Feeling worried or sceptical about the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process is highly normal. Consider the unfamiliarity of rehab, of drug and alcohol withdrawal and of a life beyond addiction.

At Addiction Advocates, we fully appreciate how you’re feeling, which may even be reducing your desires to accept professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Again, this reaction is normal and expected to a degree.

Yet, if you are looking to recover, it’s important that you work to overcome those fears, worries or preconceived ideas, as without resolving your feelings, you’ll likely struggle to embrace rehab.

The best way you can overcome your anxieties is by understanding the ins and outs of rehab. From the steps that you’ll progress through and their intentions, to the addiction treatment services that you’ll complete and your routine throughout rehab.

By boosting your awareness, the unfamiliar aspects of rehab can become familiar, helping you warm to the idea of building your own drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience.

Reach a sense of familiarity with our support, helping you understand what to expect from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Dewsbury.

If you have any personal questions, contact our team, here to provide insight and support throughout your rehab admission process.


Is it normal to feel worried about rehab?

Yes, it is very normal to feel worried about rehab. You may be worried for a multitude of reasons. Whether you’re questioning your own ability to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, whether you’re worried about the unknown, whether you’re concerned about whether rehab will benefit you, or whether you’re anxious about your entire recovery experience, all of these worries are understandable.

There’s a high chance that professional drug and alcohol rehab will be new to you. New experiences do commonly cause both excitement and nerves. This won’t be any different when considering drug and alcohol rehab, acting as natural reactions.

The best way you can overcome your worries is by doing your best to familiarise yourself with the possible rehab experience you can encounter.

We can assist you here at Addiction Advocates, along with encouraging ongoing research around drug and alcohol rehabilitation, which you’re already completing today.


How can I withdraw from drugs and alcohol?

Withdrawal will take place via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Dewsbury, commonly standing as one of the first steps of addiction recovery.

While it may feel easier to stop your consumption from home, by following a cold turkey approach, this is discouraged down to health and safety.

Instead, a personalised detox programme will be available to you via rehab, acting as the easiest option, offering comfort, reliability and safeguards against your physical and psychological wellbeing.

Currently, withdrawing from drugs and alcohol may feel impossible down to your cravings and ongoing consumption. Yet, through a medically structured detox process, small steps will be promoted to slowly detach from drugs and alcohol on a physical basis.

To ease this process and your potential withdrawal symptoms, replacement prescriptions may be made, along with the use of supportive addiction treatment services.

This combination will make detoxing possible, helping you reach the other side without your current attachment to drugs and alcohol.


Will I stay at a drug and alcohol rehab in Dewsbury?

If you’re suffering with an addiction, residential rehab will likely be a strong recommendation for you. Yet, with that being said, you do have the flexibility to look beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Dewsbury.

Ultimately you can decide on the most fitting rehab experience to meet your needs. If you prefer the idea of convenience and comfort, which can be facilitated successfully on a local scale, residing from a Dewsbury based treatment centre will be ideal.

Yet if you’re someone who craves greater privacy, we can also help you select residential rehab at afar.

In short, residing from rehab will be the case, providing you with optimal environments, levels of care and recovery driven resources to promote rehabilitation. Yet, depending on your needs, this doesn’t have to be selected on your doorstep.

Our team will be here to guide you, to offer insight into a suitable rehab experience for you. Yet this is your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey. We will prioritise your expectations of addiction recovery as a process.


Are all rehab programmes the same?

No, all rehab programmes differ from one another down to the necessity of suitability. Suitability will drive our recommendations when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Dewsbury.

The fittingness of addiction treatment services and support routes will therefore be prioritised when forming your rehab programme.

Naturally, the key milestones of rehab will remain the same for all clients. Withdrawal, recovery, rebuild and relapse prevention are expected. Yet to reach those milestones, structures will differ, focusing on varying addiction treatment services.

For example, two clients may be addicted to alcohol, suffering from similar side effects.

Yet one of those clients may also suffer from mental health issues, requiring dual diagnosis treatments. This will influence the structure of rehab to a degree, showcasing the necessity of personalised rehab programmes.

Not only will this approach protect you, but it will also serve you greater when considering long-term recovery capabilities.


Is it normal to worry about post-rehab life?

Again, it is highly normal to experience worries in regard to post-rehab life. Afterall, you’ll be investing yourself into rehab for the results of sober living.

Longing for those results will naturally cause worry, as you’re clearly passionate about recovering and returning home to Dewsbury with long-term recovery capabilities.

It is important to remember that you must maintain control on a post-rehab basis.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Dewsbury will provide you with the tools and techniques to maintain positive recovery results. Yet you must commit to utilising those tools, to live through your post-rehab expectations.

Aftercare services will be in place to help you through your anxieties. Your confidence will naturally advance by also understanding and working on your relapse prevention plan. Please be reassured that as time passes, normalising sober living will be a possibility for you.

At Addiction Advocates we hope to have alleviated some of your worries around rehab.

Yet we appreciate that you’ll still have some concerns around investing into a drug and alcohol rehab in Dewsbury. Contact our team with them today for free, confidential reassurance.