Drug and alcohol addiction treatment can turn your life around; however, in order to experience the most drastic recovery then you will need to attend a high-quality rehabilitation centre. Addiction Advocates are able to find you a place in a drug and alcohol rehab that tailors your therapies and treatments to your specific needs.

If you are prepared to make real changes to your behaviour and mental state which will see you leave your addiction behind then reach out to Addiction Advocates on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222.

Furthermore, if you contact our helpline then our staff will be able to guide you through our family and friend referral packages if you are looking to get medical assistance for a loved one who is suffering from an addictive disorder.

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How To Get Help

Drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction is a disorder that affects both your body and your mind. In order to overcome an addiction, you will need to go through professional treatments which can help you to both cleanse your body of your addiction while also allowing you to break down the neural pathways which lead you to feel the need to take drugs and/or consume alcohol.

The first step of getting help will be reaching out to us. Once you have made contact with us, we will be able to locate you a place in a drug and alcohol abuse treatment centre that is best for your requirements, budget, and location.


How Does Rehab Work

Rehab works by putting you through different physical and psychological treatments which will combat different aspects of your addictive disorder. Each and every treatment that you go through will be administered by trained therapists and medical professionals.

Inpatient rehab also has the added bonus of taking you out of your everyday environment and denying you access to drugs and/or alcohol during your treatment. This will therefore lessen your chances of relapsing.


What Happens During Alcohol And Drug Rehab In London

Once you arrive at rehab, you will be shown around the facility and to your personal room. The first course of treatment that most people experience will be at a detox clinic. As the name suggests, this clinic will help you to go through drug or alcohol detox safely. Once your body is cleansed, then you will be ready to start the rest of your therapies.

During your stay at a residential rehab, you will also have access to your private en-suite room, entertainment suites, and the grounds around the rehab. You will also be provided with home-cooked meals each day.


Addiction Therapy & Treatment Options In London

If you have spent any time researching treatment options in London then you will already be aware that there are a whole host of different treatment options. However, that is why Addiction Advocates can help you to make the best decision when it comes to treatment.

We work with a whole host of addiction treatment centres around the London area which means that when you contact us and explain your current situation, we will be able to match you to the best treatment centre for you. We have helped countless people already, so let our wealth of experience matching people to rehabs benefit you as well.


Medical Alcohol And Drug Detox

Detoxification can be an incredibly dangerous process, which means that you should always try to go through drug or alcohol withdrawal under medical supervision. All of the rehabilitation centres that we refer clients to are equipped with a detox clinic that will allow you to experience a medically-assisted detox treatment.

As the name suggests, a medically-assisted detox is where medical professionals monitor and control your withdrawal symptoms with meticulously selected medication. This form of treatment will allow you to pass through drug and/or alcohol detox safely and in relative comfort.


Therapy For Alcohol And Drug Addiction

Most rehabs will provide you with a combination of psychological-based therapies and physical therapies.

Psychological therapies may take the form CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy), stress management classes, and relapse prevention planning. All of these therapies will allow you to retrain how your brain processes addictive triggers.

Other treatments that you may experience can include NAD+ rain restoration therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, group therapy, low-level laser therapy, art and music therapy, and much more.


How Long Is Rehab

Rehabilitation duration can differ for some people who are suffering from more severe causes of addictive disorders. However, most of the inpatient rehabilitation treatment courses that we refer our clients to will last for around 28 days.


Cost Of Alcohol And Drug Rehab

Private drug and alcohol rehab is naturally more expensive than alternative options. However, the days of private healthcare only being for the top 5% are over. Our teams of staff will be able to walk you through a variety of different budgets and payment plans when you reach out to us about wanting to start professional addiction treatment.

The fact that we have a wide array of rehabs that we work alongside means that we will be able to accommodate nearly all budgets.


Nearest CQC Registered Rehab To London

Each and every rehabilitation centre that Addiction Advocates works alongside is QCQ registered. This means that you can rest easy that when you contact Addiction Advocates, you will be getting the highest possible quality of care in the London area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Addiction A Mental Illness Or Disease?
This question can divide a lot people who work in healthcare. However, most people agree that addiction is a mental health disease. Regardless of how an addictive disorder may be characterised, the staff at the drug and alcohol treatment centres that we work alongside are able to get you clean and sober for the long term.
How Do You Deal With Withdrawal Symptoms?
As mentioned previously, withdrawal is not something that should be attempted at home without medical support. Attending a rehabilitation centre with a detox clinic where you can have your withdrawal symptoms managed through careful medication is the safest way to experience drug and/or alcohol detox.
Can Addiction Be Cured?
Due to the fact that addiction is a chronic illness, the threat of relapse will always be there. Although, learning how to keep the threat of relapse at bay will come to be second nature with the help of relapse prevention planning at a professional rehabilitation centre.