Whatever your situation may be, here at Addiction Advocates, we can offer guidance, we can offer professional insights, we can offer referrals into rehab. To gauge where you stand with drugs and alcohol, to understand the necessity of professional withdrawal services, to appreciate the deteriorating cycle of addiction, reach out to our team.

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important to get the right help as quickly as possible. Addictions can be extremely destructive, wrecking health, relationships, careers and affecting pretty much every aspect of the addict’s life, as well as the lives of loved ones and others around them.

Rehab is proven to be one of the most effective ways to beat addiction and make a lasting long-term recovery. If you’re looking for rehab places for drugs and alcohol in Lancaster and the surrounding area it can be difficult to know what to look for. There are different choices and different drug and alcohol treatment centres can offer different treatment programmes. All of them have value but some might be more suited to different individuals than others.

At Addiction Advocates we work with a wide range of drug and alcohol rehab centres in Lancaster, as well as elsewhere throughout the UK. We never forget that everyone struggling with a drink or drug problem is an individual with their own unique needs and requirements. That’s why we match up people with the centre or facility that is the best fit for them. If you’re looking for rehab in Lancaster we can help you take the first steps towards a new life free of drugs and alcohol.


The dangers of addiction

An addiction to drugs or alcohol can have an impact on all areas of your life. Misusing alcohol and drugs can present a number of dangers to your physical health. Long-term use can lead to a number of health issues, including liver damage, high blood pressure, irregular heart rate and many others.

As you continue to use the substance you will usually develop a tolerance to its effects, meaning you will need to take more and more to get the same effect and eventually just to feel normal. Depending on the substance, this can exacerbate any negative health effects and also potentially increase the dangers of hospitalisation or even death from alcohol or drug-related poisoning, commonly known as overdose. Withdrawal can cause severe physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms and there can also be a risk of accidental injury through impaired judgement.

Addiction can cause damage to relationships with friends and family and lead to the addict neglecting other responsibilities such as work or education. Addiction can cause harm to the child if you are pregnant and it can cause or contribute to a range of psychological and mental issues. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can also increase the risk of being involved in violence and criminal activities.

One of the defining factors of addiction is the compulsion to continue using the substance despite the possibility of negative consequences like those mentioned above. Beating a full-blown addiction can be incredibly difficult on your own, so it’s essential to get the help you need as quickly as possible.


Why choose alcohol or drug rehab clinics?

Drug and alcohol services are available via the NHS but sadly, these are often underfunded and there can be lengthy waiting lists for treatment. The vast majority of drug and alcohol treatment schemes available on the NHS are outpatient or community based. These can certainly be valuable but they do have some drawbacks. The addict has to manage their own appointments and programme, which can be a difficult task in itself when you are in the grip of an addiction. You will still be surrounded by the people and places associated with your drinking or drug taking and the alcohol or substance you are addicted to will be on hand to tempt you.

At a residential alcohol or drug rehab UK centre you will be away from such triggers and temptations, in a safe, secure and friendly environment. This gives you a real chance to focus on your recovery in a way that is often simply not possible in your regular environment. You will also have access to 24-hour support where required, which may involve appropriate medical treatment. A stay in drug and alcohol rehabilitation also tends to be very structured and focused. This is valuable for many recovering addicts and allows more therapy and other treatments to be delivered within a shorter time overall.


What to expect from drug abuse treatment rehabilitation

Different clinics and rehab centres will offer different facilities and treatments but there are some common things that you might expect to find across these places.

The first is that they will be staffed with experts in the field of addiction who are qualified and tend to have plenty of experience in helping people to overcome addiction. Some might have battled their own addictions in the past but all will be able to provide support and assistance in a completely non-judgemental and confidential environment. Other residents will also be going through similar experiences.

Another common factor is that most rehab centres incorporate a detox clinic or programme. Detox is one of the most important stages in beating and recovering from an addiction. This is the process of flushing the harmful toxins from your body and dealing with the immediate aftermath in terms of dealing with the withdrawal symptoms this entails. This can be particularly difficult and even dangerous to attempt without help. A structured, supervised detox in a dedicated rehab clinic is safer and far more likely to be successful.

Following and accompanying the detoxification process, there will also be a number of different treatments, therapies and workshops designed to help you uncover the root causes of your addiction, to learn about addiction and how to live a healthier drug and drink-free life once you leave. Relapse is also a danger so you must be equipped with the tools you need to maintain a lasting recovery once you have left the centre.


How to find the right rehab near me

Whether you’re looking for an effective yet cheap rehab or an exclusive treatment centre with top of the range facilities, we can help to find the best fit for you. Don’t delay, call us today to find out how we can help.