If you are attempting to locate a drug and alcohol rehab in County Durham, there is a possibility that you have come to realise that you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction.

What you once perceived as drug and alcohol abuse may have sadly escalated, leaving you relying on substances to help you navigate your every waking moment.

For many individuals, realising that an addiction is present is quite a shock. As you come to terms with the fact that you are struggling with an addiction, you may feel somewhat perplexed at how this has happened to you.

You may also have many questions and worries that you want to discuss with someone. You may want to discuss what is involved in treatment for alcohol addiction or if we provide prescription drug rehab.

If this resonates with you, you have come to the right place. At Addiction Advocates, we are here to support you as you take the first step in overcoming your addiction.

Our team is on hand to answer your questions and help you understand your addiction. When you are ready to, we can also locate and refer you to a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in County Durham.


What Causes An Addiction To Arise?

As touched on above, as you come to terms with the fact that you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you may feel somewhat perplexed. You may be left confused at how your addiction has arisen, and you may be unsure of why an addiction is present.

Sadly, addictions often arise gradually, escalating as time goes by. In many cases, those suffering will not realise that an addiction is present until various ramifications are felt.

In some instances, if an individual is not aware that they have become addicted to a substance, they will assume that any signs and symptoms experienced are a result of generally feeling unwell. Unfortunately, this causes addictions to become increasingly worse and impair an individual’s life.

From stress at work to problems at home and mental health disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, various factors contribute to the likelihood that an addiction will arise.


How Does Stress Contribute to Addictions?

As an individual feels stressed, they may turn to substances to temporarily relieve any pessimistic thoughts and feelings. The toxins that substances contain will enhance an individual’s mood and leave them feeling somewhat calm and relaxed for a short period.

However, as the effects of substances wear off, stress levels once again increase. In many cases, abusing substances can even cause stress to heighten.

As stress once again takes over, drugs and alcohol will be administered to provide temporary relief. Sadly, over time, this will see an individual become subject to the vicious cycle of addiction.


How Do Mental Health Disorders Contribute to Addictions?

In the same way that stress gradually sees an individual locked into the vicious cycle of addiction, mental health disorders do too.

If an individual has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety or even bipolar disorder, they will often turn to substances when they are unable to cope with the thoughts and feelings that their mental health disorder imposes on them.


What Support Is Available from A Drug and Alcohol Rehab In County Durham For Addictions and Mental Health Disorders?

If you struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction and a mental health disorder, across County Durham, several drug and alcohol rehabs can support you by providing dual diagnosis treatment. This will ensure that you can overcome your addiction and alleviate your mental health disorder.

When it comes to treatment, you will first undergo detoxification. This will see you withdraw from the substance that you have become addicted to. Throughout detoxification, you will be provided with around the clock care, and you will also experience one-to-one therapy.

This will enable you to discuss how you feel as you withdraw and will additionally help you cope and navigate any feelings and symptoms that arise.

Upon completing detoxification, you will then progress to the rehabilitation stage of your addiction recovery programme. Typically consisting of psychological and well-being therapy, rehabilitation will see you address your mental health disorder and uncover how it has contributed to your addiction.

In doing so, you will have the ability to determine how you can manage your mental health disorder in the future and mitigate the risk of relapse.

The therapy that you are presented with will entirely depend on the rehab that you attend. However, when dual diagnosis treatment is required, psychological therapy often includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), relapse prevention, stress management and mental health support.

Unlike psychological therapies, well-being therapies offer an additional outlet for you to express how your addiction and mental health disorder make you feel and discover ways in which you can naturally relieve yourself of negative feelings.

Many individuals find that well-being therapies, including yoga and meditation, are hugely beneficial. This is because yoga and meditation encourage individuals in recovery to find an alternative way to navigate their struggles.


How To Locate A Drug And Alcohol Rehab In County Durham

Having read the above information, if you believe that obtaining support from a drug and alcohol rehab in County Durham is the right thing to do, here at Addiction Advocates we are on hand to support you.

We take the stress and pressure of locating a suitable drug and alcohol rehab from your shoulders and instead do this for you.

As and when you contact us, we will ask you several questions that will help us understand how your addiction has impaired your life and the side effects you experience.

Armed with this information, we will locate a suitable drug and alcohol rehab and make a referral on your behalf. You will then be invited to attend the chosen rehab to commence treatment.


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