Private rehab is a professional, supportive, and valuable service, no matter which programme you select. Although residential stays are the most beneficial, such a commitment will be challenging to make for some. We provide recommendations around your circumstances and ability to complete and benefit from rehab.

Find out which treatment plan will benefit you the most by contacting our team. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sparkhill, the most suitable plan can then be arranged for you, ready for you to begin post-admission.

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Outpatient vs inpatient rehab in Sparkhill

Both programmes can be immediately accessed via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sparkhill. Post-admission, their differences will display, focusing on costs and timelines.

Outpatient rehab is the most affordable form of private care, and it is the cheapest option as weekly treatments are arranged over a 3-to-6-month timeline. Clients will visit a private facility to complete each treatment session, followed by outpatient guidance and self-help tips.

Inpatient rehab is the most expensive yet is arguably the most effective whilst treating addiction. It costs more as around the clock care, full rehab facilities, and a residential stay will be available through a 28-day programme. Each day will focus on treating addiction with an enthusiastic approach, following a personalised treatment plan.

Both rehab programmes are adaptable, meaning that your budget can be prioritised, as can your needs through rehab. For example, outpatient rehab can be arranged if you cannot commit to an inpatient programme due to daily responsibilities. Yet if you’re also worried about the high levels of flexibility and freedom expected, frequent check-ins can be organised.

Private residential rehab is the most effective treatment for addiction, providing a targeted, all-around recovery experience. Yet, we’re here to accommodate with awareness of individual and unpredictable circumstances.


Treatment plans available at Addiction Advocates

Our treatment plans are bespoke at Addiction Advocates. We will recommend the most appropriate forms of addiction treatment through your admission, and those recommendations will develop the foundation of your treatment plan.

Using proven treatments and techniques, services are in place to remove drugs and alcohol from the system. A safe, medical drug and alcohol detox process can be experienced to get clean through a reliable route. Treatments are also promoted to help heal the mind from addiction. Mental health treatments, coping sessions, and talking therapies will be recommended.

Treatment plans through private rehab also focus on improving wellbeing, increasing mindfulness and planning for the future. With long-term recovery as a pinnacle goal, plans are sustainably driven to prolong drug and alcohol-free choices.


Range of therapies included in your recovery programme

The type of treatments and therapies that you can expect to complete include:

Treatment sessions will be guided by leading professionals in the addiction recovery field. Medical teams will be on hand to assist with withdrawal symptoms and complete detoxification. Specialist therapists and psychiatrists will help clients work through emotions, addictive behaviours, and outlooks. Nutritionists, personal trainers, life coaches and support staff will be on hand to ease the rehabilitation process.


12 months of personalised aftercare

Once you’re ready to discharge from a drug and alcohol rehab in Sparkhill, you’ll have your dedicated aftercare programme to lean on. Aftercare services are personally recommended to benefit individual routines. For example, weekly check-ins and self-help tips will be enough for some. For others, check-ins and support group sessions will be required.

Twelve months of personalised aftercare will be offered locally through an outpatient programme. A wealth of resources, peer support groups and therapy sessions will be promoted to help you work through early recovery.

Early recovery is the most vulnerable part of the rehab process. Relapse risks are high due to the unfamiliar norms of sobriety. With ongoing support, vulnerabilities can be reduced and controlled.

Aftercare will work very well alongside your relapse prevention plan, which you should continue to develop throughout your journey. A dedicated team will assist you with your plan to ensure it serves its purpose.

Private rehab can be fully considered through our services. Possible to work around your needs, we can recommend the most appropriate and effective treatment plan for you to consider. Either an outpatient or inpatient plan will be available to complete via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sparkhill.

Reach out for more information on the cost of private rehab, our admissions process, and your next steps, possible to complete with our help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are physical and psychological treatments used?
Both physical and psychological treatments must be completed to recover from addiction. Addiction impacts the body and brain, causing changes and damages. Treatment must target both the body and brain to help restore standard functionality and improve wellbeing.

You’ll work through the likes of drug detox, therapy, and lifestyle management, along with further activities to recover from substance abuse.
How to access rehab?
Accessing rehab can be completed through our network here at Addiction Advocates. A referral and admission can help you find the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Sparkhill, along with arranging your impending programme.

We’re here to guide you along the way and make sure that rehab is a feasible step for you.
What support groups are available at Addiction Advocates?
Support groups play a part in the aftercare services of rehab. They help to strengthen recovery on a post-rehab basis.

Private support groups include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and family therapy sessions. Local groups will be sourced and arranged for your attendance.