There are different types of rehab and different types of treatment. You can have outpatient or inpatient rehab and both have their benefits. You will receive numerous treatments and counselling options for both, and you will have a bespoke programme which is essential to your recovery.

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For more intense rehab work detoxification, round the clock medical care and types of therapy, you will be able to find this with an inpatient programme.

Recovering from addiction may be slow and you may encounter setbacks. These include depression and anxiety as well as physical symptoms. You can get the help you need if you choose recovery. If you are here, you may already know that you have an addiction problem. Help is here if you want it.

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is a very serious problem with many consequences. By consuming alcohol regularly for several years, there are several types of complications, difficult and unpleasant diseases, or even death.

First, there are organs that will eventually become damaged. The liver ends up being slowly poisoned and the user needs to undergo intense drug and alcohol detoxification. Treatments for this will vary. You may also need medical intervention to reduce any physical symptoms. This is only possible with inpatient rehab.

The stomach and intestine are also weakened, resulting in digestive problems, therefore we must work holistically to rewire the body. Furthermore, an expert team will be able to assess your mental state and see how we can cultivate a programme to make you happy and healthy again.

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is another complex issue. There are many issues at play. Some risk factors include, family or school problems, low self-esteem, comorbidity with other psychiatric disorders, poor socialisation choices and more. Once this is realised, you can work towards a cure.

Drug addiction also comes in many forms. Your addiction may have begun with widely marketed and prescribed substances such as painkillers or other analgesics. When taken in moderation, they do not pose a threat. But sometimes, the tolerance grows too high and the user needs more.

The other type of addiction is illegal drugs that are not found by prescription. You may have used them to feel high, or to relieve discomfort or improve health during illness, but they are often very dangerous in the long run. These may include ketamine, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin. There is a wide range of drugs and we have dealt with many complex issues.

Any drug addiction can cause numerous health issues, including physical and mental. They may cause liver failure or even overdose if not properly managed. You must ensure you get the help you need to safely detox from drugs. Going ‘cold turkey’ is not a good option.

How to get help in Huyton

Making the commitment to get help is a brave decision. It is one you won’t regret, therefore we pride ourselves on the best care to give you exactly what you deserve. Admitting to your problem is the first and often biggest step. Help is available in Huyton and various other UK destinations.

In a rehabilitation clinic, each case is studied individually. You will be analysed and have a one to one, to understand your type of addiction and the severity, including your health records.
Of course the time you spend in alcohol and drug rehab will differ in relation to the degree of addiction, time, age, context and other factors. You will always have a tailor made programme that suits you and is ideal for your needs.

It is often broken down into different stages, and for this we can see the outline below:

  • Detoxification: The objective here is to suppress alcohol consumption and remove the bodily toxins. It will be done with or without medication to minimise or remove the effects of withdrawal. It slowly achieves this and removes the desire for instant need of the drug or the alcohol substance.
  • Rehabilitation: The aim is for the patient to be able to control the impulse of consumption. They should be able to work out what caused the addiction and how to move forwards.
  • Aftercare: The objective is for the patient to move back into society and to their home with new skills, a different outlook and a healthier body. This will ensure that you succeed in your family, social and work environment.
  • Follow-up: We seek that the patient can face negative stimuli and know how to overcome them without relapses in consumption. Follow ups are only available with huge support when you seek inpatient treatment.

You can choose to stay close to home in Huyton or you can move elsewhere. You can move from another city to Huyton to carry out your rehabilitation. It should be noted that staying away from the environment of your addiction boasts many benefits.

Moving away from this toxic environment can be hugely beneficial. You can look at the right programmes for you and then decide what is best. Bear in mind that removing yourself from the people who may fuel your addiction can be good.

Removing yourself from the palace in which you can find and access these drugs is also a benefit. That is why inpatient rehab has much better results. You can fully remove yourself. You have numerous treatments, including counselling and one to one talks, including group activities that allow you to fully appreciate and understand how rehab can help you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does drug and alcohol rehab last?
The length of drug and alcohol rehab can vary depending on the needs of the person needs and the program they are participating in. Some programs may last only a few weeks, while others can be several months long. Generally, the longer the program, the more intensive the treatment and the better the chances for long-term success. Some individuals may also benefit from ongoing support, such as attending 12-step meetings or participating in aftercare programs, after they complete a formal rehab program.
What happens during drug and alcohol rehab?
The specifics of drug and alcohol rehab can vary depending on the program, but generally, you will go through a detoxification process to rid your body of drugs or alcohol. After detox, you may participate in individual or group therapy, learn coping mechanisms to help them manage triggers and cravings, and develop a plan for long-term sobriety.
What is drug and alcohol rehab?
Drug and alcohol rehab refers to a treatment program designed to help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Rehab typically involves a combination of medical, behavioural, and psychological therapies,