Maybe you’ve experienced failed attempts at recovery which have left you disheartened to try again.

It’s a human instinct to try and avoid our weaknesses or pretend as though they’re not there. But in order to better ourselves and create a better future for those around us, we must face our fears head on.

In this case, it’s crucial that you take that brave step in acknowledging that you have a drug addiction or alcohol addiction which you need help with. Once you’ve contacted our friendly admissions team, your journey to recovery can truly begin.

We will provide you with the essential tools needed to achieve an effective recovery from addiction whilst offering dedicated support and guidance along the way.

We can assure you that we’ll surround you with constant motivation, 24/7 support, and leading evidence-based therapies to give you the best chance of succeeding.

Our drug and alcohol rehab Broadland has a high recovery rate as we utilise the most effective methods to treat addiction as opposed to outpatient services or drug and alcohol rehab treatments with free local health services.

The benefits of residential rehab treatment are endless. Primarily, you’ll be receiving a much more effective and more comprehensive addiction treatment if you stay in our recovery focused environment for the duration of your rehabilitation.

This way, we can remove all of the distractions which are present in homelife, thus ensuring you’re able to solely focus on your rehab treatment with no external influences.

Do you have to undergo a Drug or Alcohol Detoxification?

A detoxification is likely one of the first things you’ll experience during your addiction treatment. None of our treatments are compulsory, however, if you want to achieve the desired outcome of a long-term recovery, we strongly advise that you follow the advice of our addiction experts.

After settling into our rehab in Broadland, one of our recovery workers will explain how our detoxification process works and take you to our detox clinic.

Put simply, a detox is the process of gradually reducing your consumption of alcohol or drugs until your cravings are gone and your physical connection to the substance is broken.

This is the safest and most effective way to achieve a successful detoxification and remove the toxins from your body which are there as a result of your substance abuse; this cleanse will also prepare you for your subsequent therapies so they can work as they’re intended to.

What makes a drug or alcohol detoxification uncomfortable, are the withdrawal symptoms which regularly arise. Ranging from mild sickness and headaches to the more serious symptoms of insomnia and delirium tremens (the DT’s), it’s crucial that you’re supervised 24/7 whilst undergoing a detox otherwise you’d be putting yourself at great risk of danger.

Our team are experts in managing withdrawal symptoms safely, so rest assured you’ll be in the best hands to cope with any discomfort.

Do you have a friend or family member who needs Rehab Treatment?

Watching a loved one damage their physical and mental health through addiction is extremely difficult. Many of us will feel helpless in this situation, not knowing what’s best to do for our loved one.

They might not even admit that they have an addiction which they need help with or if they do open up about it, could be reluctant to receive any professional support; but there is a way that you can help them turn their life around.

Our drug and alcohol rehab Broadland offers a fantastic family and friend referral service in addition to a comprehensive intervention service.

You can contact us to get the best advice for your friend or family member with the full discretion of our team of recovery workers.

Both of these services have helped countless people recognise the benefits of rehab treatment, resulting in them joining a drug and alcohol rehab and going onto achieve their long-term recoveries.

What is our Rehab in Broadland like?

Of course, you’re probably full of questions about what actually goes on inside our rehab centre. First of all, we work very hard to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all of our clients to benefit from.

We believe in promoting positivity and encouraging motivation throughout the entire rehabilitation process. Our team of recovery workers are truly exceptional and continue to go above and beyond in helping our clients with the utmost care, compassion, and respect.

You will stay in your own private room as we take care of all your housekeeping, laundry, and ensuring that you have nutritious meals each day to aid your full recovery.

In addition to this, we also arrange social activities for you to take part in during your downtime which include groups runs or walks, quiz nights, film nights, or family visits.

Taking a holistic approach to your rehab treatment is key to the success, it’s for this reason why we focus on providing you with a personalised rehab treatment programme which utilises physical, psychological and well-being therapies.

These could include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), stress management, individual, group, or family counselling, drug or alcohol relapse prevention, motivational interviewing, low level laser therapy, music therapy, art therapy, relaxation and sleep management, mindfulness, nutritional supplement therapy, and yoga.

Once you’re ready to return home after completing your residential rehab treatment which normally lasts around 28 days, we will provide you with a tailored aftercare plan to continue your rehabilitation.

This aftercare plan is completely free for 12 months and it’s purpose is to keep you in touch with our dedicated team, provide you with ongoing therapy sessions to avoid any relapses, and encourage you to take advantage of local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to help share your concerns and celebrate your achievements with others.

Contact us today on 0800 012 6088, text HELP to 83222 or email