with denial, where the above steps offer little respite, reaching out for emotional support through our services will be recommended.


Should I invest in a drug and alcohol rehab in Kidderminster?

Your decisions around rehab are ultimately in your hands. With this in mind, if you hope to remain local and also thrive to reach long-term recovery, then yes, you should invest in a drug and alcohol rehab in Kidderminster.

At Addiction Advocates, we are here to guide you. The final say on rehab is down to you. Yet, we hope to inspire and motivate your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey, through the most suited, high-quality route. We achieve this by sharing information, by recommending rehab programmes, and by facilitating admissions.

With this in mind, if you are accepting of residential rehab, if you’re prepared for the long-term recovery commitments, if you’re ready to embrace rehab, reach out. We can press ahead by finding a Kidderminster rehabilitation centre to meet your needs.

We do recommend that private rehab clinics are selected, via our affiliation. While it’s your choice, we do encourage clients to look beyond the reduced quality selections of NHS treatment services and cheap, generalist rehab programmes.


Why is it important to be ready for rehab?

Many individuals start rehab lacking readiness. By doing so, they will have little understanding of what is required of them through visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kidderminster.

They will also enter with unrealistic outlooks on addiction recovery or will, unfortunately, struggle emotionally through the initial transition. As a result, recovering for the long-term is difficult.

However, you’re aiming for long-term recovery as a foundation. Down to this, it is important that you’re ready on physical and psychological levels for rehab. By securing this readiness you will accept the initial stages of rehab, easier.

You will understand that processes are necessary to reach sober living. And you’ll also understand the commitment of long-term recovery and the benefits it can offer, way beyond a future controlled by drugs and alcohol.

To reach this point, it’s time to do your research, to overcome denial, to prepare yourself with enough time and resources, and to reach the right mindset to recover. We can offer guidance with this before pushing ahead with your rehab admission.


What treatment services are available through rehab?

Via our affiliated rehab clinics, a wide range of treatment services is available. However, to ensure that you can safely, comfortably and successfully withdraw from drugs and alcohol, a personal mix will be recommended.

With this in mind, you will only complete a proportion of addiction treatment options. They can include anything from a drug and alcohol detox, stress management and relapse prevention, to CBT and support groups.

One key benefit of using our services is that we will assess your relationship with drugs and alcohol, providing data to offer realistic addiction treatment recommendations. This, alongside your final medical assessment, will set a personal rehab journey in place for you; known to improve recovery rates and acceptance of sober living.


How can you help me with rehab?

Our services can help you in many ways here at Addiction Advocates. From offering guidance to overcome denial and secure your emotional and physical readiness for rehab, to sourcing an optimal rehab experience, we can make your initial journey worthwhile and positive.

Naturally, you may aim to complete this process alone. Ultimately, the decision is up to you around your drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience. However, we hope that all individuals, in need, can experience the value of drug and alcohol rehab.

To experience this, your best option will be to utilise our services and benefit from a handheld admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Kidderminster. By doing so, your recovery capabilities will likely increase, helping you reach your end goals of sober living.