The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now a heavily populated part of the world for tourism.

Alcohol consumption has been waived in controlled settings, such as restaurants and hotels. Yet consumption outside of those areas is illegal against Sharia Law, carrying penalties, imprisonment, and possible deportation.

Drug abuse is also prohibited in the UAE. Yet illegal trafficking is still rife, due to the wealthy population and expat culture of the country.

Although significant punishments are linked to drug and alcohol abuse, addiction rates are expectedly high. To recover, support and treatment are available via drug and alcohol rehab in the United Arab Emirates. Yet availability and standards are difficult to come by, which for many, results in UK referrals.

At Addiction Advocates, we can help you with your referral to one of our affiliated rehab clinics. Offering private and tailored recovery programmes, suitable treatment and support can be experienced.

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A referral into Private Rehab

If you’re struggling to find a drug and alcohol rehab in the United Arab Emirates for immediate and suitable support, a referral into private rehab will instead be recommended. Although this will mean a short relocation for your rehab stay, it will be worth it, to overcome your addiction with urgency.

A referral can instead be made into private rehab, here in the UK. We have an affiliation of CQC rehab clinics, available to offer personal and tailored programmes.

By reaching out to our team at Addiction Advocates, we can gauge the type of support that you’ll both require and benefit from. We’ll also become aware of your personal needs, budget, and the amount of time you have available, before returning to the UAE.

Via the admissions process, we can work to find a suitable rehab clinic for your relocation, along with arranging your stay. Treatment recommendations will be made, along with making sure that your experience is comfortable, safe, and purposeful.

There are many benefits to private rehab, including specialist standards of care and quick turnarounds. You can experience them through a self-referral.


What happens through Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient and outpatient programmes are usually offered through private rehab. Yet, as you’ll be relocating from the United Arab Emirates, inpatient rehab will be the most beneficial.

Through an inpatient rehab programme, you’ll check into your chosen centre to complete a progressive recovery process. The process averagely takes 30 days. Yet depending on your personal needs, a different timeline may be recommended.

30 days is enough to detox and overcome unhealthy habits, to strengthen mental health and coping, and to plan for initial life, post-rehab. As treatments are consistent, great progress can be made through inpatient rehab.

You can expect to complete a range of proven treatment services, observed, and supported by a dedicated team. You’ll have medical professionals, psychiatrists, and life coaches to guide you through the process, on a 24/7 basis.

Inpatient rehab will mean that your environment will be controlled and professional. Yet it will also be relaxing, personable and equipped for your stay. You’ll have a home from home, to experience, whilst you work through your own rehab programme.

Although an inpatient programme is a big commitment, it’s also an opportunity for a big change. A private drug and alcohol rehab clinic will be the most appropriate place to experience and embrace change.


Proven Detoxification and Therapy Services

Addiction treatment services, recommended through rehab, are proven. They are tried and tested, to effectively motivate addiction recovery. An addiction cure is unrealistic, yet through treatment, sobriety can be realistic.

Most programmes will start off with a detoxification process, proven to withdraw all traces of drugs and alcohol. Withdrawal is essential to reduce cravings and to prepare the body for what’s ahead.

Therapy is also a common recommendation, proven to help with mental health and psychological recovery. Although opening up about your problems may be tough, therapy will be a compassionate and non-judgmental service to help you release your emotions.

It will be essential to consider your emotions and influences, in order to change your outlooks and reactions. Individual therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and dual diagnosis treatments are proven to work.

Relapse prevention planning, wellbeing services and any other additional recovery steps, which suit your needs, will be recommended. They will plan for your discharge and return to the UAE, with confidence and preventive measures in place.


The length of Rehab

The length of rehab will depend on the level of support and treatment that’s required. Personal needs and responses will also influence the timeline of rehab.

You’ll have your own timeline to follow, around the 30-day mark, to complete inpatient rehab. From here, 12 months of aftercare will be encouraged, to help you remain on track. This will be accessible via a drug and alcohol rehab in the United Arab Emirates for convenience.

Private, specialist and immediate support are all beneficial when battling an addiction. You can receive it all by visiting a private rehab clinic, through an inpatient programme. Complete your referral with our team today to begin your personal recovery journey.

We will be here to support you, encourage you and help you arrange your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can poor Mental Health cause an Addiction?
Yes, poor mental health is a common cause for addiction. Drugs and alcohol are frequently used as a coping strategy, through mental health problems. Their positive effects can become addictive, unknowingly developing into a dependence. It can also work the other way, as addiction and mental illness are co-occurring disorders.
What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?
Dual diagnosis treatment works to treat co-occurring disorders. It helps to treat addiction and poor mental health in tandem, to increase recovery rates and reduce relapse risks. We can help you access dual diagnosis treatment here at Addiction Advocates.
Is sobriety a possible goal?
Sobriety is a possible goal, achievable through rehab. It is a long-term commitment, which will require your ongoing focus. Yet it is possible with the right support, outlook, and tools.