Having clear expectations and understandings of drug and alcohol rehab are very important, before taking the plunge and visiting a centre.

This is down to the unfamiliarity of such services, and many misconceptions which have been built up, both deterring the realism of professional rehabilitation.

It’s understandable why this far, you may lack such awareness, as an addiction can be engulfing. However, by visiting our website here at Addiction Advocates, we hope to increase your awareness, helping to build realistic expectations for your recovery journey.

If you’re looking to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Eltham, below, therefore, showcases some of the services you can look to complete, along with their contents.

FAQ’s also cover expectations that you should have of your rehabilitation process, in tandem with the efforts that you must invest to maintain sobriety.

We can arrange your rehab programme for you, we can do so via our strong affiliation of treatment centres, and we can guide you to this point, with specialist care, advice and insight. Build on your knowledge, to experience the right drug and alcohol rehabilitation process for your needs.


What should I expect from drug and alcohol withdrawal?

Drug and alcohol withdrawal will likely be the first step of your active rehab experience. This will be post-admission, once you’ve settled into your chosen drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

Detoxification will motivate drug and alcohol withdrawal, which ultimately promotes the slow removal of toxins from the body. In this instance, drugs and alcohol will be identified as toxins, foreign to the body’s organic formulation.

In order to physically disconnect from drugs and alcohol, curb cravings and help the body cope without their presence, you should therefore expect to withdraw through a detox programme.

This programme should be medically structured, to help suppress the strength of withdrawal symptoms and any further health issues.

Withdrawal is necessary, to place the body in a sustainable condition to avoid future drug and alcohol consumption. By removing their presence, with sustainability in mind, greater opportunities for recovery will be found, while paired with additional steps of rehab.


Can I safely withdraw via a drug and alcohol rehab in Eltham?

Yes, withdrawal will be best via a drug and alcohol rehab in Eltham. A reputable rehab clinic will protect your well-being while moving through the necessary process of withdrawal.

Your needs will be considered prior to detox, to ensure that a suitable programme can be formed, with medical observations and involvement at the forefront.

You can therefore feel assured that detoxing from drugs and alcohol is possible, with comfort in mind and with ongoing recovery capabilities as an indefinite.


Can you help me find the right rehab programme?

Our key service focuses on rehab referrals. We therefore can assist with finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Eltham, which will deliver the right programme for your needs. Small details will be considered, from your budget to your wellbeing requirements and your expectations of rehab.

Finding the right clinic and rehab programme is very important, as incorrect recommendations can result in ineffective recovery journeys. We aim to meet the needs of our clients by thoroughly matching suitability while working through our affiliation of rehab clinics.

You can therefore again feel assured with what’s ahead, expecting to visit the right drug and alcohol rehab, subsequently experiencing the right programme for you.


Should I expect to complete other forms of treatment?

To recover fully, you should expect to complete addiction treatment services, alongside your detox. Detoxing will support physical addiction recovery. In order to recover on a psychological level, you’ll need to complete therapeutic treatment services.

It’s important to remember that comprehensive recovery amounts to physical and psychological rehabilitation. To reach sobriety and work to maintain such status, you will need to experience a mix of treatments and recovery steps.

Through your chosen rehab clinic, you’ll complete a personal treatment programme, focusing on talking therapies, coping strategies, and relapse prevention planning. Stress management, dialectical behavioural therapy, group therapy and exposure therapy are some considerations.

In tandem with primary treatments, you should also be open to additional services which focus on your wellbeing and lifestyle, along with dual diagnosis treatment.

Depending on your health and current routine, the contents of such recommendations will be unique, communicated on your rehab admission.

You should look to complete an intensive programme of treatment via rehab. Consistently, this is the best way to tackle an addiction head-on, benefiting your ability to withdraw, restore and maintain recovery.


How will I remain sober after rehab?

While leaving rehab, you can be drug and alcohol-free. Exposure to drugs and alcohol will be controlled while experiencing residential rehab. With this in mind, sobriety can be aimed for while completing a comprehensive rehab programme.

It’s understandable that once you leave rehab, and return to life in Eltham, that vulnerability will present itself. You may feel vulnerable to potential triggers, and drug and alcohol exposure. You’ll need to work to diminish such exposure, by creating a life that unwelcome such substances.

This sounds easier said than done currently. However, with the support of rehabilitation services and aftercare, you will be equipped to develop your lifestyle. Lifestyle management will be key, in conjunction with relapse prevention, to help you feel comfortable while sober.

Ongoing aftercare sessions will also be helpful, to help you remain motivated, accountable and on track each week to avoid drug and alcohol consumption.

Ultimately, over time, all efforts will accumulate to benefit your long-term recovery journey. Remaining sober will become second nature. Yet you’ll need to maintain such efforts on a post-rehab basis.

By considering the above, we hope that you have a greater understanding of the efforts you must make to recover, and in turn the expectations of rehab as a service.

For more information on rehab, you can however contact our team here at Addiction Advocates. We’re here to put the steps in place to help you access the right drug and alcohol rehab in Eltham, to complete a comprehensive addiction recovery programme.