It may seem like something inconsequential, but accepting you need help is a major part of your recovery journey.

Addiction Advocates are here to guide you through this journey, and if you get in touch with us, we will be able to admit you without delay.

By calling us today via 0800 012 6088 or by texting HELP to 83222, you can very quickly begin your drug and alcohol treatment and make real steps to changing your life for the better.

Why not call us today for a conversation about your drug or alcohol usage and about the drug and alcohol treatment that we offer?


The Benefits of Residential Rehab

We will perform an initial consultation with you over the telephone. If you are a friend or family member who is concerned, we can also assist with family and friend referral.

Our rehabilitation centre is easily located for your search for rehab in Petersfield.

Our recommendation to most of our clients is that you commit to a 28-day period of residential rehab. The idea of being away from your normal life for such a long period of time might be unsettling, but it is of maximum benefit to your long-term recovery.

Many of our clients talk about a difficult home life, and this is one example where residential rehab will make a real difference. It removes you from these difficult surroundings and places you in a secure, welcoming environment where your safety is guaranteed.

Residential rehab isn’t the cheapest route to overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, but Addiction Advocates offer fair and transparent pricing and we’ll work with you in order to create a treatment programme within your budget.

There are other options for drug and alcohol rehab in Petersfield, such as local charities and the NHS, but there are long waiting lists for these services.

This means you may have a significant window for your addiction to worsen in between diagnosis and treatment. When you are seen, you will likely be treated on an outpatient basis.

This means you will be treated for an addiction in a clinic by day and discharged in an evening and at weekends. This provides a window for you to give in to temptation, and bad influences can undo your hard work in a matter of hours.

In an outpatient environment for addiction treatment, only your addiction is treated and the underlying cause, often a mental health issue, is not identified or treated. This is crucial for your long-term recovery and for relapse prevention.

If Addiction Advocates identify an underlying condition, we will perform dual diagnosis treatment in order to aid your ability to live a life free of the draw of drugs or alcohol.


Detox clinic in Petersfield

When you are admitted to our rehabilitation centre in Petersfield, we will give you a tour of our facility and check you in.

As a follow up to your initial consultation, we will perform a thorough physical and psychological assessment of your welfare and we’ll discuss your drug and alcohol abuse and which drug and alcohol services will be of benefit to you.

Almost all of our clients require a drug or alcohol detox in our detox clinic. This is in order to flush your body of all toxins that build up during a sustained period of drug or alcohol abuse.

It is a difficult part of your treatment and your body will react negatively to being denied the substances it has grown dependent on. Drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and we don’t recommend that you try this unaided.

However, our medical staff will be able to keep you safe and monitor your progress during your time in the detox clinic.

They can also provide you with prescription medication that acts as a sedative – this can be used to relieve your pain or discomfort when your withdrawal symptoms are at their worst.

Your time in the detox clinic depends on how severe your drug or alcohol addiction is but you will generally be free to continue with the rest of your addiction treatment within two weeks.